Stamps Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Stamps

To put your approval or reject some matter.

It is good luck to dream of collecting postage stamps as a hobby.

1. One needs to communicate with someone.

2. If a roll or book of stamps, many people need to be contacted about something.

Association with someone in a high official position will cause you some worry but much gain.

İndication that something needs to be mailed

Stamps in a dream symbolize structure, order and punctuality. Moreover, they can indicate the emergence of interesting opportunities and opportunities. to see - make a new acquaintance use the wrong stamps - someone will embarrass you postal - from some time you miss company foreign - you will be dealing with a foreign culture stick on the letter - you will meet a trustworthy person collect stamps - premature joy will pass quickly damaged stamp - sleep warns against spending money rashly to see the collection of stamps - heralds financial problems to buy - a dream calls for more frequent social gatherings.

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