Coloured Birds Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Coloured Birds

Dream about coloured birds stands for your need for some balance in your life. Perhaps you are in a rut. You are looking for some spiritual advice. The dream is a premonition for your desire to be cleansed. You need to confront and deal with your hurt feelings.

Coloured birds dream is a premonition for your desires to know the unknown. You may be feeling guilty. You are hiding and cowering from a person or situation. It is an evidence for timing and fate. You are distancing yourself emotionally from some situation or relationship.

Today’s celestial energy indicates that you may either have to make a difficult choice, or come to some kind of a compromise. Things needn’t be quite so awkward if you could bear to back down or even let go of one hallowed belief. But if you want your relationship to develop, then you will need to take some sort of positive action.

Dream about a blue coloured bird signifies drastic changes that you are trying to make. You need to start over and go back to the beginning. You need to work on building up your self esteem. This is a portent for protection from any harm. You feel like an outsider.

Dream about a colored bird stands for industry and hard work. You have completely lost your mind. You need to learn to appreciate the things you have. This dream is about neatness and cleanliness. Perhaps, you are off track and headed in the wrong direction.

Dream about a blue and yellow bird points to material gains and possessions. You are having difficulties in achieving your goals and accepting the changes associated with it. You are trying to make your life more comfortable. The dream represents personal desires. Perhaps there is someone who you need to reach out to.

Dream about colourful bird is a portent for your identity or self-worth. You are struggling with some moral issue or inner demons. You need to be more expressive. It is a signal for an unrealized goal or dream. You are in need of more affection or that you need to show more love.

Dream about grey bird is an indication for your personality traits, behaviors and habits. You are refusing to see the facts of a situation or are in denial about something. You are being watched, investigated, or evaluated. This dream is a signal for your fast paced lifestyle. Your inner resources have been depleted.

Dream about yellow bird represents your spirituality. There are some emotions or concepts that you need to confront and then let go. You are open to criticism. This dream suggests your achievements. You need a temporary change to your daily routine.

Dream about purple bird points at fear of the unexpected and unknown. Perhaps you are somewhat jealous. You may be trying to escape from the demands of your daily life. This dream is a harbinger for feeling of despair. You need to learn to adjust to the various situations and circumstances in your life.

Dream about blue bird is a symbol for some temptation in your life. You need order and stability. You are feeling emotionally overpowered or emotionally threatened. This dream symbolises the world around you and how it is paying close attention to your actions. You need to learn to ask for help from others.

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