A Friend Being Proposed To Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of A Friend Being Proposed To

Dream about a friend being proposed to stands for feminine power and the ability to influence and persuade. You are putting up some form of defense. You need to always be on the move. It points at freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system.

A friend being proposed to dream suggests a spiritual message. You are keeping your emotions inside. You are feeling frisky or playful. The dream is a clue for rebirth, hope and new opportunities after a period of inactivity. Perhaps you have done something and are afraid that you will be exposed.

You are impressionable and easily stimulated. The cosmic climate adds to the dreamy lack of boundaries that is at once seductive and also trouble inducing. Enjoy yourself, but don’t give up on your commitments – if you can still make it to the gym three times a week you’re not a total goner!

Dream about be propose to is an omen for ease and relaxation. You are moving through life in a confident manner. You hold the power and key to your own success, although you will surely have to go through some struggle and difficulty to achieve your success. The dream stands for creativity, energy, success, optimism, generosity, pleasure and extravagance. You have a fear of being exposed.

Dream about proposing to girlfriend refers to emotional and spiritual growth. You are embracing someone else. It is time for you to define and set your own goals. Your dream represents how you are currently dealing with your feelings and expressing your emotions. You are feeling isolated even though you are surrounded by family and friends.

Dream about proposing to someone is a clue for your artistic talents. A person has an important influence in the direction that your life is headed. You may be questioning your identity and who you are. This dream expresses a long spiritual journey where you need some support and guidance. There is something unsettling in your mind.

Dream about a friend getting proposed to points to a need for rest and a need to reset your mind. An idea has been planted in your mind and new a experience is being created. You are thrusting forth your will and your power into a situation. The dream suggests quiet confidence. Some aspect of your life is taking you in circles.

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