Resignation Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Resignation

Resignation in dreams can mean that the dreamer still misses their lover from years ago.

The meaning of Resignation dreams is that the dreamer will soon have a chance to revisit their emotions towards a prior boyfriend or girlfriend.

Resignation in a dream portends changes to come. Depending on the individual situation of the dreamer, these changes can vary in scale from extremely small to very serious. in the same course, if you want to achieve success you will have to drastically change your chosen direction. to see - your position on a certain issue will change dramatically after you get to more information accept someone's resignation - you will receive bad news that will disturb the harmony of your life so far give up something yourself - you will make a mistaken investment that it will cost you a good name resignation from your job - big changes in your life will spend a lot of money accept someone's resignation - you will have to make a drastic decision that will come out over time you for good.

If you dream of resigning, then this signifies a desire to quit or break the current pattern of your job or relationship. This dream may either be showing that it is time to let something go in order to embrace something new, or it may be cautioning you not to give up five minutes before the miracle.

(See Justice)

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