Dream Meaning of Underground

Dream Meaning of Underground

Dream about Underground denotes your defiant and non-conformist attitude. You need to prioritize and organize your ideas and aspects of your life. Perhaps you are being put in charge of something but can’t exercise your power. The dream is a hint for your housing situation. Someone in your life who is opportunistic.

Underground is a message for instability in some area of your life. You need to get something out of your system or cut it out of your life. You need to direct your energies better. The dream represents your desire to be married or to have a child. You need to trust your intuition.

Dream about Underground [a secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force] is an indication for recognition for your hard work. You need to turn your negative energy into something positive. You alter your persona according to the situation. The dream is a harbinger for an end to a habit or behavior. You are refusing to face your problems.

Dream about Metro [an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)] hints your unfulfilled desires and wishes. You refuse to answer to a higher power. You are not considering the consequences of your action. This dream is a harbinger for the steps you need to take toward your goals. You are becoming too deeply involved in something that is beyond your control.

Dream about Belowground [under the level of the ground] is a portent for a retreat back into the womb. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t measure up to a particular person or task in your life. You are looking down on yourself. The dream is a premonition for your past experiences. Something or somebody may be trying to take you back to a particular moment in time.

Dream about Clandestine [conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods] stands for your mobility and adaptability to some situation. You are acting out your emotional wishes. You need to pay closer attention to some issue. Your dream is a signal for your maternal eagerness or your desires to feel needed. You need to put a little more spice and variety in your life.

Dream about Underground [in or into hiding or secret operation] expresses repressed or pent up emotions that needs to be released and expressed. You are throwing or fixing a game or situation. You need to let loose and be yourself. This dream indicates your desire to be married or to have a child. You are testing yourself or some relationship.

Dream about Underground [beneath the surface of the earth] points at your desire to escape from life’s daily problems. It is time to let loose. You are going through some crisis in your life. The dream is an omen for feelings of aggression or submission. You need to gather or get something together, i. e. evidence, information or just stuff.

Dream about Underground Train hints things that you need to keep track of and stay on top of. You desire some freedom and independence. You tend to hold on and cling on to your emotions instead of expressing and releasing them. This dream denotes passion and devotion. You are feeling reenergized.

Underground Train indicates world peace, worldly issues and unity. You are going along with the crowd. You are looking at life from a new perspective. This dream refers to passion and devotion. You feel helplessness in expressing your power and authority.

Underground in your dream refers to death. You do not have full view of some situation. You are unwilling let down your guard. Your dream refers to your ambitions, your life and where you want to be headed. You need to cut off ties from those who try to pull you down.

Underground in this dream points at a yearning or desire for something you do not have. You are trying to control what is being revealed about yourself and your character. You are in complete control of a particular situation in your life. Your dream draws attention to an expression of your femininity. Perhaps you have been too idealistic.

Train in dream stands for how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny. Your feelings are being dictated by some outside forces. You are looking for better control. The dream is a clue for masculine aggression or power. You need to incorporate some aspects into your own self.

Train dream states being framed for something you did not do. It is time to make amends. You are making a situation more difficult than it need by. Your dream denotes current wars around the world and your personal feelings about it. You need to be more vocal and work harder to get your point across.

Dream about both “Underground” and “Train” stands for a relationship that is going sour. You need to slow down and not try to please everyone. You are stuck in a rut and need to make some changes of where your life is headed. This dream is a premonition for a person who you view as cold-blooded, fearful, or thick-skinned. You are burdening others with your problems and putting a strain on the relationship.

Dream about underground train is sometimes success and wealth. You are at a standstill in your life. You need to see life from an optimistic point of view not pessimistic. Your dream is an omen for inspiration and idealistic notions. You are a person of distinction.

Dream about Water Underground is a symbol for a flow of ideas, your connection to a situation to others and flow of information. A person can help you in your current situation. You feel on edge. Your dream is a clue for spiritual lessons you have learned. You need to confront your fears of the subconscious.

Water Underground stands for dependability, truth and dedication. You are reaping the rewards and benefits of your hard work. You are incorporating your new realizations with your spiritual feelings and knowledge. The dream is a signal for a period of healing and regeneration. You feel that someone is working against you.

Water in your dream is a harbinger for evitable changes. You need to be more active. Perhaps, you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship. The dream is a hint for a loss of innocence or a fall from grace. You need to start over and reorganize your life.

Water in this dream points at your anxieties of life. You may be hiding some family or personal secret. You are ignoring the desires of the inner child within. Your dream expresses your over-reliance on others. There is something that you are trying to block from your conscious.

Underground in dream refers to conflict and aggression. You are ready to heal from your emotional outburst. Someone is letting you down. The dream points to temporary setbacks and delays. A promotion may be in store for you.

Underground dream expresses the end of a cycle, aging or death. You are being caught a little off guard. You are searching and looking for some direction in your life. Your dream draws attention to some unpleasant, but necessary task that you need to go through in your life. You are repressing your angry feelings.

Dream about both “Water” and “Underground” is an admonition for a lack in independence in a situation or relationship. You may be lacking compassion for someone in your life. You are overly concerned with your looks and image. Your dream is a portent for a lack of confidence or low self esteem. You are too one-sided in your ways of thinking.

Dream about water underground is a message for deceit, insight and intuition. Your friend is in love with you. You are moving through the obstacles of your life effortlessly. This dream is a premonition for joviality and light hearted fun. He or she wants to get your attention and communicate some important message.

Dream about Underground House is a metaphor for insight and something that you need to be aware of. An object or a recent incident has subconsciously reminded you of someone. You are able to see beyond the surface and look at what is on the inside. The dream is a metaphor for the pending return of a loved one from somewhere. You have power and control over the path or destinations of others.

Underground House is a symbol for some significant life change as in a new job, new school, marriage, moving, etc. You are ready to make a fresh start. You are getting to root of a matter or situation. This dream is about growth and expansion. You are refusing to see the truth in some matter.

Underground in your dream is an omen for a sign of desperation and a cry for help. You feel stuck. You are also harboring some insecurities about your emotions. This dream means early unpleasant traumas and repressed feelings or memories. Perhaps you are expressing some dismay or regret in how you let something slip through fingers.

Underground in this dream symbolises nervousness or fear. You are harboring some pent up anger or aggression. To learn to prioritize and reorganize your tasks. The dream stands for speed, pride or power. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make.

House in dream is a harbinger for an emotional void or inner emptiness. You are being devoured. You are holding back your emotions. This dream signifies an end or a termination to your old ways and habits. You maybe feeling constricted or voiceless in some situation.

House dream is the consequences of your own actions. You may be in search for a solid foundation or a firmer ground in your life. Perhaps you are afraid of taking responsibility. Your dream is the steps you need to take toward your goals. You need to take new steps toward independence.

Dream about both “Underground” and “House” refers to unexpressed anger and aggression. You are feeling indifferent, alone and neglected. You are not doing the things that you really want to do. This dream suggests your refusal to see the truth or your lack of awareness to a problem. You are not utilizing your power.

Dream about underground house is an omen for unity, completeness, acceptance or agreement. You are being passive aggressive. You are ready to move forward with your goals or a decision. This dream is a clue for a blossoming relationship. You are getting to the core of an issue or condition.

If you dream you’re in a house built underground, it means is a chance of loss of fortune and reputation if certain aspects of daily living are not changed. It can also indicate the need and desire for greater security; hence hiding from life by living ‘underground’. Another would be a withdrawing from all aspects of life that may interfere with your peace of mind, or reluctance to make decisions.

(see Dirt, Cave) An alternative type of death dream, in which being underground equates to burial.

What exactly appears underground? This can be symbolic of something that you’ve covered up so completely as to hide it even from yourself.

Digging underground may symbolize your own quest to uncover subconscious signals, spiritual gifts, or positive characteristics (see Excavation, Mine, Treasure).

The womb of Earth; a place of introspection.

A dream that takes place underground or under the ocean can be a symbol of the journey into the unconscious and lead to the discovery of unknown parts of yourself. This type of dream can also be a representation of the womb and of the possibility of rebirth. To dream that you live underground symbolizes a desire for greater security and peace of mind.

If you dream of a pit, you might suffer from anxieties about female sexuality. Jungians see the pit as an image of unconscious urges that need to be explored with care. To dream that you are in a mine signifies that you are getting to the bottom of a particular problem, and may have even reached its core. The journey you are prepared to take to understand yourself better might be symbolized if you find yourself traveling on the tube or the subway; the same is true of any dreams of tunnels, which generally indicate the need to explore your unconscious. Such dreams may also represent the birth canal and therefore the process of birth.

If there is light at the end of the tunnel, you are progressing positively but if something is blocking the tunnel, some past fear or experience is blocking your progress.

The unconscious.

The underground normally symbolizes the subconscious. Things that are covered, interred, or that emerge from the ground represent qualities that come from the deepest part of your personality. It could be a positive or negative dream. Digging in the ground could be frightening, but sometimes it is useful in order to know secrets and hidden truths that you would otherwise miss. Further, exiting an underground tunnel and reaching the light represents a triumph over adversity. To interpret this dream it is important to pay attention to the sensations that you feel, and to the events that occur therein.

To dream of being in an underground habitation, you are in danger of losing reputation and fortune.

To dream of riding on an underground railway, foretells that you will engage in some peculiar speculation which will contribute to your distress and anxiety. See Cars, etc.

Dreams of underground signify your awareness of your deeper feelings, creativity, and intuition. This dream can also reveal your need to take a break, hide out, and heal.

If something takes place underground, such as an ‘underground operation’ then this signifies secretive feelings and motives that you are ashamed of, or that have yet to be embraced by the light of your being. See Goddess Persephone and Subway.

Dreams that take place underground represent the dreamer’s need to explore feelings - possibly painful ones - that she’s been keeping hidden away. Coming back up from underground in the dream suggest that the dreamer is ready to do this.

One of the most frequent symbols for the unconscious.

The task is to discover the unconscious and that which has been unconscious, and to become familiar with it.

If the dreamer dreams he is in a house built underground is an omen that can mean more then one thing and must be analyzed with the entire dream in mind.

The first thing it means is a chance of loss of fortune and reputation if certain aspects of daily living are not changed.

The second is a need and desire for greater security; hence hiding from life by living ‘underground’. Another would be a withdrawing from all aspects of life that may interfere with the dreamers peace of mind, or reluctance to make decisions.

A dream of being underground may indicate that the dreamer has subconscious issues that have been kept under wraps. Going down under to retrieve them shows a readiness to bring them back up to the surface.

To dream that you are living underground signifies a loss of status, wealth, and the longing for a greater piece of mind and sanctuary. You may be placing these matters and thoughts into the subliminal part of your mind.

To dream while you are riding in an underground railroad represents anguish and concern rising up from an unusual activity.

The subconscious or the unconscious is often perceived in dreams as a cave or place underground. We usually need to explore the unconscious before embarking on our own spiritual journey.

Psychological / emotional perspective: To be on the underground or subway usually signifies the journeys we are prepared (or forced) to take towards understanding who we are.

Material aspects: Just as alice dreamt of falling down the rabbit hole in alice in wonderland, so we all have opportunities to explore our own hidden depths through dreams. We cannot usually access the unconscious in waking life, unless we practise some form of meditation or other technique, and to dream of being underground will often allow us to come to terms with the unconscious in a very easy way.

Under the ground: the usually hidden side of ourself; our unconscious depths of experience—ancient strata of psychological and physiological processes in us; pans of self we have ignored or buried. Underground/subway: our journeys into what is usually unconscious in us, such as real­isation of childhood traits still active in us as an adult, meet­ing repressed sexuality, discovery of unexpressed potential or insight See tunnel.

Anything underground may symbolize the unconscious. See also Underworld. Anything emerging from (the) underground - reptiles or rodents, for instance - may represent (repressed, troublesome) emotion.

Underground Dream Symbol – Dreaming about being underground can carry with it feelings of dread and claustrophobia. If you are in a cave it could mean that you are on and adventure for killing great beasts of the dark (or obstacles in your path that are large and daunting) even if you do not know exactly how to deal with them. Dreaming about being in a cave could also mean that you are on an adventure for treasure. If you dream strictly about a cave and it does not carry with it the feeling of being underground, see Cave. Dreaming of being underground in some way can be a reminder of hidden feelings, actions, and secrets locked away. This can cause your life all sorts of grief. Dreams of being underground can indicate a fear of some sort that may lead to possible death. This may not be a physical death. But, a death of bad habitat and old ideals that no longer serve you well. Coming out into the light, from being underground, symbolizes that you will achieve success after persevering through the challenges. If you do not come back out from being under the ground, this is bad news. It can mean you may fail. There could be a death of some sort in your life. Driving an underground subway train represents you take action to chase what you are passionate about. This helps your personal development. Being in an underground tunnel can symbolize your stress levels and unseen danger of being involved in an accident. It can also mean you will successfully work through this to ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’. You will find solutions. Dreaming of living underground can signify emotional issues. You may be unhappy and stressed about many things in your real life. You may need to learn to go with the flow. Focus on what is important. Getting marooned between two underground stations may fill you with fear. This can be about the things you feel strongly about and your personal integrity. You may need to remember that not everyone thinks like you. Have some patience to resolve difficult situations.

Dream about Underground Water is a signal for power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. You like to keep things moving along. You are proud of your past accomplishments and want to share it with those around you. Your dream is an indication for introspection and deep thought. You are in control of all aspects of your life.

Underground Water represents the spirit of competition. You are able to carry yourself from one situation to another with confidence. You need to always be on the alert. This dream is a signal for some situation or something that is moving slowly. There is something that you need to learn or incorporate into your understanding.

Underground in your dream is an evidence for your need to feel protected. You need to be more cautious. Not to forget about the past and what you have left behind. This dream is a premonition for your maternal ties. You are being acknowledged for your good deeds.

Underground in this dream is a clue for instability and insecurity in your life. You need to ask yourself what is causing you to suffer or what is causing you great difficulties. Your opinions and views are clashing with the majority. Your dream is a premonition for feelings of resentment. You are not ready for the change.

Water in dream refers to some unresolved feelings of anxiety or separation. Perhaps you need to tell someone that you love them. You are keeping too much inside and as a result, you are feeling trapped. The dream is about a danger from someone who wish you harm, either physical or financial. You need to let go of old emotions and past relationships.

Water dream is your fear and nervousness of speaking in public. You still have a long way to go before achieving your goals. You are afraid what people might think. Your dream hints how you are looking things from a different perspective. Perhaps you need to show more restraint and control in certain areas of your psyche.

Dream about both “Underground” and “Water” is a hint for war, violence and masculine power. You are lacking something important in your life. You cannot trust a person. This dream is a harbinger for a lack of strength. You may be trying to offer reassurance during a difficult time in your life.

Dream about underground water refers to your creative ability. Something in your life is bothering you more than you want to admit. You have discovered something valuable about yourself. The dream is a premonition for your free and independent spirit. You are refusing to face the consequences of your actions.

Dream about Being Underground is an evidence for your basic beliefs about yourself and who you are. You need to speak up and express yourself. You have a new sense of confidence. The dream denotes childhood pleasures or rewards. You are stressed and overwhelmed.

Being Underground points at your influence and power over others. Perhaps you feel betrayed. You are under tremendous mental stress. The dream is about the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition and hopes. You are trailing behind on some task, some competition or some endeavor.

Be in your dream is a premonition for your dedication to worldly causes. A person goes after what he or she wants with no regards to the well-being and sensitivity of others. Some task or project will never be accomplished unless you do it yourself. This dream symbolises disappointments and failures. You are someone who stands firmly on your views and opinions.

Be in this dream is a sign for your adaptability to a situation. There is something drastic that needs to be done immediately. You need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. The dream is a portent for fertility or immortality. You are searching for a new sense of self.

Underground in dream is death and the underworld. You are looking for an outlet to express your personal thoughts and experiences. It is time to utilize your potential and be more assertive. Your dream represents your need for privacy. You are closing yourself off emotionally.

Underground dream suggests complete helplessness in a situation. Not to forget about the past and what you have left behind. You need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life. This dream is a symbol for disappointments or unexpected failures. You need to be more sharing and giving.

Dream about both “Be” and “Underground” states your rash behavior or cleverness. There is an emotional void in your life. A situation was not as difficult or tedious as you had initially assumed. Your dream is a clue for a poor or distorted self-image. You are too absorbed with your ambition that you do not take the time to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way.

Dream about being underground points to your sense of loyalty. You are undergoing a positive change. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself. The dream is an indication for self-acceptance. There is something that you are completely overlooking.

Dream about Going Underground is a message for your desires to connect to a person in a more loving way. You are on your way toward a successful future. You are learning the steps to some new project, new process or new stage in your life. This dream is a harbinger for internal conflict and personal struggles. You may feel vulnerable.

Going Underground is a harbinger for togetherness, comfort and relaxation. You are in need. Your friendships are drifting apart. Your dream is a portent for your individuality and uniqueness. Good things will be at your grasp.

Go in your dream signifies someone that you call or refer to as doll. You need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life. You need to confront your fears. Your dream is a portent for a harsh personal lesson that you need to learn. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to others.

Go in this dream is a message for tradition and old fashioned ideals. Time will heal the pain. You are helping someone. This dream indicates your feelings of frustrations. Perhaps you are being too conventional, unhip or dull.

Underground in dream is a need to clean up you behavior and change your childish ways. You are looking for some guidance and direction in some decision. You need order and stability. This dream denotes something you are trying to convey or express from the heart. Something or someone is preventing your growth or forward progress.

Underground dream is sometimes your fears that some hidden aspect of your life will be discovered or made public. You want attention, but aren’t getting it. You need to alter your path or risk losing something of significance and value to you. This dream signifies your home or your place. You have suffered a setback to your personal freedom.

Dream about both “Go” and “Underground” signals some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed. Your progress and path in life will be long, hard and laborious. You are trying to repel some destructive forces or rid yourself of harmful behaviors. Your dream sadly draws attention to trouble, loss and overwhelming grief. Do not try to act on your emotions.

Dream about going underground states a protective force over you. You need to be careful with those around you. Something may be perfect for you. This dream is an indication for humanity, wisdom and compassion. You are feeling disconnected from life and society.

Dream about Underground Room is a sign for tradition, hard work and a simple way of life. Maybe there is something that you need to say. Something is looking out for your best interest. This dream is a clue for your connections to others. Someone is pushing you beyond your limits.

Underground Room is a clue for warmth, tradition and family values. You need to be more confident in your abilities and proud of your achievements. You are experiencing extreme anxiety. This dream expresses your ability to adapt to various environments and situations. You need someone to help pick you up and get you on the right track again.

Underground in your dream is about your overly competitive and aggressive nature. Perhaps you are feeling helpless in some situation. You are regressing and cutting yourself off from feeling emotions. Your dream is a portent for issues with your self-image and how you portray yourself to the outside world. You need to better verbalize your thoughts and feelings.

Underground in this dream is an omen for your outlook. You are looking for a sense of security and protection. There is some imbalance in some aspect of your life. The dream suggests your arrogance and that you need to tone it down. You tend to distant your feelings and as a result, you may isolate yourself.

Room in dream states characteristics or qualities that you can learn or adopt from your descendents. Your privacy is being compromised. You are ready to set your sights on something higher. This dream is sometimes some advice that you should listen to or consider. You are unsure of your surroundings and environment.

Room dream indicates upon your real life and how you are watching life pass you by, instead of participating in it. You need a wider perspective on things. You need to look at a situation from the past, present and future. The dream is a sign for betrayal and misplaced trust. You are wondering how your life would be had you made different choices.

Dream about both “Underground” and “Room” denotes minor difficulties and annoyances in your life. You are still searching for your own identity and finding out who you are. You are shutting others out and closing off your emotions. The dream is sadly a warning alert for your lack of spirituality. You may not be in tune with your feminine side.

Dream about underground room is a signal for harmony and cooperation. You are seeking some validity and truth to some situation. You are denying your emotional urges and needs. This dream is a metaphor for your quest for love or for power. You are discovering a new aspect of yourself.

Dream about Underground City hints discipline and harmony. It is time to move on and look toward the future. You can overcome and conquer whatever obstacles may be in your way. The dream hints your creativity or accomplishments. You need to dedicate yourself to your goals, family, career, etc.

Underground City states your need to set some goals and plans for yourself. Success will come as a result of your determination. You want to escape from your own reality and live the high life. Your dream is about a talent or skill that you have neglected. You are trying to hold on to the sweetness and pleasures that you are experiencing in your life.

Underground in your dream is a signal for your need to take better care of your Self. You are inefficient in how you complete your projects or goals. You need to let your mind and body to rejuvenate. Your dream is an omen for your concerns over food and health issues. You need to stop depending on others.

Underground in this dream expresses some sort of divinity. Perhaps you need to restore some aspect of yourself. You are directing your aggression toward one person. Your dream draws attention to the difficulties you have in verbally expressing your thoughts. You are desperate to release all the feelings that you have kept bottled up inside of you.

City in dream symbolises control over your emotions. There is something that you are forced to confront. You are teaching someone a lesson and giving them a hard time about something. Your dream is an evidence for risky new projects that you are tying to undertake. You are unsure about your feelings.

City dream represents a situation in your life that you are ignoring. Perhaps you are letting others dictate your direction or goals in life. You need to rekindle old friendships and to call up an old friend that you haven’t heard from in awhile. Your dream denotes a healthy mental drive. You are shutting out those who are trying to help you.

Dream about both “Underground” and “City” is an evidence for a lack of maturity or capabilities. You may be acting too hasty and need to slow down. Your laid back attitude will cause you to miss out on life’s opportunities. Your dream is an alert for a commitment toward your goals and your unwillingness to deviate from the course. Something you value is being washed down the drain.

Dream about underground city signifies a powerful or tough woman. You are taking on a new project which will require your creativity. You are experiencing a burst of energy in some aspect of your life. This dream is a sign for your deep and intimate connection with God. You are punishing others.

Dream about Falling Underground is a message for emotional wholeness, continuity, commitments and honor. You are refusing to confront some issue or problem. You are trying to bring joy and positivity to those around you. This dream expresses your creativity and artistic abilities. If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself.

Falling Underground is an evidence for something that you are still trying to understand. You may be feeling a little vulnerable and are looking strength. You will bounce back from anything that may be said about you. Your dream is a sign for faithfulness in love. There are a lot of things to look forward to in the near future.

Fall in your dream is a metaphor for a release of emotions. You are rebuilding your self-esteem and trying to improve your self-image. Perhaps you need to separate yourself from some issue or some aspect of yourself. Your dream suggests endless possibilities. You are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being overlooked.

Fall in this dream is about that you are rising above some unpleasant situation or issue. You are on the verge of emotional overload. You are feeling divided about an issue. The dream is a metaphor for your fall from power or status. You are in tune with your conscious or your instinct.

Underground in dream suggests secrets, desires and thoughts which are being closely held and guarded. You are unwilling let down your guard. You have many options to weigh and decisions to make. This dream hints your protectiveness and defensive persona. You are coming to terms with some problem or issue that you have been at odds at for a long time.

Underground dream signifies your objectivity in a situation. You need to hold back your support. You will encounter many obstacles and setbacks toward achieving your goals. Your dream is a symbol for self acceptance. You or someone has been impeached.

Dream about both “Fall” and “Underground” refers to a one-sided relationship. You may have some unexpressed anger that is on the verge of boiling over. Some problems are not going to go away just because you are ignoring them. The dream is a portent for some aspects of your emotions and character are too tightly controlled or that are repressed. You or an aspect of your life feels caged in.

Dream about falling underground signifies eternal beauty. You are looking at something from a new angle or different perspective. You need to focus your energy. This dream is a portent for hope and unconditional love. You are feeling at ease.

Underground in a dream refers to hidden feelings or actions that will never lead us to anything good. Sleep also indicates a strong need for quietness or security. to be underground - you will get involved in a complicated situation to go out from the underground to the sun - after many life adventures your situation it will eventually improve hide in an underground hideout - such a dream heralds a series of failures in life go underground to the subway - you will realize your interests to have an apartment in the basement - a dream foreshadows problems of an emotional or psychological nature.

Dream about Living Underground stands for sudden instability and upheaval in your life. Something drastic needs to happen in order for you to react or respond. The future looks bright for you. Your dream symbolises anxiety medication that you are considering taking. You are feeling physically drained due to stress.

Living Underground states a sense of insecurity. What starts out as something small may generate into something grander and greater. You are refusing to acknowledge a certain viewpoint or idea. The dream is a signal for togetherness and spiritual bonding. It is the connection between your spiritual and physical side.

Live in your dream suggests those around you who don’t want you to move ahead and succeed in life. You are not spending enough time confronting your feelings. You need to be cautious on what you say and do. Your dream is a signal for an idea or concept that you need to grasp. You need time away from your work to spend with friends.

Live in this dream is a portent for fear that you will not be able to complete a certain project or task in time. You are feeling unworthy or that someone is devaluing your talents or efforts. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts. Your dream hints your helplessness in a situation. You are looking for guidance and direction in your life.

Underground in dream is sometimes your sensitively to some situation. You may feel that you are physically or emotionally restrained from doing something. You need to learn moderation. You are in deep denial and are suppressing something. This dream is a metaphor for guilt and regrets concerning the past relationships with a particular person. You need to learn from your past mistakes.

Underground dream is a clue for broken engagements and sadness. You need to be in more control of your life situations and surroundings. You need a release. The dream states your responsibility and commitment to another person or situation. You need to believe in yourself and in your abilities.

Dream about both “Live” and “Underground” means a difficult decision between two choices. You are on the verge of losing your temper and self-control. You may be experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life. This dream is an evidence for issues of abandonment and neglect in a relationship. You need to stop closing yourself off.

Dream about living underground is a sign for important information that you are about to receive. It is okay to indulge once in a while. You are living in the past and clinging onto memories. This dream is some sort of relief. You are showing off and making a spectacle of yourself.

Dream about House Underground signifies something very personal to you. You are keeping something to yourself that is eating you up inside. You need to experience life. Your dream is a metaphor for sorrow and lost love. You need to be more tenacious and determined in achieving your goals.

House Underground is a metaphor for a cycle of growth, learning and maturity. You are excited about something. You are feeling emotionally free and uninhibited. Your dream expresses your level of self-worth and self-esteem. You are refusing to see the truth.

House in your dream suggests a harsh personal lesson that you need to learn. You are trying to make the best out of a negative situation. You need to find a way to divert attention from something else. The dream draws attention to rejection and insecurity. You are keeping some information or secret that you cannot keep inside any longer.

House in this dream draws attention to your need to express yourself or talk about an issue that’s bothering you. You are no longer centered. Someone close to you is hiding something from you. The dream is a metaphor for the path that your life is taking and the decisions you are making throughout a path. You are trying to hold on to memories.

Underground in dream is a clue for someone who is mysterious. You are regressing and cutting yourself off from feeling emotions. You need to find some balance and inner harmony. The dream refers to your many resources. It is time to take charge.

Underground dream indicates your resilience and your ability to bounce back from adversity. Your mind may be preoccupied with a deadline that you have to meet or some other time-sensitive issue. You may be harboring some fear that you are not able to accomplish your goals. This dream denotes a sense of being out of control and being disorganized. You are trying to take credit for someone else’s work.

Dream about both “House” and “Underground” is a warning signal for lack of security in your life. You will regret the opportunities that you are missing out on. You may be holding back some negative feelings in your life, but they need to be expressed and let out. This dream is an alert for an aspect of your own self that is feeling rejected. You are not taking things seriously enough.

Dream about house underground is a metaphor for something that is streaming in at a steady pace. You hold the power and key to your own success, although you will surely have to go through some struggle and difficulty to achieve your success. You have wisdom and devotion. This dream is a message for the status of your goals and of where you are headed in life. You own personal experiences and knowledge.

Dream about Underground Fire is a sign for the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself. You are headed in a positive spiritual direction. Something is holding you back and preventing you to take chances. Your dream is a portent for your need to achieve and accomplish things through force and intimidation. You are expressing some fear in your life.

Underground Fire signifies pure and divine love for everyone and everything around you. You need to step up and be more confident. You have a chance to accomplish something great in an area of your life. The dream is a premonition for restraint. You are under some tremendous pressure.

Underground in your dream expresses gloominess, despair and hopelessness. Things literally bounce off of you. You are throwing your weight and power around. This dream expresses something that you need to act quickly on or someone else will. You may be adapting or accepting to the changes and circumstances in your life.

Underground in this dream signifies some minor disputes. You are being confronted with many challenges and need to maximize your full potential. You need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life. The dream points at some burden that a person is creating for you or others. There is an old lesson that you need to learn and apply to a current situation.

Fire in dream signals the challenges in your life and the difficult decisions you are confronted with. You may be undergoing a transformation where you want to better yourself as a person. Your current lifestyle is doing you harm. This dream is a metaphor for your need to experience and explore what is available out there for you. You are feeling restrained in some relationship or situation.

Fire dream hints your desire for order. You are feeling hurt by the little things that may seem insignificant. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle. The dream refers to unpleasantness and coldness amongst your social and business circle. You are slowly warming up to a situation.

Dream about both “Underground” and “Fire” is unfortunately a warning alert for a situation where you have almost everything that you can possible want or need. You are not prepared for the major changes that are happening around you. You prevented yourself from making a bad decision or mistake. Your dream is sadly an admonition for dependency and reliance on other people. Some part of your life is going out of control.

Dream about underground fire is a clue for the character and personality you are portraying to others in your life. You need to make up your mind. You are owning up to your duties and responsibilities. This dream states your conservative views. Someone in your past still has a strong influence on your mind and the decisions you are making.

Dreaming of isolated underground being omens that your slowness can give place largely to losses of opportunities and desires yearned. To be underground in a meter means speed, intensity and passion to solve your problems as soon as possible. To dream of being in a train underground symbolizes indecision and laziness in family conflicts to solve. If you dreams of being buried underground by an earthquake it reflects, fear, panic and all your friends' distrust at this time.

On the one hand, the dream about being in a trench in full war underground it denounces attack or confrontation to a situation complicated in your work. You should give solution to your conflicts to be able to enjoy a full and necessary rest.

Dream about underground indicates your overall well-being. You may be feeling desperate. You are isolating yourself from others. This signifies unfinished goals. You need to stop and reflect upon life.

Underground dream denotes your network and connection to others. You need to learn to share and allocate your workload instead of trying to do everything yourself. You may be expressing some hidden anger. This dream refers to your grieving process. Perhaps you need to break through a barrier that has been holding you back.

Go ahead and make a list today. Powerful emotions are likely to lure you from your current path unless you have some sort of concrete plan to fall back on. Put idle hands to use by delegating tasks to the people around you. You’ll be amazed at the little blocks of time you have when you stay on task and keep yourself and everyone else around you in motion.

Dream about trapped underground denotes your need to focus on yourself more. You need to get out there and be more active. You need to exercise more. You or someone in your life may be a pushover. The dream is a message for your growth. You need to distance yourself from a harmful situation.

Dream about deep underground is a harbinger for the importance of networking. You need to stand up for yourself. You are indifferent to a situation or relationship. It refers to your need for help. You are involved in some prickly situation.

Dream about living underground is a hint for some precious or delicate matter. You need to learn to say no. You are slowly acknowledging aspects of your subconscious. It symbolises undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. You are experiencing an isolation period.

Dream about hiding underground denotes flexibility. You may want to repress some aspect of yourself that is represented by a dying person. It is time for introspection and solace. It stands for fertility and productivity. You need to accept yourself along with your imperfections.

Dream about going underground is a clue for fears of abandonment. You need to look at something from an entirely different angle or perspective. You need to apply a lesson to a current issue, problem or relationship. This suggests deception and weakness. Perhaps you need to cut back on your spending or adhere to a budget.

Dream about cave underground means your own childlike qualities or something that is cuddly. You are in training for some event, job or goal. There are feelings from the past which you need to acknowledge and recognize. It is a message for feelings of being overwhelmed and being dangerously confronted by something. You need to downsize your lifestyle.

Dream about house underground hints labor, industry and activity. Your mental and emotional health is being neglected. You are ready to confront your anger issues. This dream suggests some nervous energy. You need to handle life’s obstacle and stress with more fortitude.

Dream about falling underground is an evidence for your emotions or some emotional situation. Your efforts are counterproductive. You are looking for some comfort and support. The dream represents the importance of teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve the goals in your life. You are feeling invaded, that your space is being crowded into and that you are being suffocated.

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