Dream meaning about Dagger

Dream Meaning of Dagger

To see a dagger in your dream is a warning to be careful of saying ‘cutting’ words to someone.

To wrench the dagger from someone’s hand means you will overcome adversity and misfortune.In general, daggers indicate that you are feeling significant anger toward someone or are afraid that others may deceive you or take advantage of you. Freud thought that all such objects were phallic symbols.

(see Knife, Weapons)

Foretells death and suffering, unless you dream of grasping it firmly, when it augurs success. Jung interprets the dagger as a phallic symbol.

See Knife.

If you saw a dagger in your dream, you can expect news from a distance.

To carry a dagger is a warning to be more circumspect in your actions or you might become involved in an unpleasant situation; to see others with daggers or someone stabbed by a dagger signifies triumph over hostility.

A dagger dream portends a threat to your local reputation.

It is a warning against any act that may be wrongly interpreted.

It represents a cut, wound, or a violent break, probably betrayal. It can cause moral pain. (See KNIFE)

The dagger symbolizes desire for aggression, tacit and unconscious threat, because it can be concealed. Unlike swords, a dagger’s short size demonstrates its lack of nobility and its offensive power constraints. In oneiric terms, dreaming that they hurt us with a dagger could sometimes be related to some violent breakup, probably by betrayal. It can lead to emotional pain. (See KNIFE)

Daggers, knives, and swords could represent significant feelings of anger toward yourself and others.

If you kill or wound a perceived enemy in your dream, your unconscious mind may be encouraging you to conquer your fears. Freud thought that all such objects were phallic symbols.

If seen in a dream, denotes threatening enemies.

If you wrench the dagger from the hand of another, it denotes that you will be able to counteract the influence of your enemies and overcome misfortune.

1- When a dagger appears in a dream, the meaning can either be aggressive or defensive.

If the dreamer is using the dagger to attack someone then he may be trying to cut out some part of himself or trying to get rid of something he does not like.

If the dreamer is being stabbed, lie is highlighting his vulnerability.

2- Psychologically, to be penetrated by any sharp instrument is usually to do with one’s masculine side and often refers to one’s sexuality.

3- The dagger, if turned on oneself, represents an age-old instrument of sacrifice.

See Knife.

The dagger seen in a dream is a threat.

It is also considered a symbol of the male sex. Anxiety, fear of bodily injury that may leave the dreamer impotent are associated with dagger dreams that are common to men.

For women, the implication is one of genuine fear of gossip or slander.

If the dreamer takes the dagger away from the assailant, none of the fears will materialize. Both men and women can trace these dreams to some act that threatens their reputation, or a desire for sexual relationship that might harm them morally.

1. Use caution in business affairs.

2. Bad associations can cause problems.

3. News is coming from afar.

(Knife) Carrying a dagger in one’s hand in a dream means attainment of one’s purpose or gaining financial stability. Sheathing a dagger in a dream means committing adultery.

If you are holding the dagger, you are going to antagonize someone.

If you are not holding the dagger, it will be someone you do not wish to harm. See also Knife.

To be attacked by someone with a dagger warns of bodily injury from an enemy or a mugger.

To see a dagger in your dream is a warning to be careful of saying ‘cutting’ words to someone.

To wrench the dagger from someones hand means you will overcome adversity and misfortune.

Symbol: The dagger is a phallic symbol or one of Aggression.

It is also a sign of your own weakness and hope that you will find strength and courage.

Vision: Seeing a dagger: you will soon “conquer” your rivals. Defending yourself with a dagger: suddenly you will be able to put an end to a certain matter. Being wounded by a dagger: means sad news. Seeing a dagger stuck in the ground: a warning that you are in danger. Seeing a dagger covered with blood: you have bitter enemies.

Depth Psychology: The dagger is a symbol of physical, mental, or emotional power. It can also mean impending destruction.

If the dagger is pointing at someone else: you are unconsciously aggressive.

A dagger is usually taken to be a symbol of strong male power. Alternatively, it may be a symbol of treachery (in fiction, people are frequently stabbed in the back with daggers). Daggers sometimes also indicate hostility (“daggers in men’s smiles”).

In dreams the dagger represents an age-old instrument of blood sacrifice. Spiritually, of course, such sacrifice is no longer valid under any circumstances.

If we find the dagger is turned on us in a dream we need to beware of the likelihood of self-sacrifice.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Psychologically, to be penetrated by any sharp instrument in a dream is usually to do with our masculine energy and at the same time often refers to our feelings about sexuality.

Material aspects: When a dagger appears in a dream, the meaning can either be aggressive or defensive.

If you are using the dagger to attack someone then you may be trying to cut out a part of yourself or trying to get rid of something you do not like. Being stabbed highlights our vulnerability.

Gives gender - specific: As with any weapon in a man’s dream, the dagger represents his developing assertive behaviour, whereas in a woman’s dream it will be more to do with her drives or her animus.

See “knife”

Any weapon in a dream is a symbol of aggression and destructive impulses.

A dagger is a small implement capable of making deep cuts.

The dagger itself in a dream only implies that aggression may occur.

The cut that a dagger may make could be symbolic of cutting remarks or the possibility of being stabbed in the back, both of which indicate betrayal of friendship or loyalty.

(see also Cutting, Initiation, Sacrifice)

(1) A dagger may be a sexual symbol, representing the phallus.

(2) It may represent aggression or anger. Identify with the dagger, its possessor and its victim with a view to discovering the cause(s) of your (repressed) anger (for repression).

To dream of a dagger means your double intentions for the solution of a managerial problem that you will bring earnings for you. A dagger can represent the protection necessity that you should assume with your relatives. If you dream of a dagger it personifies the determination that you have of triumphing in your life. Dreaming of a dagger of double edge you predict the anger of facing a very difficult situation with your neighbors.

Now and then, this dream about a dagger announces that you have the very open eyes in the days or later months to the dream. Just act cool and check each step or decision that you take

To dream of a dagger represents feelings about conflict that uses serious last resort choices. A willingness to embarrass someone with nothing else ever again if all else fails to help you. Feeling good knowing you have a backup plan to permanently deal with enemies or problems.

Negatively, a dagger may reflect petty acts of jealousy at the last moment of a conflict in order to spare yourself embarrassment. “Stabbing someone in the back” to defeat them. A backup plan to permanently humiliate someone or deal with a problem.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a man holding . In waking life he hadn’t studied for his final exams and was considering cheating on his exams at the last moment if he felt he couldn’t pass the test honestly.


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