Rising Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Rising

To dream of rising to high positions, denotes that study and advancement will bring you desired wealth.

If you find yourself rising high into the air, you will come into unexpected riches and pleasures, but you are warned to be careful of your engagements, or you may incur displeasing prominence.

Dreams of rising denote that you are moving up in the world, elevating to a new heights and up leveling your consciousness.

1. Upward movement, usually regarding wealth and business affairs.

2. Overcoming obstacles.

3. New and happy beginnings (as in “rising sun”).

4. A new sense of social standing, perhaps superiority.

If you dream that you are rising high into the air, you will find unexpected wealth and pleasures.

(See Ascending in the skies)

A positive direction of advancement

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