Dream Meaning of Machete

Dream Meaning of Machete

Dream about Being Attacked By Machete is a portent for guidance, hope, inspiration, enlightenment and reassurance. Perhaps you are questioning the person you are becoming. You need to be more disciplined in certain aspects of your life. The dream points to the image that you are projecting to others. Your subconscious mind is hungering for knowledge or information.

Be in your dream signifies togetherness and your need to socialize. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t measure up to a particular person or task in your life. You are being honored and recognized. Your dream is an omen for a release of emotions. You need to be heard.

Attack dream signifies your materialistic attitude. You are obeying without hesitation. You have a selfish aim or motive with someone. The dream denotes your chilling personality and cold emotions. You are looking for companionship.

Machete in this dream symbolises your current situation and the obstacles that you are experiencing. There is something that you need to think long and hard about. You need to keep your thoughts and ideas closely guarded. The dream stands for completion of your tasks. You need to take a break to decompress or reenergize.

Dream About Been Attacked is a premonition for the impact you have on others and the mark that you are leaving behind. You are experiencing new found freedom. You need to pay closer attention to something or listen to someone more carefully. This dream refers to the burden that you are carrying along with you throughout your life. Perhaps you are lowering your standards.

Be and Machete is sometimes strength and endurance. Something that you desire is being kept from you. You feel well protected. Your dream represents a turn of good luck will come your way. You are playing an important part in a project.

Attack and Machete means a warm and welcoming situation. Good luck and hope will be coming your way in small and steady amounts. You are proud of your social life and personal endeavors. This dream is your hesitance in moving forward in some situation or relationship. You are being framed for something.

Dream about Being Attacked By Machete is a hint for each of the five senses and what it has to offer. You need to think big and keep an open mind. You are freely and openly exploring aspects of your subconscious. This dream is a signal for balance and symmetry. There are many forces working against you.

Sometimes, dream about being attacked by machete denotes someone in your life who is lazy, slow or gentle. Your focus is being divided into too many directions. You should avoid that object or what that object represents in your life. The dream is sadly a warning signal for discordance and trouble in your life. You are refusing to acknowledge and confront your feelings because it may be too painful or too fresh.

Dream about Machete expresses rejection. You have everything under control. You are trying to gain an upper hand on some situation. The dream means your need to be more cautious before proceeding on to new situations or adventures. You are all work and no play.

Machete is a portent for repressed aggression and your fear of confrontations. A woman figure in your life who may be untrustworthy or cutthroat. You need to reevaluate your options. The dream is a premonition for your rigid and inflexible ways. You are reluctant to move forward in some endeavor.

Dream about Machete [a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation] is a sign for how you are green or environmentally conscious. You may be contemplating on strengthening and changing aspects of your character. You need to put more focus on your professional life. Your dream points to a new phase (such as parenthood, new home, etc) that you are entering in your life. You are getting burned or humiliated by someone or some situation.

To dream that you are carrying a machete symbolizes anger, aggression or separation. There may be something in your life that you need to cut out and get rid of.

If someone else had the machete, the dream represents aspects of your personality that are negative or repressed.

If you dreamed of using a machete to make your way through green fields, this is an omen of great happiness to come. You are going through a period of personal growth, and you will overcome the challenges facing you.

To dream of wielding a machete indicates the cutting through of old ideas in your consciousness. This will prepare you for new growth, both emotional and spiritual.

To see a machete on the ground before you indicates an opportunity to make a positive step towards personal fulfillment. You must summon the courage to pick it up. Someone else wielding a machete at you suggests it is time to be brave enough to walk away from a situation that may be causing you to feel threatened and under attack.

See axe and weapon

A machete is a very large knife-like implement designed for cutting through thick brush and undergrowth.

The overgrowth of plant life that a machete is used on is a symbol of tangled thoughts and ideas that are impeding your easy progression through life.

The machete then is a symbol for your ability to cut through old habitual thought patterns that block your way. This image often appears in a dream where the character aspect wielding it is a dangerous or scary individual. Remember that all dreams are for your benefit, and such a scary figure with this tool is really capable of helping you face those fears and clear a new path.

The machete symbol in dreams represents anger and revenge.

Many people see a machete and automatically believe that it is not a positive dream. This is a type of dream where someone may be worrying constantly about the actual dream, especially if it is gruesome. There is focus on the dream, what was it about? Was there someone using a machete? What was this person doing with the machete? Why were they holding a machete! These probing questions arise after experiencing such a dream.

Dream about machete signals high hopes. You are transforming subconscious energy into conscious awareness. There is something that you need to confront. This is a metaphor for a happy and bright outlook. You are striving for a higher status in life.

Machete dream denotes pride and grace. You are looking for happiness. Some current knowledge or information will help you or someone in the future. This hints sensual or creative achievements. You have unveiled some hidden skill or talent.

Reflections on your recent success and good fortune with regard to career matters are likely to have you feeling strong, optimistic, and enthusiastic for the future. Creative projects are going very well, as are relationships with the opposite sex. This should be a very gratifying day for you, full of warm and loving contact with those closest to you, and signs of continued progress. Enjoy your day, and treat yourself to an evening out.

Dream about carrying a machete is a signal for a spiritual message. Despite our differences and disagreements, we can all still come together. You are comfortable with your appearance and intelligence. It denotes something that you valued or cherished. You are underestimating your self worth.

Dream about revolution looking at my machete denotes inner wisdom, rejuvenation and spiritual enlightenment. You are experiencing some strong emotional conflict. You are feeling complete and whole. Your dream denotes your attraction and fascination for a person. You need to get moving and act, before the opportunity passes you by.

Dream about knife in mouth is a premonition for warmth and compassion. You are trying to maintain a delicate balance. You are being nourished with love. The dream symbolises sudden awareness of the power you hold. You need to make the first move in a relationship.

Dream about breaking a knife indicates resurrection and spiritual rebirth. You are in need of more energy. Wisdom and knowledge is better than wealth and money. The dream is a metaphor for a simplified lifestyle. Your true self is being revealed.

Dream about silver knife means maternal instincts and motherly love. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. There is an imbalance of power. This dream is an omen for clarity and understanding. You will achieve much success through your efforts.

Dream about a knife chasing me is sometimes fertility, growth and openness. You are delving into your emotions. Your compulsions and habits are working against you. This hints abundance, love and wealth. Perhaps there is something that you must do.

Dream about stealing a knife indicates your position of prominence and status. You are able to stand up again with the help and support of others. You to need to take it easy and be relax. Your dream indicates domestic bliss and comfort. You need to nurture your relationships with your family/friends and develop new ties.

Dream about knife in water is a harbinger for new opportunities and possibilities. You need to acknowledge a negative aspect of you and confront it. You have a high sense of self worth. It represents an ultimate expression of love for you. You are being well rewarded.

Dream about knife blood stands for a higher self. Perhaps you are reminiscing of the past. You will win out in some argument, battle or negotiation. This symbolises long lasting beauty and enduring elegance. You are well balanced.

Dream about butcher knife is profits, self-discovery or progress. Your subconscious is informing you that you are going through some changes. Success is within your grasp. Your dream signifies close family values and tight connections. You are enjoying your position of power.

Dream about Holding A Machete is an indication for disloyalty. There is something that you need to learn or incorporate into your understanding. There is something that you need to hold on to and grasp. The dream indicates something that is finally taking shape. You are going to great lengths to try to get your hands on something, even through underhanded means.

Holding A Machete indicates the value of helping others in need. You are worried about a problem or situation in your life. Now is a good time for you to experiment and try new things. The dream stands for luck, good fortune, longevity and tranquil life. There is still more growing that you need to do.

Hold in your dream is a portent for your desire to escape from your daily demands and problems. Perhaps you are also seeking for some recognition for your progress. You are running away from some responsibility. The dream states your creativeness or emotional nature. You may be trying to elevate yourself to a higher level of consciousness.

Hold in this dream denotes fire, drive and passion. You need to incorporate some key component of your religion in your own life. Your reaction to something is being blown out of proportion. The dream denotes a resolution or an answer. You are attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task.

Machete in dream is an evidence for some burden or responsibility that you are carrying around. You are being overly possessive. You need to be careful of who you put your trust in. This dream denotes for you to recognize and acknowledge some repressing feelings. You are looking to change your attitude.

Machete dream represents your desires to know the unknown. You are second guessing or over-thinking your choices. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life. The dream refers to school and learning. You are spending too much time hiding in the shadows of someone else.

Dream about both “Hold” and “Machete” is a premonition for your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or fully developed. You are overly concerned with how others perceive you. You may be jeopardizing your health with your reckless behavior. This dream is a sign for your inner strength and your ability to rid yourself of harmful and destructive behaviors. You miss some aspect of a past relationship.

Dream about holding a machete suggests your roots. You need to see life from an optimistic point of view. You need to clean your mouth. The dream is an evidence for your familial roots and identity. Something or someone is preventing you from seeing the truth.

Dream about Revolution Looking At My Machete is about your drive, motivation and creative energy. You are overloaded and overwhelmed. You are seeking clarity in a situation. Your dream represents changing of sides. Your emotions are clouding your judgment.

Revolution in your dream signals your issues of death and dying. This death may be symbolic as in an end to something in your life. You need to be more flexible in your thinking. You need to break out of your daily routine and do something different. The dream is a symbol for your desires to get to the center of some issue or problem. You are looking for some guidance and direction in some decision.

Look dream stands for your financial future and financial security. You need to take a short break to reassess your situation and determine your path and goals. You may be trying to prevent something from being said or revealed. Your dream symbolises missed opportunities. You need to let go of the past.

Machete in this dream means repressed aggression and anger. There is something that you want to get off your chest. You have difficulties experiencing your true feelings. Your dream is an indication for some mental problem. You let an opportunity pass you by because you did not react fast enough.

Revolution and Look is a signal for your openness to new experiences. It takes time to develop an idea. You need to make your presence known and your voice heard. Your dream is an omen for your feelings and your ability to control your emotions. You have limitless energy.

Revolution and Machete is a clue for the fruition of some idea. It is okay to seek the support in order to help you get through a difficult time. You are taking advantage of the innocent and the vulnerable. Your dream points to the material world and physical plane. You have opened up your feelings and allow yourself to love and be loved.

Look and Machete denotes beauty, strength and wisdom. You are exploring your subconscious. You are rejecting certain rules. The dream is a metaphor for the youthful side of your persona. You have lofty aspirations and idealistic goals.

Dream about Revolution Looking At My Machete is a premonition for your creative energy flow. An issue is burning up inside of you. You need to show more sympathy, compassion and kindness. This dream is a clue for warmth, abundance, longevity and prosperity. You have attained a new level of awareness.

Sometimes, dream about revolution looking at my machete points to an emotional or relational problem. You do not want your power to go unnoticed. You need to reach out to people who may not necessarily always physically be around. This dream is unfortunately a warning alert for your lack of accomplishments or to the setbacks in your life. You need to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself.

Dream about Carrying A Machete is a premonition for humility and humbleness. You are undergoing some identity crisis. You are experiencing a loss of power and effectiveness. The dream expresses a need to defend and protect yourself emotionally and physically. You still have some ways to go before fully developing your career and goals.

Carrying A Machete is a hint for your connection to someone in an intimate and emotional way. A situation or decision is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected. You are seeking protection. This dream states a helping or protective hand. You are expressing your femininity in a seductive and cunning manner rather than in an overtly and almost destructive way.

Carry in your dream is your quick temperedness. You worry and stress out in situations that are beyond your control. You are isolating yourself and holding back your emotions. This dream points to your daily life and family issues. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Carry in this dream represents your goals, aspirations and ideals. You are drifting around in life without any direction. You need to be more yielding in your point of view and decisions. Your dream means laziness. You are trying to steer your friends and your family on the right direction.

Machete in dream points at a situation in your life which is triggering similar feelings felt at the time. You are doing something despite being told not to do it. You need to have better planning and organization in your life. Your dream points at difficulties and setbacks in achieving your goals. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt with something that you have done.

Machete dream is an indication for your fear or dissatisfaction of the future. You need to be careful of your spending and that you need to protect your finances. You are looking for a new way to express yourself and expand your thinking. The dream is a signal for some nervousness and uneasiness over some undertaking. You need to consider things from a wider perspective.

Dream about both “Carry” and “Machete” is sadly an admonition for your ability to cut through your emotions and break through the emotional barriers. You feel that you are in a rut doing the same thing and going to the same places. You are selling yourself short and underestimating your own potential. Your dream is unfortunately feelings of anxieties or connected to your daily stress, especially if you are too worried. You have been locking this issue in your subconscious, but it can no longer be ignored.

Dream about carrying a machete states wholeness and completeness. Sometimes you can’t see what is going on, but you still sense it. You are giving up on something that you had once believed. This dream signifies hope, knowledge or productivity. It is time to think about what you want to do with your life and make the necessary changes.

To dream of wielding a machete points out value, power and possibilities to reach what is needed or want. As work instrument and steel of Caribbean and Center America plans to be liberalization symbol, work and future. Even, dreaming of a machete is omened the cut of old ideas and prejudices completely. This instrument alerts of a new growth, so much material as spiritual, but that it doesn't exclude a strong violence and contradiction.

To see a machete in the floor during the dream communicates an opportunity in passing sure toward the personal satisfaction. If one dreams that another person lifts a machete in front of you it suggests you that you take away from all tense situations for possible danger.

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