Dream meaning about Unable To Lock Door

Dream Meaning of Unable To Lock Door

Dream about unable to lock door is sadly an alert for the value you are placing on yourself, your time and your abilities. Your old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world. You need to tone it down and discard some of the negative emotions in your life. It points at some abusive situation or unfortunate circumstance. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others, especially to your mate.

Unable to lock door dream is unfortunately an alert for some minor problems and annoyances that are continually bothering you. You are trying to break free from the confines of civilization. A situation or person in your life is having a negative impact on you. The dream denotes your anxieties about your daily problems. You feel that someone else is not pulling their own weight and you have to support them.

Don’t act like the kind of person you think you should be in order to please others. Be yourself. Your conservative and practical approach is exactly what is needed at this point in time. Other people are opening in up to you in new ways.

Dream about being unable to lock doors signifies your individualistic attitude. There is a message that you need to get out or an idea that you need to share. You are feeling lonely, overshadowed and under-appreciated. This dream is unfortunately an admonition for abundance and hospitality. You are beginning to let your guard down.

Dream about forgetting to lock door denotes annoyances and complications in a situation where pleasure was expected. There is an issue or situation that you are avoiding. There is a situation in your life where you will need the cooperation and assistance of others in order to achieve a common goal. This dream is a metaphor for aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate. You are ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions and other negativities.

Dream about locked car door is unfortunately all the hard work that you have done and completed. You are not able to shake someone off your back. You know how to get to the point quickly. This is a metaphor for how you are wound up or how your thinking is twisted. You are not being honest with yourself.

Dream about trying to lock a door states your anxieties and fears about the surgery, recovery and life after surgery. You are in search of your inner strength or are trying to connect with your subconscious. You are not letting something or someone get in your way of your goals. This dream draws attention to something that has been switched, changed or exchanged. You are dwelling too much on past regrets and lost opportunities.

Dream about locking bathroom door suggests depression and bad feelings. You are experiencing a lack of independence. You are emotionally cold or withdrawn. It is unfortunately your fears of making the wrong choice and going on the wrong path. You need to alter your path or risk losing something of significance and value to you.

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