Zero Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

Zero Dreams Interpretations and Meanings
To dream of the zero represents the total freedom, the not temporary, and the eternity in the actions carried out with quality and utility. The zero also represents God, the beginning of the Universe or the partner of the One in the binary system. If you dream of the zero when observing a board of notice it will be able to get ready before a complex situation not made before by anybody in your company. Dreaming of the zero many repeated in a very big paper is expressed the complete state and infinite of a good work it had carried out for many years by your father in your house.Again and again, this type of dream stimulates and gives flavor to the human actions most complex and simpler. This can include a warning of repetitions or movements in circle that they are unproductive.

The number zero is indicative of absolute ruin and pennilessness. If this was the meaning of your dream, please see Bank or Vagrant. If you feel that the zero you saw in your dream had a meaning other than that of a financial overtone, but you do not know what the meaning is then it probably has to do with a date or something that looks like a zero. It is also possible that the zero in your dream has to do with computer programming. If so, you would see ones and zeros in a stream. Believe it or not, some people have actually had dreams of real programs in their sleep. They have trained themselves to write while asleep and have waked up with a part of a real program written down. 

In dreams, zero denotes timelessness, super-consciousness, eternity and absolute freedom. It also symbolizes spirituality. Because it is linked in shape with seeds and eggs, it also suggests potential yet to be realized.

If zero appears to the right of other numbers, it multiplies them by ten and therefore indicates abundance or infinite potential and possibilities. Alternatively, a zero is without value or substance on its own and may be a symbol of desolation and loneliness. The more mystic interpretation suggests that zero is a symbol of the unconscious, the feminine and the great mother archetype. In Tarot, zero is the unnumbered card, the Fool, which is also a symbol of the unconscious mind. Its associated shape is the circle or the mandala.

A zero is symbolic of a void or emptiness you feel within yourself. It could also mean completeness, do not confuse a zero with a circle which means never ending. You feel that you are getting nowhere in whatever you are pursuing.

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