Dream Meaning of Apes

Dream Meaning of Apes

To dream yoxt have seen, or had anything to do with them, signifies malicious, weak, strange, and secret enemies; also malefactors and deceivers.

Trouble is in store for the person who dreams of these animals. It may portend sickness, so try to avoid colds.

This dream brings humiliation and disease to some dear friend.

To see a small ape cling to a tree, warns the dreamer to beware; a false person is close to you and will cause unpleasantness in your circle. Deceit goes with this dream.

To see apes in your dream suggests that a close friend will either get sick or be humiliated in some social situation. It could also mean that you will be deceived by a false friend.

To see apes in your dream represents dishonesty, maliciousness, and lies. It may also mean that you are becoming irrational and unreasonable. You should step back, take a deep breath, and focus.

The ape may also symbolize your inhibitions and passion, especially in sexual matters.

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