Dream Meaning of Accordion

Dream Meaning of Accordion

see - you can easily overcome all obstacles hear - spend joyful moments in a nice company hear false accordion sounds - you should get tested as soon as possible, because some disease develops in your body play it - you will have to work hard to achieve your goal a famous melody is played on an accordion - a joyful period ahead of you Gypsy or a tramp plays the accordion - do not trust people who pretend to be experts and experts of all kinds broken accordion - you will be depressed, to remedy this you should focus on the more joyful matters for a woman - promises a lasting relationship.

Dreaming of an accordion foretells that you will have immediate progress in life. A musical instrument is often marked as a tribute to someone in waking life.

In the same manner, when you dream of hearing a number of accordion players then this suggests that you will have great fun and excitement ahead of you. Dreaming of hearing the accordion playing wonderful music foretells of future amusement, joy, and happiness. If you are experiencing a particular feeling of sadness, then the music in one's dream is away to express one's feelings. In essence, the accordion is representative of your feelings. To dream about enjoying the music of the accordion represents that you will soon have music and excitement in your life. Maybe you're going to go out on the town!

Accordion – The symbolism of the accordion varies depending on the role the accordion plays in your own popular culture. It can represent a folk instrument and the vibrant enthusiasm that goes along with folk music such as polka. Much also depends on the tune being played on the accordion. The mood of the tune reflects the emotional reality behind the symbol.

If you heard this instrument, the meaning relates to the sound; if it struck you as doleful, you may expect some sadness but not of a deep or lasting nature.

If the sound was lively and bright, you will soon have some gay social times.

If you were playing the accordion, your love and/or personal affairs will be totally satisfactory.

See also Music and Musical Instruments.

Hearing dance music from this instrument means that you will be happy with the man or woman you love.

Playing sweet music indicates that your loving embraces will be returned with sincerity; but if the instrument seems to be out of tune, there will be either a quarrel or unfaithfulness.

Hearing the music erf this instrument is a presage of cheering news that will make your daily burdens lighter.

If you are playing a monotonous melody on the accordion, the unconscious is probably warning you that you complain too much, which in turn puts off people who might help you.

If you listen to someone playing this instrument it means that you are the subject of someone else’s unfounded complaints.

Working hard and enjoying it.

If you have a happy audience, it will pay off the way you intend it to.

If the audience is unhappy with your performance, you need to re-evaluate how your desire is affecting others. Perhaps you are not seeing what others are experiencing because of your actions to reach your goal, or could it be that your goal is in conflict with others’ tastes and likes? If you have no audience, you are probably keeping your plans and actions to yourself and not bothering anyone else with them, but are you being selfish with something meant to share? To hear accordion music indicates that fun and happiness will soon be coming to the dreamer.

To play the accordion means winning the love of your life through an unhappy event. Also: If you heard this instrument, the meaning relates to the sound; if it struck you as doleful, you may expect some sadness but not of a deep or lasting nature.

If the sound was lively and bright, you will soon have some happy social times.

If you were playing the accordion, your love and/or personal affairs will be totally satisfactory.

To dream of hearing the music of an accordion, denotes that you will engage in amusement which will win you from sadness and retrospection. You will by this means be enabled to take up your burden more cheerfully.

For a young woman to dream that she is playing an accordion, portends that she will win her lover by some sad occurrence; but, notwithstanding which, the same will confer lasting happiness upon her union.

If the accordion gets out of tune, she will be saddened by the illness or trouble of her lover.

Dreams of an accordion represent festivities, happiness, and joy.

The movement of the accordion suggests that you are connecting with the cycles of life. See Musical Instrument.

Hearing an accordion, disappointment in some plan that the dreamer had scheduled. Playing it, conjugal happiness. Out of tune, an unhappy state of mind.

1. Hearing the music is an attempt to feel better about some downbeat situation in waking life.

2. Playing the accor­dion (or any other instrument) suggests one finds it easier to ex­press deepest feelings musically rather than orally.

To dream of an accordion
If you see an accordion in a dream, that is a warning that you will get involved in illegal businesses. You probably won’t know what all of it is about at first, but you will notice that some things are not the way they seem as time goes on. If you are the responsible person whose signature stands on most of the documents, you will have to pay attention to the fine print because something tricky will be there, and no one will warn you about it. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to do the things that could backfire at you in the future or not after you find out the truth.

To listen to an accordion
Dreaming of listening to an accordion means that you are too suspicious of everything. You believe that everyone is guilty until they are proven innocent. You have probably been faced with bad experiences before that taught you to always be cautious. However, you will miss many opportunities because of such an attitude, and you will chase away people that are coming to you will good intentions.

To play the accordion
When you are dreaming of playing the accordion, it means that someone will make you happy. You may hear that you got a job which you have already given up on. Since so much time has passed from your application, you believed that you wasted your time on the interview. However, you will have a reason to celebrate since everything will go to your favor in the end.

To buy an accordion
Dreaming of buying an accordion means that you are an ambitious person who will achieve all of their wishes no matter the consequences. You have a clear goal in life, and you don’t let anyone or anything disturb you. You put yourself first, so many people believe that you are selfish. You don’t see that as a flaw, but you are well aware of the traits you possess. They are more than welcome when it comes to business, but they could bring more harm than good to your private life.

To sell an accordion
A dream in which you are selling an accordion means that one of your plans will fail. You have been looking forward to a trip for a long time, but as the date is approaching, bigger and bigger problems are appearing. You will probably have to postpone it because of business obligations, or one of your family members will ask you to stay and help them with something. Anyhow, you will be disappointed and hurt, but you know that you can’t control those circumstances.

To bestow an accordion to someone
This dream means that you will help someone you don’t even know, which will amaze them. With your gesture, you will show that there are people who are not doing anything for money and fame, but because they believe that helping others is a moral and human responsibility. It is possible that that person will return the favor when you need it the most.

To receive an accordion as a gift
When you are dreaming of getting an accordion, it means that you should only count on yourself if you want to achieve one goal. Some suspicious people that are giving you wrong pieces of advice out of best intentions are around you. You should listen to your gut this time, and you will not be sorry.

To steal an accordion
If you are dreaming of stealing an accordion, it means that someone close to you is meddling in your life. They advise you, even when you don’t need it, and impose their decisions and plans onto you under the excuse that they have the best intentions. That person is probably older, so everyone in your surroundings thinks of them as the authority. However, you will have enough of it sooner or later, so you will subtly let them know to leave you alone.

To dream of someone stealing an accordion from you
A dream in which someone stoles an accordion from you means that you will beat your enemies using their methods. One person near you is probably trying to present you to your boss or superiors as incapable. They are often doing behind your back to become your boss’ pet and take over the benefits you have. When you finally find out who is trying to sabotage you, you will use their tactic to let them know that they have chosen the wrong person to be their victim.

To find an accordion
This dream means that you will soon get a business offer that you shouldn’t miss. You will get the chance to use your creativity, intelligence, and resourcefulness the right way while making good money. Even though many people will find the offer suspicious, it will turn out, with time, that they were wrong. You will prove that following your dreams has been the best decision in your life so far.

To lose an accordion
If you are dreaming of losing an accordion, it means that a family gathering will turn into a true fiasco. One of your loved ones will decide to tell everyone shocking news, so you will experience an uncomfortable situation instead of spending pleasant moments with people you love. You may even come to their defense since everyone will attack them.

To dream of a broken accordion
When you are dreaming of a broken accordion, that is a warning to pay attention to your behavior when it comes to someone you just met. One of your friends will probably introduce you to their girlfriend or boyfriend that you will become close to pretty soon because you have similar views on life and attitudes. However, someone may interpret your closeness as flirting, so your friends may judge you. You will try to explain that you didn’t have bad intentions in vain, even though you just wanted to help that person fit in your circle of friends as soon as possible.

To throw an accordion away
If you are dreaming of throwing an accordion away, it means that you will soon change your behavior toward someone. You will realize that they don’t deserve your attention and respect because they are criticizing and provoking you constantly. You will not return the favor, but you will decide to distance yourself from them to let them know that you don’t want them in your life. If that person is your family member, that will be a little bit more difficult, but you will not give up on your intention.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, played, or listened to an accordion, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of an accordion

The accordion is a musical instrument that has a keyboard, i.e., buttons.

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