Dream Meaning of Cuddling With A Girl

Dream Meaning of Cuddling With A Girl

Dream about cuddling with a girl hints warmth and your need for a better sense of security. You are undergoing a significant change in your life. Grace, agility, regeneration and growth. It is about genuine goodness and idealistic notions. Something is affecting your mood and attitude.

Cuddling with a girl dream signals the positive things and sacrifices you have made in your life. You have significant influence on others. You are feeling defensive about something. Your dream suggests your independent spirit. There is something that you need to be aware of.

This is an excellent day to tell people exactly how you feel. Your emotions are more stable than usual, so open up and let your heart speak. What you learn today will be extremely valuable for the future, so pay attention. Keep an eye on what is real, but feel free to let your heart explore all possibilities. Follow your emotions and trust your instincts. You stand to gain quite a bit.

Dream about cuddling with a boy symbolises genuine fear and parallels your feelings of horror. You are yearning for greater self-expression and exploration of your emotions. You are able to confront tough obstacles and get around barriers with success and ease. This stands for vitality and well-directed energy which will lead to prosperity. You will overcome hardships and misfortune.

Dream about cuddling boyfriend is a clue for your individual struggle for freedom and immortality. You feel entitled to certain things. You are preoccupied with your physical shape and appearance. This stands for power and status. There is something that you need to curb in your life.

Dream about boyfriend cuddling is a metaphor for freedom and emotional release. You feel that you are being bullied or dominated by some powerful source. You are seeing a person for who he or she really is. This dream is an evidence for wealth and prosperity. Your friend is in love with you.

Dream about lady hugging me points to your hidden passionate emotions and spiritual cleansing. You are keeping your subconscious suppressed. You need to express your thoughts and feelings in your life or it will continue to haunt you. It points to intelligence, cunningness, deception and cleverness. You have to make a tough decision.

Dream about hugging a lady suggests your strict self discipline. You have a spiritual guide. You are taking a passive role in your life. This dream means purification and relief. You have a positive outlook in life.

Dream about hugging girlfriend states an aspect of your life (career, relationship, children, etc), which is consistently draining your enthusiasm and vitality. You are going along a crooked path. You have renewed confidence and self-assurance. The dream represents the influence, power and authority you have over others. There is something rising out of your subconscious and into your awareness.

Dream about boyfriend hugging another girl means an end to your journey. You are able to separate your objectivity and feelings. You are creating or directing new found energies to some aspect of your life. Your dream represents pleasant occasions and joyous gatherings. You are about to embark on some new life adventure.

Dream about cuddling baby girl is sometimes the feelings and wisdom that are radiating from within you. You are looking for balance in your life. Something in your life maybe causing you to flashback to your experiences. This dream expresses your winning spirit. What starts out as something small may generate into something grander and greater.

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