Dream meaning about Being Eaten By A Cheetah

Dream Meaning of Being Eaten By A Cheetah

Dream about being eaten by a cheetah is a harbinger for your search for intimacy and closeness. You are reaching for something or someone. You want to be perceived in a different way. This dream is disappointments that you are experiencing in your life. You are looking for positivity in your life.

Being eaten by a cheetah dream is a metaphor for your growth. You expect others to be at your feet. You need to come to terms with aspects of your subconscious. It indicates fertility and the womb. You need to scan and examine your options before making a decision.

Contemplation is the word for today. At some point, you might receive a call from a friend wanting advice on a serious decision. Don’t be surprised if you spend more time listening than advising. Goals of your own might need some thought and possibly reevaluation, as changes in your immediate environment could present new and exciting possibilities to you. Think about it.

Dream about being a cheetah refers to something you need to pay attention to and acknowledge. You may be expecting monetary gains. You fear uncertainty. Your dream is a message for emotional security. You are afraid of having others rely on you and are apprehensive about satisfying other’s needs.

Dream about zebra is a portent for authority and pride. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts. You may have been under a lot of stress and tension. It states you calling into a specific field of work or an area that you need to devote more study to. You need to acknowledge and understand your feelings.

Dream about hyena is an evidence for the subconscious and your repressed thoughts/emotions. You are concerned about your diet or weight. You may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death. It suggests the value you place on knowledge and education. You have relapsed back to your old habits and ways.

Dream about eating a zebra is sometimes your climb up the social ladder and rise in status. Your fame, fortune and power will be ruthlessly taken from you. You are butting heads with someone in your life. The dream is a signal for self-acceptance or your quick wit. You have difficulties getting in touch with your feelings.

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