Broken Tombstone Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Broken Tombstone

Dream about broken tombstone is sadly an alert for nervousness or fear. You are beginning to let your guard down. You are forcing yourself to do something that you do not really want to do. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for a situation where you are feeling helpless or by someone who is overly controlling or is making you feel less than human. You feel you are being overlooked or overshadowed.

Broken tombstone dream is a sign for financial worries and concerns. You are not yet completely whole. You need to make yourself heard and get your point across. It points to fears of losing your virility. You need to be more receptive and incorporate aspects of your partner into your own character.

The horse you are betting on is falling back in the pack today but this is no reason to lose all faith. Ask what you can do to help instead of sitting back and doing nothing. Today you will find that helping others will actually end up helping you.

Dream about broken gravestone is a sign for commitment, harmony or transitions. You need to allocate some time for yourself so you can pursue your own interests. You feel mentally or emotionally restrained because of guilt. This is a hint for difficulties in expressing yourself and in getting your point across. You are feeling trapped by your aspirations.

Dream about old tombstone is an omen for your failed attempts to rectify past mistakes. You are lacking emotional and intellectual stimulation. Some feelings and actions seem more distant. It states depression and bad feelings. You need to pay careful attention to the message that the dream is trying to convey.

Dream about your own tombstone is unfortunately an alert for a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself which you need to acknowledge. You are not thinking clearly about your actions. You feel like the weight of life’s daily demands is crumbling down on you. It is a warning signal for your inability to function in some situation. You are forcing your opinions and views on others.

Dream about your own gravestone represents someone in your life who has character flaws and imperfections, but you accept them. Your plans are falling apart. You may feel that it is easier to give up, then to try to stay afloat or prevent yourself from going under. This symbolises a major blow to your hopes and dreams. You are putting up a wall or barrier against the negativity in your life.

Dream about pet cemetery stands for punishment, unhappiness shame and guilt. You are not ready to face up to some issue or problem. You are feeling emotionally unsatisfied. It is a premonition for an end to the difficult times and the beginning of relaxation. You are beginning to lose your mind.

Dream about sleeping cemetery points to a relationship and bear no special significance. You need to better organize your thoughts together. You are feeling exhausted or emotionally drained. This is about emptiness or illness. You are let down by someone you relied on and trusted.

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