Dream meaning about Clump

Dream Meaning of Clump

Dream about Clumps Of Hair is an indication for your need to connect with others on a mental level. You are undergoing an important developmental phase in your life. You are in over your head in a situation and are overwhelmed by your emotions. This dream is a clue for freedom, independence or spiritual enlightenment. You are in a position of power.

Clumps Of Hair signifies openness and security. You need to be more compassionate and sympathetic to her or him. Some situation or relationship is emotionally draining you. This dream points at fortitude and your ability to offer happiness to others. Something is finally getting through to you.

Clump dream is a signal for education and learning. You are nervous about verbalizing or communicating some feeling or thought. You need to keep your temper in check. Your dream is a sign for the impression you leave behind and what others may think of you. You need to be more in tune with your instincts.

Clump in this dream means contentment and satisfaction in the decisions that you have made. You may be looking for excitement in your social sphere or your life. You may be harboring aggression that is about to blow up. The dream draws attention to a devouring mother. You need to stay focus.

Hair in dream symbolises your level of alertness. You need to learn to cut ties with those who are not supportive of you. You are being verbally attacked by those you thought were your friends. Your dream means your clouded way of thinking. Perhaps you are overly cautious.

Hair dream denotes the need to conserve. You need to view a situation from a different perspective. You need to approach some situation or problem with care and tact. Your dream is sometimes your control over your subconscious desires. You have a selfish aim or motive with someone.

Dream about both “Clump” and “Hair” points to low energy, disinterest, or disheartenment. You are unable to cope in some painful situation. You may be too self-reliant and that you can do it all. Your dream is a harbinger for the importance or lack of importance that you attach to certain objects or persons. You are too moody.

Dream about clumps of hair is a harbinger for your feelings of insecurity and reveals your struggles with some situation. You are keeping an aspect of your emotions bottled up. You are able to adapt to any situation. Your dream expresses your strength and commitment. Something that was originally emotionally comforting is now giving you much stress.

Dream about Losing Clumps Of Hair is a signal for fertility, birth and your creative potential. You feel that you are on top. New understanding, knowledge or wisdom is coming to light. Your dream is an evidence for success in love. You are pleased with your achievements and approve of the decisions you have made.

Lose in your dream means your desires to know the unknown. You need to be more vocal and work harder to get your point across. You need to get in touch with some aspect of yourself. Your dream is a message for a release or exposure of some tension and pressure. You are trying to establish your identity and sense of self.

Clump in your dream is a message for drastic changes that you are trying to make. You are feeling guilty or unworthy. You are not doing anything or going anywhere in your life. Your dream states your adaptability to your surroundings. You are butting heads with someone in your life.

Hair in this dream states teamwork and cooperation. You need to trust that things will work itself out in the end. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on the past. This dream points at your directness and straightforwardness. You are unyielding in your thinking and beliefs, which may hinder you in the pursuit of your goals.

Lose and Clump is a clue for calling attention to your inner child and the potential for you to grow. You have a new drive to succeed in life. You have a good life attitude and exhibit a sense of entitlement. This dream denotes the thrills and dangers in some aspect of your life. You need to address some hurting feelings in order to properly heal.

Dream About Lose Hair is sometimes something in your life that is within reach, but continues to escape your grasp. You are looking for something. You have a fresh new outlook on life. The dream is a clue for your firm and solid foundation. You need to be able to make clear distinctions between your choices.

Dream About Clumps Of Hair is a sensual and romantic part of yourself. What you thought was difficult at first is going to be worth your while. You are seeking some advice on what you should do next. Your dream points at a major transition in your life. Some person or situation is adding chaos to your emotional life.

Dream about Losing Clumps Of Hair is a metaphor for your never-ending quest in acquiring knowledge. Perhaps you have more clarity on a problem or situation that has been bothering you. You are feeling anti-social. This dream is a metaphor for your practicality and sensibility in matters of the heart. Perhaps you are seeking permission for something.

Sometimes, dream about losing clumps of hair points to abundance, plentitude, fertility and prosperity. Your strong assertive side is getting ready to merge with your intuitive nurturing side. You need to free yourself of a repetitive situation. This dream signifies a sense of failure or that you are not measuring up to others expectations. Your hard work will be met with little rewards or gains.

Dream about Pulling Clumps Of Hair From Mouth means your role in someone else’s decision making process. You are moving toward greater enlightenment/spirituality. You have recognized your full potential. The dream refers to the roots and core of your own emotions and spirituality. You feel special and privileged.

Dream about Pulling Clumps Of Hair From Mouth expresses a brainstorming of ideas and thoughts. You need to accept some decision. You are afraid of the truth. Your dream is beauty, harmony and tranquility. You are able to maximize your full potential.

Pull in your dream stands for a situation where you need to be on your best behavior. You have missed or lost an opportunity. Perhaps you are unsure about a decision you are making. Your dream is a message for a different side of a person when they are angry. You need to coordinate some mass movement.

Clump in your dream symbolises your labor and hard work. You need to find your center and middle ground. You are feeling victimized or helpless in some relationship or situation. Your dream symbolises situations where you have been less than honorable and may have acted in a devious manner. You are having trouble expressing and verbalizing your feelings.

Hair in this dream is a premonition for your subconscious desire to leave that something behind. You have regained financial stability. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on the past. The dream is a harbinger for emptiness or illness. You are taking on too many responsibilities.

Mouth in dream denotes some hesitation and reluctance in the pursuit of your goals. You need to hold it together, especially when others are prone to losing control. You need to let go of your guilt or bitterness in order to grow. Your dream is a harbinger for your negative attitudes about a particular situation/person. You need to address some issues before it overflows.

Dream About Clumps Of Hair indicates protection and nurturance. You are in a festive and upbeat mood. You are about to make some major move. This dream indicates the undeveloped masculine aspect of your own self. You need to set milestones and work on achieving smaller goals.

Dream About Hair Mouth is a metaphor for your quest and exploration of your subconscious mind. You are looking for acknowledgement for a job well done. You are perceiving the world in a comical and unserious manner. The dream is an omen for some important information that is about to be made known to you. You are feeling alienated from those around you.

Sometimes, dream about pulling clumps of hair from mouth is a warning signal for someone or something is evil. You may be too proud to ask for help. There may be some feelings you have rejected or repressed. Your dream points to your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or fully developed. You may be trying to solve a problem and seek out the truth about some worrisome issue.

(See Bunch)

Dream about Losing Hair In Clumps signifies something that is straightforward or obvious. Through perseverance and dedication, you will reap the benefits and rewards of your hard work. You feel that you are going above and beyond your expectations. The dream signifies someone who you fear is harming you in some way. You have come to a place of solace and comfort.

Lose in your dream is a clue for unrealized hopes. You are being envied by others. You are behaving immaturely. Your dream points to your unfulfilled desires and wishes. You are shutting yourself out.

Hair dream is sometimes your refusal to see the truth about something or the avoidance of intimacy. You are holding in a lot of anger. You need to stand up for yourself and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. This dream hints your goals and your go-getter attitude. You need to be more calm.

Clump dream refers to a negative person who is working against you. You need to assert yourself and make sure you are heard. You need to be more decisive and go for what you want. The dream stands for your conservative attitude. There may be an obstacle ahead for you.

Dream About Lose Hair is a portent for your intimate self and discovery of your emotions. You have a lot of power and influence. You are on the right track. The dream is a clue for security and stability brought about by your accomplishments and efforts. You feel that it is always someone’s fault or someone else’s doing.

Lose and Clump indicates life’s anxieties. Perhaps there is something you need to see more clearly. You may be expressing something beautiful and positive through your work. This dream expresses some revelation. You need to gain a more solid footing of a situation.

Hair and Clump is an omen for being part of something exclusive. You find yourself rooted at home most of the time and not being able to go out as much. You need to achieve self-fulfillment through love. Your dream is the ups and downs of your emotions and of your life in general. It is time to take a stand and be more assertive.

Dream about Losing Hair In Clumps means love protection and domestic bliss. There is special importance in the words that you are seeing or writing. You and your lover are able to co-exist and be civil to each other. This dream refers to prosperity and luxury. You are striving for success in your professional career.

Sometimes, dream about losing hair in clumps is a premonition for you are in a dead-end job. You are trying to shield yourself from some emotional situation. You are lacking the initiative to do something with your life. The dream is missed opportunities or feeling left out. You need to rid yourself of some burden that has been weighing you down.

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