Zeppelin Dreams Interpretations and Meanings


Zeppelin Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

To see a zeppelin in your dream means ambition or determination of getting the most important objectives in your life. On the other hand, to dream of a zeppelin represents your person's spiritual elevation before friends and relatives. Dreaming of a zeppelin of many colors seeks advice wisdom and calms down to achieve a wonderful social relationship in your intimate life. If you dream of a zeppelin of white and black colors you will be able to obtain the freedom that always want with the work or with the family. Many times, this dream denounces very good things but that they should take with force in your hands so that they don't escape or fly. It is a premonition that stimulates the victory on the difficulties or problems in a quick way.

Symbolic of an impending disaster.

Seeing a zeppelin: you will reach great heights. Flying in a zeppelin: you are climbing to the top of your profession. If the zeppelin is crashing: beware, your livelihood is in danger! See Blimp, Flying.

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