Dream meaning about Pine

Dream Meaning of Pine

Dream about Pine Straw means the frustrations that you are experiencing in your life. You are longing for some aspect of your past. You are preoccupied with your physical shape and appearance. This dream is a metaphor for hope and unconditional love. You are refusing to acknowledge and confront the truth.

Pine Straw points at your need to connect with others on a mental level. You need to go deep into your subconscious in order to unearth your hidden feelings and desires. You are grateful for the life you have. This dream indicates your own repressed fears. You are moving toward becoming a better person.

Pine in your dream points to your own state of thinking wisely and the struggles to make a decision. You are expressing your anger in an ineffective way. Your actions are counterproductive. The dream is a message for movement or non-movement. Perhaps you are coming across as too indifferent.

Pine in this dream is a clue for hesitance or tentativeness about a decision, situation or relationship. You are trying to live up to the expectations of others. You may be trying to blame someone for something. This dream states characteristics which you have not acknowledged or incorporated into your own personality. You need to put a little more spice and variety in your life.

Straw in dream is your distorted or skewed sense of reality. People around you are anxiously awaiting your decision. You need to come back to reality. Your dream is a metaphor for hard work is needed to achieve your goals. A solution to your problem will soon become apparent.

Straw dream is a hint for your retreat from reality. Perhaps you have misjudged a situation. You want others to pay attention to you. The dream is about temptation or emotional allure. You are being overwhelmed with information.

Dream about both “Pine” and “Straw” hints disappointments, misfortune and bad luck. Perhaps you feel that you are no longer important and wish to regress back to a period where you were more needed. You are too comfortable idling around and not accomplishing anything. Your dream refers to feelings that have burned out or that you are feeling burnt out and exhausted. You are feeling suffocated or smothered by a situation in your life.

Dream about pine straw is a symbol for an imbalance. There is something that you are afraid to confront. Your subconscious mind is hungering for knowledge or information. Your dream is a signal for your need for a vacation. You have good manners.

Dream about Pine Needles is a sign for positive gains, happiness and fullness of life. You are feeling overburdened. You are looking for a fresh infusion of ideas within your creative or work life. The dream is an evidence for playfulness, holiday cheer and time of togetherness. It is time to open your eyes and stand up for your self.

Pine Needles expresses your conscious and subconscious and the emotional and rational. You are reevaluating your own path to success. You are being held back from fully expressing yourself. The dream is a portent for emotional freedom. You are undergoing some form of transition in your life.

Pine in your dream suggests your reserves. You are being singled out or being picked on. Perhaps you have concerns about aging and growing old. The dream is a signal for some self-destructive force. You are holding back some information.

Pine in this dream refers to your indecision about something. Perhaps you need to slow down. You are harming yourself either physically or emotionally. Your dream denotes spreading the word of God. You energies are being drained.

Needle in dream draws attention to loneliness or solitude. You are experiencing some tension that needs to be released. You have broken a resolution or promise to yourself. This dream is an evidence for some unfinished business that is affecting your family. Some situation beyond your control is causing you to shut down emotionally.

Needle dream symbolises some difficulty or issue which you are not confronting. You are overextending yourself or overstepping your boundaries. You are ready to face your problems head on. This dream indicates a sticky situation. You are under a time crunch.

Dream about both “Pine” and “Needle” is unfortunately an alert for a lack of objectivity in your decision-making and thinking process. Someone around you is not telling you how he or she really feels. You lack initiative to take action in what you really want to do. This dream expresses anger and aggression directed at you or someone else. You are trying to rid yourself of old, negative habits and bad characteristics.

Dream about pine needles states your need to spice up your family life. You want to escape from your own reality and live the high life. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. The dream means glamour. You are full of ideas.

Dream about Tall Pine Tree indicates your own self worth. You are overwhelmed and overworked. You are taking a chance on a new relationship or situation. Your dream is the persona you show to the world as oppose to the real you. You fear that you will be punished for your past’s actions.

Tall in your dream is a premonition for a dependent relationship. You need to confront the issue and stop relying on outside help. You are in denial about some aspects of yourself. This dream signals an aspect of yourself that you are slowly learning about or acknowledging. Perhaps you need to learn to laugh at yourself.

Pine dream expresses emotional dysfunction or uncertainty. You are surrounded by people who accept you for your mistakes and flaws. Your reputation is being called into question by rumors. Your dream is a portent for regret of what you have done in your life. You need to protect yourself from your own drive.

Tree in this dream is about your financial future and financial security. You are being overly judgmental of others or of some situation. You will find yourself surrounded by grief and misfortune. This dream is a message for your own stubbornness. You need to sort out some issue in your life.

Tall and Pine hints good luck and prosperity. You are easily persuaded and influenced by others. You have gained a fresh perspective. The dream is a harbinger for prosperity and satisfaction with the current state of your life. You are moving toward a goal with full momemtum.

Dream About Tall Trees stands for some turmoil that is bothering you inside. You need to be more open minded and welcome new ideas. You need to learn to question everything. This dream refers to your own self. You have internalized some fear.

Dream About Pine Tree is an evidence for sudden and rapid changes in your personal life. You are trying to make a good impression. You are feeling uplifted, confident and happy. The dream expresses happiness and a worry-free attitude. You are going back and forth in some situation or decision.

Dream about Tall Pine Tree is a portent for warmth and your need for a better sense of security. You feel whole. You are being slick or sly. Your dream hints comfort, life, guidance and protection. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature.

Sometimes, dream about tall pine tree is sadly a warning alert for harmony or disharmony in your life, depending on the situation. You are not letting any hardships or obstacles stand in your way. You are not in control of your life and following the goals of others instead of your own. Your dream is sadly a warning alert for a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. Something in your life is not going as expected.

Dream about Falling Pine Trees hints vulnerability and naivete. Perhaps you are curious about something. Perhaps you are assessing your career path and how you can move up in the workforce. This dream points at self-exploration and expansion of the mind. You are going around in circles in some area of your life.

Fall in your dream hints authority and protection. You are trying not to let certain things bother you, but it is eating away at your subconscious. You are becoming too dependent on others and using them to get what you want. This dream hints some subconscious material that needs to be confronted or addressed. You are feeling powerless and insecure.

Pine dream is a message for how you are fudging some records or answers. You are taking back control of a situation that had gotten out of hand. You are in an unhealthy or destructive relationship. This dream is a signal for your defensive stance about some situation. Perhaps you need to add some excitement or non-conventionality to your life.

Tree in this dream refers to your search for your own comfort zone. You are confronting and overcoming your obstacles. Perhaps you need to pamper yourself. The dream is a metaphor for your maternal instinct and your desire to provide for and support your dependents. Disputes can be resolved through some legal proceedings.

Fall and Pine is a hint for power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. You have established yourself and deserve respect. Your agility and stealth will get you what you want. The dream stands for previously suppressed material that is coming to light. You are experiencing some communication issues.

Dream About Fallen Tree is an evidence for an end to a familial line. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm. You have to come to terms with the end. The dream is a signal for precision and accuracy in what you do. Perhaps you are in the middle of a stingy situation.

Dream About Pine Tree is a sign for potential, bewilderment and wonder. You are on a self-destructive path. You are experiencing a surge in creativity. This dream is a metaphor for some unresolved issues with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. You have the same power and strength as those around you.

Dream about Falling Pine Trees means a long and pleasant journey. You are opening yourself up to a new situation and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. Your dream signifies masculinity. You are at peace of yourself.

Sometimes, dream about falling pine trees is sadly a warning for unexpressed anger and aggression. You are trying to find yourself or are looking for some aspect of yourself that may have been suppressed or forgotten. You are lacking something important in your life. The dream is a warning for a lack of respect or taste. You have an skewed perception of your own image which may stem from low self-esteem.

Dream about Pines is a symbol for your one-sided views. You need to work on building up your self esteem. You need to rethink your priorities. Your dream hints wish fulfillment. Someone out there is always listening.

Pines is an evidence for authority and extreme competitiveness. You need to hold it together, especially when others are prone to losing control. You have made a poor judgment. This dream is a signal for feelings of rejection by society. Perhaps you need to move more quickly.

Dream about Pine [a coniferous tree] indicates the division between the subconscious and conscious. You have the tendency to act before you think. You need to approach your goals with practicality. Your dream draws attention to a tempting situation. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied.

Dream about Pine [straight-grained durable and often resinous white to yellowish timber of any of numerous trees of the genus Pinus] points at your guilty indulgences. You are on your way toward realizing your goals and desires. You are looking for an outlet to express your creativity. The dream signals sadness, unresolved grief or your fears about death. Things are not what it seems.

Dream about Ache [have a desire for something or someone who is not present] is a signal for some burden that a person is creating for you or others. You are nurturing an old skill or talent. You are looking for a sense of belonging and familyhood. Your dream expresses your difficulty in communicating with a person. You want others to know exactly who you are.

Dream about Seeing Pine Trees refers to fertility, good health, life and longevity. You are interconnected with the world. You need to appreciate the life you have and realize the impact you have on others. This dream means your need to rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit. It is time to let go and live in the present times.

See in your dream is a sign for your repressed instincts. You need to pick up a new hobby to be happier. You are dealing with some situation. Your dream is a symbol for your wish to escape from your present reality. You need to take a more active or more hands-on approach in order to move forward in some endeavor.

Pine dream refers to your desire to settle down. You are still adjusting to a new situation in which the rules and conditions are ever changing. You are feeling deserted and left behind. This dream is a hint for the experiences of your parents or ancestors. Material fortune and gain may be interfering with your spirituality.

Tree in this dream is a premonition for authority, direction and judgment. You need to find time to relax. You are trying to distance yourself from something or someone who you were once close to. Your dream indicates a memory or past experience. You need to thoroughly think through some emotional issue.

See and Pine signals extreme nervousness or excitement. Good things will be at your grasp. You need to give your family some space. This dream is a clue for your spirituality. You have a spiritual guide.

Dream About See Tree is a portent for the depth of your subconscious. You are still feeling sore and resentful about some situation or relationship. You will be unexpected call on to defend your honor. The dream is sometimes a warm and loving home life. You are being secretive about something.

Dream About Pine Tree expresses progress and achievement. You are seeking recognition for your work. You are on a new path. This dream is a metaphor for your desires to escape your current situation or to move more faster and easier through it. You are taking the blame for the actions of others.

Dream about Seeing Pine Trees indicates your loyalty and devotion to others. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. You feel that people are talking about you behind your back. The dream is your carefree nature. You are self-assured in what you do.

Sometimes, dream about seeing pine trees sadly draws attention to your fears of poverty or financial loss. Menial tasks are providing little opportunities for advancement. You feel that you have nothing to look back on. Your dream is an omen for monotony and endless repetition. You are tormented or rejected by society.

Pine is a symbol of life, immortality and fertility. In a negative sense, it can indicate helplessness or a feeling of complete failure. if you see a pine - persistently strive to achieve your goal, regardless of the adversities and failures encountered the scent of pine - a sign that the time has come for regeneration and mental reconstruction cutting it down - a dream reflects a problem that will not resolve itself until you start working on it planting a pine - is a sign not to be afraid of criticism and malicious gossip, if it is to ensure victory for you dry pine - means that you will be forced to take care of a matter that you will only consider a waste of time prick with a pine needle - heralds emerging problems that may turn out to be so significant that you will start to worry about them.

Dream about Pine Tree Falling is a metaphor for your ability and strength to withstand whatever comes. You are on the right path. You are underestimating your self worth. This dream refers to the ending of something that was once a part of you. You are feeling vulnerable.

Pine in your dream is a metaphor for your wish to escape from your present reality. You think highly of yourself. You are looking for order. This dream stands for some goal, person, or ideal which you have lost track of. You may be involved in an uneasy situation.

Tree dream refers to insecurity. You want everybody to know about your talents and skills. You are hiding your true feelings or you are trying to cover up some situation or act. This dream is a metaphor for your need improve your communication skills or learn to express yourself more clearly. You are cleaning up your act or changing your image.

Fall in this dream is a metaphor for some dirty situation. You need to study and evaluate your situation before taking action. You need to extend or reach out to something or someone. The dream is a clue for purification and blood. You have some repressed aggression or rage at yourself or at someone.

Dream About Pine Tree is an omen for the ups and downs of life. You will achieve your goals as you progress through your life. Perhaps you are reminiscing of the past. The dream is sometimes the need for change. You are feeling uprooted.

Pine and Fall stands for fertility and motherly love. You are enjoying all your successes. You are overworked. Your dream is to emotional matters and issues about love. You may be unwilling to confront your shadow self.

Dream About Tree Falling is a portent for self-doubt in your thinking. You are under tremendous emotional stress which you need to confront. You set your sights on something and you go for it. The dream is the qualities of your father in which you projected onto a figure or the masculine side of your own personality. You are shielding yourself from the world.

Dream about Pine Tree Falling is about a romantic interest for a special person. Some elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being. You are unwilling to forgive yourself. Your dream represents the fruits of your labor and your life experiences. Your ideas and goals will soon be realized.

Sometimes, dream about pine tree falling is a symbol for issues that are not being openly discussed or acknowledged. You have made a wrong decision or headed toward the wrong direction in life. You feel that you are thrown into a situation that you cannot control. Your dream stands for a business partnership, marital partnership or just plain teamwork. You are trying to rationalize your emotions.

(see Forest, Trees)

The scent of pine in a dream reflects either a need for cleansing and purification of some type, or refreshment for one’s energy.

The scent of pine was regularly used in sick rooms for both purposes.

Long lasting results from your labors. Pine trees stay green through the winter, implying immortality.

Sticky situations, clingy emotions, or barbed conversations: Pine needles are quite sharp and often bear tack}’ sap that seems to get on everything with which they come in contact. Are you being likewise prickly or stick)’ in the way you deal with people or a particular circumstance?

Tree that is highest conductor of energy next to the redwood. See Tree.

Same as Cidar.

Represents longevity. The fir in particular symbolizes true friendship.

Dreams of pine needles or pine trees denote freshness, that which is natural and authentic about you. Often the smell of pine is a reference to the Christmas Holidays. See Christmas Tree.

(Seeds; Terebinth; Tree) Pine trees and their fruit in a dream mean loneliness and bewilderment during travels. Climbing a pine tree in a dream means triumph, success and hearing good news. Pine nuts in a dream represent the pine tree itself.

A pine nut in a dream also represents a renowned person who has a noble character, a godly person who is respected, holy but poor, or it could represent someone who has little to offer, or a person who shelters thieves out of compassion.

The same interpretation applies to owls and crows. Building a door for one’s house from pine wood in a dream means hiring a servant or a doorman who has little politeness and who is filled with foolish ideas.

If a merchant or a businessman builds such a door in a dream, it means that he will unknowingly employ a thief.

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