Fruit Mango Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Fruit Mango

Dream about fruit mango is a message for rebirth and unrealized potential. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views/values on you. You have not analyzed a situation long enough or that you do not want to deal with the problem at all. The dream hints a sacrifice that you need to make or have made. You are sorting things out and carefully thinking it over.

Fruit mango dream states bad luck. You are experiencing some sort of emotional void. You are being too demanding or that your expectations are too high. This dream unfortunately draws attention to your need to get to the bottom of things. You are oblivious to some situation.

There could be some rejection from within to “doing the right thing.” It is important to understand this resistance and to take measures to handle it. For instance, if you feel that eating only rich foods will satisfy you today – try choosing a salad that has rich ingredients. Or, if exercise is not on your program, elect to walk home from work. As you make these small compromises, you will have given your “evil twin” some feedback, and a heated discussion is likely to ensue!

Dream about pineapple fruit is a warning signal for feelings that have burned out or that you are feeling burnt out and exhausted. You are lacking emotions. May be you are having difficulties trusting your own judgment and decisions. This is sadly an admonition for the results of your hard work and the fruits of your labor. There is too much activity going on in your life.

Dream about mango juice symbolises negative energy or a bad temper. You are being too selfish. Perhaps there is a bad habit or aspect of yourself that you want to rid yourself of. This dream is unfortunately financial worries and concerns. You are willing to confront rejected aspects of your subconscious head on.

Dream about fruit juice refers to an insult. You are losing control of who you are. You are not being recognized for what you have given up. This is a sign for your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or fully developed. Some external factor is affecting your relationship in a negative way.

Dream about plum fruit denotes lack, pessimism and your jaded prospects for the future. You may be too overly rational and not let feelings get in the way. There is something missing from your life. Your dream is a signal for your lack of emotional desire. You are not allowing others dictate how your should look or act.

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