Zigzag Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

Zigzag Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

When we see a zigzag in dreams there is the potential to be struck by some mishap, such as in a bolt of lightning. Usually an event will occur which brings about a discharge of energy; circumstances will then be brought back into balance.

To see the zigzag of something or somebody in a dream represents the irregular, unstable and inconstant behavior of something necessary or indispensable. To dream of the zigzag symbolizes the jump, the rupture or the hole among a step and another given when advancing toward that wanted. If you dream of the zigzag of a vehicle in a freeway you will take care a lot of the limits of your habits in all moment. 

Dreaming of the zigzag of a person of many years in a walk is expressed to take care of your health to be able to enjoy a calm and full adulthood.By the way, this dream can reflect many difficulties, setbacks or fights but it can also call to the good sense to your life. All that you observe during this dream are classes to live well and to elevate your category to be considered a good person.

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