Dream meaning about Giants dream meaning

Dream Meaning of Giants dream meaning

So you dreamed of a large giant?

Freud believed that to dream of something bigger than ourselves is connected to our ego. He thought a dream of giants for males and females were are follows: If you are a man and you dream of giants it could mean that you are obsessed with sex while women who dream of giants indicates feel guilty after indulging in sex. Yes, Freud was a bit obsessed with sex in dreams but let's move forward with some other meanings.

A giant in dreams is connected to control and domination. Freud believed it was connected to sex (as we previously discussed) I am going to quickly give a few points to what your dream may mean now.

In order to understand the dream we need to think about what giants are. Giants have an appearance of human beings, but they are massive in size and strength. Yes, they are not real, so if you come across one in the dream it suggests you are ruling with your heart.  It can also be due to hearing about and learning of giants in legends and mythology of many cultures.  According to the myth, giants conquer and help warring communities to win wars and rule over their enemies; they are also portrayed as being rough on human beings at times, forcing them to flee for their own safety. 

So if you happen to see giants in your dream, it is connected to how you nurture! If we look back to your childhood your own parents were the “giants” of that time. The physical and emotional feelings you attached to your parents when you were a child are the ones which will be portrayed in your dream. 

Dreaming of giants simply brings out the obsession that you possess and which is ruling your life at the moment. 

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