Livery Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Livery

The livery that appears in a dream refers to certain events in your life that completely consume your time. It is also a symbol of self-confidence and a safe haven. a robe is a symbol of sincere feelings directed towards a specific person Remember that life usually confirms the proverb that it is not just the garment that decorates a person, but also their interior. to see the livery - you will try to hide your mistake from the immediate surroundings buy a livery - thanks to many years of friendship you will find relief and inner peace in your life dress up in livery - you will find that beautiful outfits will not guarantee you success, some achievements will still have to be earned torn or dirty livery - symbolize losing yourself in your beliefs be not admitting the knowledge and opinions of other people undress your livery - you will feel very embarrassed by a person who knows where to press so that it hurts you a lot black livery - you will soon find out that the man you blindly believe is evil incarnate clerical livery - you are looking for redemption in your life but you don't know where to look for it to wear the livery - positive ending a few things will bring you a lot of satisfaction in the near future.

If you dream of having servants in livery it is an indication of an improvement in your affairs.

To a servant this indicates success.

To a master or mistress it foretells annoyance.

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