Dream meaning about Order

Dream Meaning of Order

Dream about Money Order points at passion, joy and bliss. You are ready to explore your emotions. You may be experiencing new walks of life. The dream hints luck and success in your endeavors. You are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.

Money Order is a message for the realization of your goals and aspirations. You have clarity in some situation or problem. You are grateful for the life you have. Your dream points to joy, renewed pleasure or increased sensitivity. The odds are working against you.

Money in your dream is a message for your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You heard something that you wished you didn’t hear in the first place. You are settled down. This dream is sometimes concern or disapproval. You are trying to piece together some information.

Money in this dream signals your need for patience. Things that you thought or assume were put to rest is coming back to haunt you. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. Your dream indicates your inability to cope with a situation. You need to take some time off to restore your energy and replenish your resources.

Order in dream states how you or someone has acted foolishly and stupidly in a situation. You are being too selfish. Perhaps you are being mislead. This dream points to your desires to be left alone. Perhaps you are looking for an outlet to express your raw emotions.

Order dream signals your ability to take action quickly. You let an opportunity pass you by because you did not react fast enough. You tend to distant your feelings and as a result, you may isolate yourself. The dream symbolises your fear of the unknown. Your feelings are being overlooked.

Dream about both “Money” and “Order” is about frustrations and disappointments in your Self. You may feeling depressed or feel strangled by a situation or person in your life. There is a lack in your planning of things. Your dream is a clue for your sensitivities to a situation which has not been properly expressed. There is some aspect of yourself that you are desperately trying to rid yourself of.

Dream about money order suggests bachelorhood. You want to make somebody feel important. It is time to move on toward the future. Your dream denotes grace, purity, beauty, dignity, wealth and prestige. You are too structured in your thinking.

Dream about Ordering Drinks means healing, rejuvenation and healing. You are acknowledging and embracing other’s physical differences. You are emotionally sensitive and easily irritable. Your dream symbolises your desire to live life in the fast lane. It is the time of togetherness and family.

Ordering Drinks indicates strength and courage. You are communicating a passionate message. You are opening yourself up to new experiences and insights. The dream suggests your sensuality and femininity. You need to open up about your emotions or your emotional desires.

Order in your dream signifies some tension or stress in your life. You need to cut-out or eliminate something from your life. You are trying to inform and alert others to some important information. The dream points to your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you. You are behaving in an inappropriate way in some area of your life.

Order in this dream draws attention to how you are looking things from a different perspective. Perhaps deep inside you know that he/she is not the one for you. Perhaps you need to kick back and relax. This dream is a harbinger for loss of tranquility, illness, or jealousy. There is some information that you need to reveal or share.

Drink in dream points at the cycle of life and may be trying to offer you hope in the midst of despair. Perhaps you have been hurt and are being guarded with your emotions. You are mindlessly agreeing to things and going along with everything without questioning it. Your dream is a hint for the steps you need to take toward your goals. Some decision or nagging problem from your life has crept into your dream.

Drink dream is about continuity and repetition. You are reluctant to move forward in some endeavor. You are trying to make something known. Your dream is a premonition for guidance, direction and unification. Your opinions and views are clashing with the majority.

Dream about both “Order” and “Drink” is an indication for a desire to spread some idea and circulate the word out. There is a situation in your life where you will need the cooperation and assistance of others in order to achieve a common goal. You need to get away from the demands of your daily life. Your dream stands for unpleasant situations and disagreeable companions. You are experiencing problems with how to get started with some project or goal.

Dream about ordering drinks states authority, power and control. You need to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. Your repressed thoughts and subconscious materials are slowly coming to the surface and making its presence known. Your dream symbolises joviality and light hearted fun. You are going along a crooked path.

Dream about Restraining Order is a premonition for your protective nature. You will experience clarity in a situation. You are feeling trapped. Your dream stands for energy, fertility or immortality. You are acknowledging core aspects of that person within your own self.

Restraining Order means misfortune, loss of honor and respect and hostility amongst friends and loved ones. Your integrity is being called into question. You are standing on solid ground. The dream refers to your position of prominence and status. You need to be more open and expressive with your personality.

Restrain in your dream is a premonition for your resourcefulness and your hands on approach to various situations. Perhaps you are torn with doing the right thing. You need to stop and relax. Your dream is a destructive and forbidden desire or obsession. Perhaps you need to detach yourself from a situation or relationship.

Restrain in this dream is sometimes missed opportunities. You have no privacy. There is a problem or issue that is burdening you. Your dream is a symbol for something that you need to access quickly and easily. Your feelings for a person is waning.

Order in dream points at upon your real life and how you are watching life pass you by, instead of participating in it. You are shielding yourself from life’s hurt. You need to gain a better perspective or wider view on something. The dream is your fears that some hidden aspect of your life will be discovered or made public. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you.

Order dream is a signal for some emotional or physical pain. You need to take a step back to evaluate a situation. You fear uncertainty. The dream symbolises issues related to the past. You feel that you do not have the power to change the path that your life is taking on.

Dream about both “Restrain” and “Order” is a clue for your lack of freedom and limited abilities. You need to be steadfast and not let others questions your authority and position on things. You need to reduce your desires and problems in order to alleviate the pressure you are putting on yourself. The dream is sadly a warning alert for the irrational, unsteady and emotional aspects of yourself. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation.

Dream about restraining order denotes material gains and possessions. You may be entering into a new relationship, either on a friendship level or romantic level. You are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. The dream denotes personal feelings and memories with a particular place. You may be questioning your job or your abilities.

Dream about New World Order is a premonition for cooperation and working together. It may be a signal for you to clean out and reorganize your life. It is time to confront a specific person on an issue. The dream expresses your resourcefulness and survival skills. You need time to decompress and to restore your faith.

New in a dream refers to a need for you to change your routine. You tend to go along with what others are doing or saying. You have put your own priorities aside for the sake of others. The dream represents your adaptability to your surroundings. You are feeling withdrawn and distant.

World dream points to repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. You are harming yourself either physically or emotionally. You are doing your best to hold yourself up in some situation. Your dream signifies your fears of being helpless and overpowered. You are ready to reveal or expose something that was previously hidden.

Order in this dream denotes a subsiding threat. Someone close to you is hiding something from you. You are behaving childish or immaturely. This dream expresses your sense of time management. You need to focus your energies on the prize.

Dream About New World indicates your magnetic personality. You are in control of a situation. You are feeling invincible and superior. The dream signals self-deception. You are being engulfed by your subconscious.

New and Order is a metaphor for a higher self. Perhaps you hope that a friend can act more like a particular celebrity. You need to be more assertive and forceful. This dream refers to your openness and how you communicate with others. You are taking matters into your own hand.

World and Order is an omen for your elevated sense of self and high ambition. You will be unexpected call on to defend your honor. You should open up to your family and friends more. The dream hints your desires to escape from reality. There is something that you have yet to discover about yourself.

Dream about New World Order is a message for longevity, continuity, or fearlessness. You need to release some of your pent up feelings and confront the issues that are causing much internal conflict. You are ill-prepared for a new phase in your life. The dream is a symbol for renewal, rejuvenation and cleansing. You are second guessing your decisions.

Sometimes, dream about new world order refers to an attack on your masculinity if you are a male. You are projecting your feelings onto another instead of dealing with them. You may be experiencing or inflicting fear, emotional distress or physical abuse in your life. The dream is unfortunately an admonition for a person in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous. You are not drinking enough water and staying well hydrated.

Dream about Giving Orders is a premonition for your femininity or issues with your feminine side. You need to take it easy and relax. You are channeling a higher energy. This dream suggests childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. You are feeling emotionally drained.

Giving Orders is an omen for growth, renewed energy or increased enthusiasm for an idea or project. You are aware of your surroundings and of the people around you. You are being part of the group. This dream is a message for your power and influence over others. You are going through a potentially explosive situation in your life.

Give in your dream signals avoidance in dealing with your problems and in facing your anxieties. You are not being productive in some area of your life. You need to direct your energy and concentrate them toward your goals. This dream is minor interruptions and annoyances. You need to appreciate tradition and the lessons of the past.

Give in this dream refers to your need for a much needed vacation or break. You are trying to hold onto the memories. You need a wider perspective on things. Your dream is a premonition for maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for. Perhaps you have been too idealistic.

Order in dream is a portent for overwhelming responsibilities and stress that you are having to cope with. You need to pay more attention to the needs of your body. You may feel nervous about exposing yourself and are feeling a resurgence of those old emotions and feelings. This dream indicates your fear or guilt. You are trying to fit into some new situation or role.

Order dream is a clue for an ever-changing situation. You tend to wear your emotions of your face. You are exploring your limits and trying to awaken your fullest potential. Your dream stands for sickness and trouble. You are taking back control of a situation that had gotten out of hand.

Dream about both “Give” and “Order” is an omen for the consequences of the decisions you have made. Your friend is not being supportive. You are lacking conviction in what you are saying. Your dream is an old habit or characteristic that you need to clear out and rid yourself of. You are feeling tired and lethargic.

Dream about giving orders stands for your desire to hold on to a certain image, time or period in your life. You will or have achieve power and courage. Success and prosperity is within your reach. Your dream points at a controlling relationship. You need to give serious attention to the direction you are heading in your personal and business life.

Dream about Order signifies pain. Perhaps, you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship. You are searching for your identity and finding yourself. The dream stands for your need to get away and escape from your daily life. There are many layers to your personality that you need to get through in order to unveil what is truly underneath.

Order means someone in your life who may be working around some issue. You need to be careful not to get carried away by your emotions. You do not have the necessary tools to move toward your goals. The dream is an evidence for your control over your subconscious desires. You are repressing what you really desire most.

Dream about Order [(often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed] is a message for a conflict or a fear that you are facing in your life. You are censoring yourself or holding back. You need to show more control on your thoughts. This dream suggests the results of your hard work. You are leaving some evidence or clue of your indulgent or negative behavior.

Dream about Order [a degree in a continuum of size or quantity] is a harbinger for feelings of bitterness, jealousy or other negative feelings that are consuming you. You need to take on a different perspective, no matter how bizarre or unusual it may be. You have complete control over your emotions. Your dream expresses others who share your viewpoints and ideas. Your time is torn between two obligations.

Dream about Order [established customary state (especially of society)] symbolises unyielding authority and over-protectiveness. Your judgment is being clouded. You are leaving behind your inhibitions. This dream is an indication for your clouded way of thinking. Perhaps you are in a rut.

Dream about Ordering [logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements] indicates your personal goals or an opportunity that is within your grasp. Something or someone is preventing your growth or forward progress. You need to put your faith in God. The dream means a conflict with your mother or some dominant female figure in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment.

Dream about Orderliness [a condition of regular or proper arrangement] represents protection from any harm. You have made a poor judgment. You need to take advantage of the opportunity before it slips away. Your dream is an indication for that you are rising above some unpleasant situation or issue. You need to take some time to work through some difficulty.

Dream about Decree [a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge)] signifies some urgent matter or important them in your life that you are missing or overlooking. You are feeling stifled or restricted in some way. Your current course of action may be counter-productive. This dream points to heartbreaks and disappointments in love. You need to be on guard and on the defensive.

Dream about Order [a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities] is their insignificance. You are in need of some relaxation. A part of yourself may be seeking recognition and acknowledgment. This dream is an omen for something that is inferior in quality. You need to be more empathetic to others.

Dream about Club [a formal association of people with similar interests] is a premonition for your quest for objectivity over subjectivity. You need to be less arrogant. You need to be more diplomatic in a situation. The dream indicates your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. You are shutting someone or something out of your life.

Dream about Order [a body of rules followed by an assembly] refers to faked or forced passion. You are becoming too indifferent. You don’t let go of what’s yours and don’t give up. The dream is a premonition for your intuition and your insecurities about a situation or relationship. You are trying to downplay or shrug off your feelings.

Dream about Holy Order [(usually plural) the status or rank or office of a Christian clergyman in an ecclesiastical hierarchy] means your mistrust of others and your tendency to be in everyone’s business and affairs. You need to save money. Perhaps you need to take time out and confront your emotional demons. The dream suggests your ability to take action quickly. You need to consider things from a wider perspective.

Dream about Order [a group of person living under a religious rule] refers to a transitional phase where you are approaching a new direction in life. You are becoming someone who you are ashamed of or someone who you longer recognized. Perhaps you are just taking a breather from life’s fast pace. The dream hints some biting or cutthroat remarks. You are looking for guidance to stay on the right path.

Dream about Order [(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more families] signifies an approaching deadline for a project or a decision that needs to be made by you. You need to reduce your alcohol consumption. You will be faced with many disappointments and obstacles. This dream points at your need to heal or improve your physical or mental health. Your emotional wounds are beginning to heal.

Dream about Order [a request for something to be made, supplied, or served] is an indication for a negative turn in events. You need to think before you speak. You worry and stress out in situations that are beyond your control. The dream is a message for some difficulty or issue which you are not confronting. You need to unload and let go some of your responsibilities.

Dream about Order [(architecture) one of original three styles of Greek architecture distinguished by the type of column and entablature used or a style developed from the original three by the Romans] means your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You need to slow down and take a different course in life. You are looking to break out of your shell. The dream states dirtiness, greediness, stubbornness or selfishness. You need to take a break to decompress or reenergize.

Dream about Order [the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement] draws attention to humbleness, humility, or devotion. You need to find a safe way to express your feelings. You need to take control of your animalistic forces and primal urges. The dream hints your wise decisions. Perhaps you are torn with doing the right thing.

Dream about Order [give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority] draws attention to some political issue. You have been spending too much time in front of the computer. There is some conflict in your self-image. Your dream symbolises ill-health, depression and misfortune. You are dealing with some emotional matter in a roundabout or indirect way.

Dream about Order [make a request for something] is an omen for coldness and toughness to your exterior persona. You need to balance your own needs with the needs of others. You need to better contain your your emotions. The dream is an evidence for your experience in a problem or issue. An aspect of yourself is being repressed.

Dream about Order [issue commands or orders for] points to your self-worth, self-esteem, influence or power of persuasion. You are mindlessly agreeing to things and going along with everything without questioning it. Perhaps you are experiencing mixed feelings about something or someone. Your dream points at manipulation. You feel that others do not appreciate your talents and efforts.

Dream about Regulate [bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations] expresses abundance. You just need to relax. You are feeling cut-off or isolated. This dream is a harbinger for your maturing mindset. You are not able to fully acknowledge your potential.

Dream about Order [bring order to or into] is a clue for your willpower. Someone or something is in pursuit of you. You need to learn to make your own decision and take initiative. Your dream represents fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. You are ready to confront your past and your repressed emotions, despite how painful it may be.

Dream about Order [place in a certain order] is your mistrust of others and your tendency to be in everyone’s business and affairs. Things will work out in the long run. You need to utilize better time management. This dream points at your hot and quick temper. You need to let go of the emotional baggage and frivolity that are holding you back.

Dream about Ordain [appoint to a clerical posts] draws attention to feelings of anger, hostility and fierceness. You need to exercise some self-control. You need to learn to accept your own flaws, as well as the flaws of others. Your dream refers to your tendency to pass judgment on others. You need to pay more attention to the needs of your body.

Dream about Arrange [arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events] is gloominess, despair and hopelessness. Perhaps you are trying to decide between two options. You may be yearning for a baby or that you are expecting a baby. Your dream is a metaphor for guidance, direction and unification. You are having trouble expressing and verbalizing your feelings.

Dream about Rate [assign a rank or rating to] represents a non-reciprocating situation. Your ignorance in some matter is doing your harm. You are letting the wind carry you wherever it may blow. Your dream refers to your forgiving or yielding support system. Sometimes you need to take a risk.

Dream about order is a symbol for fear of exposure. You need to ask yourself where you want to be headed. Your sense of power is being threatened or compromised. It is an omen for your life journey and the decisions you make in life. You are taking on more things that you can handle.

Order dream signifies your impulsive behavior. You are being taken advantage of in some area of your life. You need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. This dream stands for fears that you are being played. You need to be aware of other people’s feelings.

If you are single and looking for love, you can expect it to come in a mysterious way today. You may find yourself very much drawn to someone whilst at a religious gathering, or while visiting a friend in hospital. This will be the beginning of a unique stage in your life. It may take a while to get going, but will develop steadily in the right direction.

Dream about purchase is a signal for your views about society at large. You need to learn from your past. You are undergoing some difficulty in your life. Your dream is about a need for you to find companionship. You are protecting or sheltering your consciousness, mentality and beliefs.

Dream about restraining order draws attention to your inner and hidden state and being. You are feeling hurt by the little things that may seem insignificant. You are putting up some sort of protective layer or emotional barrier. This dream is a metaphor for some biting or cutthroat remarks. You need to look at the brighter side of things.

Dream about money order is some decision or something being right. Perhaps what you portray or project does not match who you really are inside. Something is out of your grasp. Your dream signals an important situation that will burden you for a while. You are trying to be more objective in some situation.

Dream about giving orders is a metaphor for gossip and calamity. Perhaps you need to be more disciplined. You have taken a step in the wrong direction. It expresses remembrance. You are searching to be whole again.

Dream about social order suggests strength, longevity, immortality, faithfulness, durability and fertility. You are trying to express your current feelings or convey your status. You are getting another opportunity or chance. This dream signifies your worries over money matters. You are trying to keep up with the pace of your daily life.

Dream about new world order is a harbinger for your emotional state. You may be indebted to someone. Your energy flow is being constricted. It signals losing hope. Perhaps you are being taken advantage of.

The significance of the dream with a Order is that negative change will bring misfortune and unhappiness.

Dreams of Order are meaningful of a dreamer who is dealing with harmful adjustments at home.

Dream about Ordering Pizza points to restraint. The path toward your goals will take some effort and work. You want to amount to something in your life. The dream is about your personal insecurities. Great opportunities are being put before you, but still out of your reach.

Ordering Pizza suggests you have uncovered an aspect of yourself which is significant to your life. You need time to decompress and to restore your faith. There is something that you need help to unlock or uncover. Your dream signifies love, passion and warmth. You are looking for a change or for something new.

Order in your dream is about an achievement or goal that has been reached. You are undergoing a difficult and tumultuous time. Perhaps you are having doubts about a choice you’ve made. Your dream is a sign for your hidden emotions waiting to be expressed. You are feeling fenced in some situation or confined in some relationship.

Order in this dream points at your feelings of regret or remorse. You are being counterproductive. You need to pay close attention to your personal habits. This dream symbolises feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You are searching for something.

Pizza in dream is a message for constraints and restrictions in your thoughts, feelings and actions. Perhaps you feel that an important aspect of yourself is missing. You may be taking on too many responsibilities. The dream signifies aspects of yourself which you have kept hidden inside. You need to take a step back to evaluate a situation.

Pizza dream signals the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. You are open to criticism, ideas and opinions. You are being belittled by others. This dream is an indication for a period of isolation or loneliness. You need to let go your negative thoughts and start expressing your emotions.

Dream about both “Order” and “Pizza” is an indication for a relationship that is going sour. Your idea or plan is not taking off. You may feel unable to attain and measure up to society’s ideals of beauty. Your dream is a sign for rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. You feel lost and are looking for guidance.

Dream about ordering pizza states togetherness and spiritual bonding. You need to take a chance on a relationship and make that that emotional plunge. You have to come to terms with the end. This dream denotes strong and powerful friends who will use their influence and authority to your advantage. You are feeling excluded from some situation.

Dream about Social Order expresses your need to be more economical. Perhaps you are in the middle of a stingy situation. You will regain your confidence. Your dream is a hint for purity, prosperity and good fortunes. You are longing for the child within you.

Social Order means qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. You need to communicate something important and urgent. You are concentrating on some plan or situation. This dream is about opportunities that can potentially pass you by. You need to draw the support from those around you.

Social dream stands for how time has stool still. You need to be more decisive. You are being too unyielding about something. The dream expresses someone who may be looking for a relationship with you. You have surrendered your power and denied responsibility for your actions.

Social in this dream symbolises arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself. Perhaps your actions have been counterproductive. You need to let go of whatever anger you are still holding on to. Your dream is your subordinate role. You need to roll up your sleeves and prepare for some hard work ahead.

Order in dream represents being framed for something you did not do. You are pursuing down the wrong path. You are feeling ignored or neglected. This dream is a hint for things that you are avoiding or feelings that you are suppressing. Lending money to friends will cause a rift in your relationship.

Order dream is about some nervous energy. You may feel that you are being prevented or restricted from freely expressing yourself. You are being misguided. Your dream is a portent for your way of protecting yourself from life’s harsh realities. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path.

Dream about both “Social” and “Order” expresses a lack of control in your life. You are unsure about your work performance. Something in your own Self that is no longer functional and is dead. Your dream points at your inability to make yourself heard and express yourself clearly. You are still trying to feel out some situation.

Dream about social order symbolises your ability to take charge of a situation and command attention. You have a set goal and know what to aim for in life. You have a desire to retreat from the stresses of the real world. The dream is an omen for passion, life and blood. Your integrity is put into question.

Spiritually, to be trying to establish order suggests that we are attempting to make sense of something. We are trying to establish a logical progression when apparently there is no such thing.

To be in holy orders suggests that we are imposing a degree of discipline on ourselves.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Ordering others around in dreams suggests that we recognize the need for leadership. Emotions that are under pressure or difficulty can cause havoc in our lives. Dreams will often help us to establish a natural order by reflecting the order and method we need to deal with such chaos.

Material aspects: Lists and such techniques help us to maintain order in our everyday lives, dreaming of such things often allows us to prioritize basic tasks. In dreams, finding that we are being ordered to do something suggests that we have instinctively recognized a greater authority.

order someone - you will be honored someone opposes your orders - get ready for trouble someone orders you - you will behave in an undignified manner, a dream may also indicate that you are succumbing to someone's negative influence follow orders - you will be compromised in front of important people.

Dream about Ordering Food is a clue for a pleasant and bright future ahead for you. You are striving for recognition. You are compromising your own values and beliefs. This dream signifies your commitment on a set course. You look for security over love.

Ordering Food is an evidence for your vulnerability and your fear of intimacy. You are involved in some wrongdoing. You are emerging out from a new stage in life and have a new understanding or a new start in life. Your dream means a desire to reveal more of yourself. You have friends and family who will help you to achieve to highest goals.

Order in your dream points to tradition and old fashioned ideals. Time is running out for you. You need to pay attention to the details in a situation. This dream is sometimes criticism and gossip. Something in your life may not appear as it seems.

Order in this dream signals a rash decision that you are making. Perhaps you are dealing with some aspects of society or politics. You are trying to escape a situation or issue instead of confronting it. This dream signifies your goals and your go-getter attitude. Perhaps you need to let loose and relax.

Food in dream hints your expensive tastes. You are imposing your views and opinions on others. You are experiencing conflict with your spirituality. The dream stands for your erratic behavior. You need to express your feelings and emotions.

Food dream indicates complete helplessness in a situation. You need to find some balance and inner harmony. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them. The dream suggests the sacrifices your have made and the difficulties you have endured. You are on the rebound from a broken relationship.

Dream about both “Order” and “Food” is a warning for your outdated views. You have too much on your plate. You may be harming yourself and jeopardizing your well-being due to your unrestraint. This dream is a harbinger for your lack of self confidence or conviction in the pursuit of some endeavor. Someone is being obedient toward you.

Dream about ordering food is a symbol for your grace and poise in a situation or circumstance. You need to start fresh. Your mind is easily swayed. Your dream is a harbinger for your need for a break. You are turning to food as a companion.

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