What does it mean when you someone dying Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of What does it mean when you someone dying

In essence, dreaming about death is about new starts and focus on what is important.

Only recently I had a dream about someone I did not know dying over and over again. This resulted in me spending the time to understand why. I have studied dreams for 20 years. First question: who was dying? Dreaming of a family member dying can indicate that you are potentially worried about a situation in life. Recurring dreams about someone dying can provide insight and such a dream indicates our own conscious mind analyzing the situation. For example, dreaming about your son or daughter passing away can indicate that you are just worried about them in waking life. These types of dreams are natural. We are worried about death in life and this dream is connected to our own psyche. To see a dead body can also be worrying. Think about the details about the dream.

There is a focus in dreams that there is an intention on visitations from the spirit and some believe that dreaming about someone dying (who is already dead) can be powerful in terms of accepting the grief. In other words, the dream can help you with the power or anxious feeling of being out of control due to losing a loved one in real life. With these types of dreams, which often accompany pain and grief in life, we are not in the right space when someone passes. We must try to express some hope that the dream has been sent as a focus on coping with loss in life. Indeed, the purpose of the dream could be a spiritual visitation. To dream of someone you know dying results in terrible events in the dream and can be connected to how we are suffering in real life. The dream could be sent to you due to the healing power that we hold, while we sleep.

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