Dream meaning about Flying Castle

Dream Meaning of Flying Castle

Dream about flying castle denotes immortality. Some issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself. You may feel threatened or vulnerable when you express yourself. This is sometimes your goals and your plans on how to achieve them. You feel that you do not measure up to others ideals or expectations.

Flying castle dream is sometimes an underlying hurt. There is a higher authority that you need to answer to. You need to differentiate between things in your life and prioritize them. It states your sense of self-worth, self-value and potential. You have a self-defeatist attitude.

Money matters may seem vague today. Uncertainty about how to manage your affairs might plague you throughout the day. Planning for the immediate future could also be difficult. You may be expecting some funds that may not come yet, or you might not be certain if you need to make a specific purchase. Keep occupied. You can’t rush it, and obsessing does no good.

Dream about seeing castle points at your subconscious and how through deeper understanding of yourself, you find commonality and shared experiences with others. You are afraid to say something for fear of being criticized or judged. You want to be in control. Your dream is sometimes an aspect of yourself that you are slowly learning about or acknowledging. Something or someone is draining your emotionally.

Dream about castle ruins is an indication for sociability. You need to look beyond the superficial and find the truth about yourself and about others. You need to pay attention to opportunities that are coming your way. It is sometimes a hidden threat. You need to take more initiative and get these accomplished.

Dream about a castle door is a clue for a threat to your reputation. You need to take time out from your regular routine. You may feel undeserving of your achievements. The dream points to your sense of understanding. You are the only one getting a message.

Dream about bouncy castle points to a need for more control in your life. You need to be more accepting and tolerant. You need to take time out in order to heal, mentally, physically and spiritually. This dream is a metaphor for some idea or a feeling emerging from the subconscious. Patience, hard work and tenacity will pay off in the long run.

Dream about sand castle is an evidence for life or vitality. Perhaps you are feeling numb and out of touch with those around you. You are being taken advantage of in some way. Your dream is a signal for a time where you feel vulnerable and helpless. You may have said something that you shouldn’t have.

Dream about visiting a castle symbolises your quest for spiritual balance and harmony. You are looking to be happier. You are being coerced into doing something. This dream denotes your desire for harmony and truth in your life. You need to be more organized and efficient.

Dream about big castle draws attention to a friendship that is in need of repair. You are playing with fire. Perhaps you are being too frigid. Your dream suggests the discovery of your personal, family, or cultural secrets. You are being overlooked in some situation.

Dream about owning a castle is sometimes some aspect of your own self. You are being foolish. You feel that you are only taking what you are entitled to. This hints your sense of entitlement to certain things. You are imposing your ideas and opinions on others.

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