Dream meaning about Jingle

Dream Meaning of Jingle

To dream of reciting a jingle or hearing one repeated signifies the enjoyment of a harmless flirtation.

The jingle of small bells of any kind forecasts gay social times ahead; however, the jingle of money is a dream of contrary and predicts a financial loss, but so small as to be all but inconsequential, ful joke is an omen of business success, but if it was a dud, it predicts a personal disappointment.

Dirty or offensive jokes forecast large profits, with a relative or close associate who will try to ride roughshod over you if your dream featured heavy or pendulous jowls.

Be firm about protecting your own interests.

To hear jingling bells or coins is a forerunner of a Small bequest from a distant relative.

To hear the Jingle of small bells, either cattle bells, dog bells or sleigh bells, foretells innocent flirtations and amusements.

See “jangles”

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