Injustice Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Injustice

An injustice dream indicates that in your waking life you will hurt someone a lot with your behavior. Sometimes injustice also applies to our health. experience injustice - your health will improve significantly treat someone unfairly - a dream is a reflection of the unfair behavior that you will commit in your waking life to be an unfair person - you will not receive the help you expected from someone on time.

Committing an injustice in dreams is evidence of certain tendency toward abuse that, in the long term, could result in grave consequences for the dreamer. To suffer one, on the other hand, signals a delay in the completion of plans, as well as all types of losses.

(Infringement; Oppression; Transgression) If strong men, or if the people in authority are unjust in a dream, it denotes a time of wars and destruction.

If injustice is practiced by people of knowledge, or religious scholars in a dream then it denotes Allah’s forgiveness for one’s sins. Seeing an unjust person in a dream means poverty.

If one sees himself confessing to being unjust in a dream, it means that he will repent for his sin.

If one sees an oppressed person invoking a curse upon him in a dream, it means that he should await a painful punishment from Allah Almighty.

The oppressed in a dream will always triumph over the oppressor.

If one sees his oppressor cursing him in a dream, it means glad tidings, for the oppressor is always a loser.

(Also see Darkness)

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