Zeus Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

Zeus Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

To dream of Zeus indicates authority in the life, use of opportunities and total or enormous control on many people. Zeus symbolizes force, power and ideas that could be above most of people. Dreaming of Zeus participating with you in a golf game is confirms the hard posture and without limits of you front of your family, friends and colleagues for the social and economic position catch by you this last year. If you dream of Zeus walking for the downtown of your city you should help your chief accountant that is more flexible and rationally human with the colleagues and employees for his good and of your company.On the other hand, the dream about Zeus is like a responsibility to take out white flag for you before other people that you know and estimate. In short, it is an opportunity or warning of to avoid wastes of power and to eliminate human miseries in the next times.

To dream of the zero represents the total freedom, the not temporary, and the eternity in the actions carried out with quality and utility. The zero also represents God, the beginning of the Universe or the partner of the One in the binary system. If you dream of the zero when observing a board of notice it will be able to get ready before a complex situation not made before by anybody in your company. Dreaming of the zero many repeated in a very big paper is expressed the complete state and infinite of a good work it had carried out for many years by your father in your house.Again and again, this type of dream stimulates and gives flavor to the human actions most complex and simpler. This can include a warning of repetitions or movements in circle that they are unproductive.

To dream of Zeus represents a symbol of power, authority, ruler and controller in your life. Since he is a God of the sky he has the ability to strike down upon the ones who do him wrong. Does this sound familiar?

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