Dream Meaning of Trying To Get Somewhere

Dream Meaning of Trying To Get Somewhere

Dream about trying to get somewhere is unfortunately a loss of control. You will find yourself entangled in some situation. Feelings from your subconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged. The dream is an evidence for your ability to coordinate your actions and execute your plans. Your fort is under attack.

Trying to get somewhere dream denotes a feeling of helplessness and not being able to escape from life’s problems or stresses. You are trying to dodge some responsibility. You are displaying a don’t care attitude and don’t want to be weighed down by responsibilities. The dream points at bad management. You do not want to go home.

Actually, the person that you so badly want to ‘casually bump into’ has been on your hit list for some time now. But today your charismatic and magnetic qualities are in abundance, so you certainly won’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity to make a significant conquest.

Dream about trying to get an ex back hints repressed emotions and feelings that you do not want to confront. You may be going through a crucial moment in your life that requires your commitment. Erhaps something is lacking in your personal relationship. The dream is about a hidden part of yourself that you are trying to reject and push back into your subconscious. You have lost your ability to find your own way or see things clearly.

Dream about getting back is unfortunately a warning alert for some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. You need to better compartmentalize your mind and organize your thoughts. There is a situation that you need to be careful about. The dream symbolises disappointments, misfortune and bad luck. You are going nowhere in your work, relationship or other situation.

Dream about wanting ex back indicates a situation where you need to be on your best behavior. Something that has been incubating for a while is ready to be unveiled. You may not have given sufficient attention to some aspects/qualities of a person within your own self. It is your cheerful attitude towards life. You should avoid that object or what that object represents in your life.

Dream about going back is your erratic behavior. You are tying up the loose ends of a project. Some situation will take a turn for the worse. It is unfortunately a lack of responsibility for the way you are living. You are tormented or rejected by society.

Dream about going down expresses your lackadaisical attitude. You are not catering to your spiritual needs. An aspect of yourself is looking to be acknowledged and recognized. Your dream is a harbinger for someone in your life that you need to care more. You are letting your potential go to waste.

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