Dream Meaning of Adolescent

Dream Meaning of Adolescent

A dream about a adolescent means straw enthusiasm, it can also refer to a certain aspect that is deep inside ourselves and prompts us to make irrational decisions in life. A dream can also portray an increased sense of responsibility or alertness in life. to see a adolescent - through you, arduous work that will never end if a adolescent seeks your favors - you will soon have very pleasant and happy days.

Time of puberty; changes in physical and sexual awareness due to heightened kundalini power. Emotional growth goes more slowly. General confusion because of rapid changes and increased energy in the body; emotions and judgment are thrown off. To dream you are an adolescent when beyond those years may mean you are behaving like an adolescent, using poor judgment, going up and down emotionally; also, may mean a need for awakening and integrating sexual awareness. (The kundalini power kicks up again with great force at the time of menopause for both men and women.)

see People

Longing for carefree days.

See people

If we dream we are an adolescent we are focusing on our undeveloped side.

Dreaming of an adolescent of the opposite sex usually means dealing with a suppressed part of our development.

The emotions associated with adolescence are very raw and clear and such emotions are accessible often only through dreams. There may be conflict over issues of freedom.

An immature adult; see “age”

Example: My lover and I were going to try and make love, both with our own hurts and being aware of each other s difficulties. We were both very gentle with each other.

A young girl came in under the bedclothes with us. I thought it would interfere, but I could see it wasn’t worrying her. She was playing hide and seek. We were in bed out in the open countryside’ (Hilary). Whether the young person is your own child, someone you know, or a stranger, it is usually an ex­pression of oneself at that age.

The dream above shows Hilary taking her teenage feelings into her lovemaking. This is be­cause Hilary had no chance during those years to mature sex­ually, so, as an older woman, she now finds herself meeting a young girl’s feelings with her lover.

If dreamt by a child, the adolescent depicts their feelings or assessment of their own future, or ways of meeting future relationships. See boy; girl; woman; man.

lover Initial uncertainty or clumsiness concerning emotional and sexual contact. Desire to explore many rela­tions. Still finding out what one’s boundaries are. Great sexual drive. Partner will probably be loved for dreamer’s own needs —for example, the dreamer wants a family and uses the part­ner to gain that end, the dreamer loves the partner because in that way they can get away from parental home. Great roman­tic feelings and spontaneous love which are difficult to main­tain in face of difficulties.

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