Dream Meaning of Green Thread

Dream Meaning of Green Thread

Dream about green thread states your need to be more assertive. You are trying to escape and blend in with the rest of the crowd. You need to incorporate some key component of your religion in your own life. It is a signal for your mindset. Your loyalty is called into question.

Green thread dream is a sign for your caring and supportive nature. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path. You need to acknowledge the youth and child in you. It is a portent for your sense of superiority. Perhaps you are worried about your mortgage.

Today things that have been moving backward or have been in pause in your life are moving forward again.

Dream about red thread is an omen for an aspect of your character and your strictness. You are looking to change your image and attitude. You may feel undeserving of your achievements. This points to how others perceive you. You need to seek some outside advice.

Dream about blue thread is a signal for some aspect of yourself that you need to acknowledge or recognize within yourself. You are sheltering yourself from the realities of life. You are harboring some ill feelings. This dream is a message for unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life. You may be acting with your heart instead of thinking things out more clearly.

Dream about white thread refers to your intuition and the sensitive side of your personality. You need to somehow find a way to break a circle that you are in. You are testing yourself or some relationship. This signifies a desire to change your status or position in life. You are speechless over some news.

Dream about pulling thread points at relaxation and recuperation. You have changed into someone who you are not proud of. Perhaps you need to express some gratitude to those who supported you along the way. This dream is a hint for your open-mindedness and quest for knowledge. You need to evaluate your surroundings more carefully before making some decision.

Dream about thread in teeth symbolises your laid back and easy going attitude. You are waiting for a sign to make the next move. You are feeling some sort of guilt and fear getting caught. Your dream indicates dissatisfaction and an unpromising outlook. You are tackling some obstacle in a roundabout manner.

Dream about needle thread is sometimes reluctance in some endeavor. You need to learn to be more free and open. You are saying goodbye to someone. It is a premonition for irreversible changes occurring in your life. You need to clear your mind and free yourself of certain emotions that are weighing you down.

Dream about black thread expresses the twist and turns of life. You need to cut-out or eliminate something from your life. You are feeling ineffective. Your dream is a portent for your need to cultivate your sense of culture. You need to look at the overall picture on some issue.

Dream about silver thread indicates jealousy. You are all wound-up or tense about some situation. You need to clear up an emotional wound that was recently opened. It is a clue for self-punishment. You are doing your best trying to balance various aspects of your life.

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