Dream meaning about Granite

Dream Meaning of Granite

Granite appearing in dreams is a beautiful stone, which is a symbol of distance, cold and an attitude of complete indifference. It is also a symbol of constancy, immortality and eternity. It very often represents lost feelings and buried opportunities and hopes. Granite as a stone can also be a sign of a lack of progress in an important matter or a symbol of ineffective struggles in dreams.

The basic importance of dream at the GRANITE:

Cracked granite heralds a serious injury or a temporary physical indisposition in dreams. It is a warning against overworking yourself as a result of hard and unnecessary work. Granite on the monument is a sign in your dreams that people from your immediate surroundings will be unfoundedly talking about you behind your back. If you do not stop it in time, the campaign against you will not end soon. According to the translation from the dream book, granite window sills are a symbol of a man with an icy heart who constantly realizes his utopian visions and does not want to stop at nothing. If you deal with him, you should get used to the idea that in a fair fight you will never win against him. Bright granite bodes small worries and unpleasantness that will undoubtedly disturb your peaceful life. Dream can also mean that you have to do something against your will. Dream dark granite is a warning not to trust people you have never dealt with before. The dream interpretation suggests that if you notice that someone is trying to involve you in an unnecessary plot that does not suit you, stop immediately. If you clean or polish granite, your previous dreams and plans for a happier future will melt like a soap bubble. Remember, however, that you cannot break your head through the wall and the chance to change your fate may not happen again soon. If you cut something out of granite, such a dream foreshadows difficult undertakings or secrets weighing on your soul, which you will have to boldly oppose. According to the reports in the dream book, buying granite is a sign that you should be careful not to destroy something that you built from scratch with so much trouble. If you are holding granite in your hand it is a bad omen, a harbinger of difficult times, quarrels or disappointment with love, it can also mean that you are planning something wrong.

It reflects strength and poise.

It is a dream indicating a high degree of security and self-confidence when performing work or pursuing your intended goals.

Someone or something is indomitable.

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To dream of granite represents something in your life that is impervious to any type of influence. Something about yourself that you notice never goes away. A mindset or situation that you feel is impossible to change.

Example: A woman once dreamed of having a sliver of granite removed from her heart. In real life she was learning to get over bitter painful memories from a past relationship after meeting someone new. The granite sliver reflected the pain from her breakup that made her feel a new relationship would never be as good.


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