Dream meaning about Temptation

Dream Meaning of Temptation

The dream of temptation represents an internal conflict between your desires and the goals you set for yourself. It also means important decisions that you must make in your life. a signal to let your emotions express themselves sometimes. succumbing to temptation - should be used as a warning against a jealous person who will try to harm you if you succumb to it and feel bad about it - a dream is related to your ability to overcome current problems and thus free yourself from personal trauma and negative energy, this dream strengthens you as a person and explains what is really important to you in real life if you are indifferent to the temptations around you - a dream reflects your willpower and self-control, moreover it shows your self-confidence, can be a warning in a negative sense from trusting someone too much the temptation to betray - this is a signal not to succumb to your lowest instincts.

It is a fortunate augury to dream of resisting temptation, especially if it concerns sex.

To dream that you are surrounded by temptations, denotes that you will be involved in some trouble with an envious person who is trying to displace you in the confidence of friends.

If you resist them, you will be successful in some affair in which you have much opposition.

Temptation is a conflict between two different drives.

For instance, in dreams we may experience a conflict between the need to go out into the world and the need to stay safe at home. Temptation is yielding to that which is easiest and not necessarily the best course of action.

Intellectually, when presented with options of action we may tend to go for a result which gives short-term satisfaction, rather than long-term.

The idea of giving in to temptation suggests that it is bigger or more powerful than we are. Often dreams can show us the course of action we should be taking.

3- Temptation is one of the biggest spiritual barriers we must overcome. Often it is a conflict between the Self and the Ego (See Introduction). Christ’s temptation by Satan is a good example of this.

1. Difficulties and obstacles, often tests of character.

2. Good fortune in business (to be tempted to cheat on a spouse).

3. A feeling that someone has bad intentions.

Obstacles are barring your way to what should by rights be yours; guard your tongue and your good sense will surmount all difficulties.

(See Trouble; Wine)

Revealed to help make a way to escape

Conflict between different aspects of self—per­haps sexual urges and social fears, or personal boundaries.

To dream about temptations means that a jealous individual will attempt to hurt your reputation and bring you great trouble.

Temptation in a dream is associated with how one feels in waking life.

Temptation is a sign that one needs to experience emotions. It has been said (in real life) that temptations must be avoided at all cost. Though it may take discipline, we may have the ability to avoid temptation’s in waking life - but what if temptations seep into the realms of our dreams?

In the dream state we have no control of the events that are unfolding before us? Temptations are deemed immoral by the society in which we belong. But when it comes to dreamland, it’s a different story since temptations convey a rather different meaning in relation to dreaming.

It is important to know the things you consider as temptations. For instance, some may consider an invitation to drink at a party all night long as a temptations while others do not. When you already know and are aware of what tempt’s you, interpreting why the temptations are featured in your dream.

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