Dream Meaning of Knocker

Dream Meaning of Knocker

To dream of a door knocker represents you or someone else that is making an extra effort to be noticed.


A door knocker in a dream symbolizes an opportunity. You may have a choice presented to you in which you are called to take action and take risks with the hope of success.

knock - you will have problems with which you will not be able to deal with see someone knocking - a life of poverty awaits you.

To dream of using a knocker, foretells you will be forced to ask aid and counsel of others.

A door knocker in a dream represents the door attendant, the announcer, a messenger, a warning guard, a security system or a guard dog. Ifthe knocker is made ofgold or silver in the dream, it represents honor and prosperity of the people of such a house. Ifone sees two door knockers at his door in a dream, it means a debt he owes to two people.

If one pulls out the door knocker, and if it brakes in his hand in the dream, it means that he follows a path of innovation.

(Also see Club)

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