Gymnasium Dream Interpretations and Meanings

Dream Meaning of Gymnasium

Self-discipline through mental, physical and spiritual balance. May indicate exercise and raising your energy level.

A dream of being, in a gymnasium warns against impulsive behavior which could cause you social embarrassment.

See also Exercise.

To dream that you are in a gymnasium suggests you need to apply things that you have recently learned in a situation, into the rest of your daily life.

To dream that you are in a gymnasium implies that you should use your experience and knowledge to assist you with making decisions and setting objectives.

A large indoor space where you may play, work out, or be a spectator may help you evaluate your skills and performance in fulfilling your goals As a spectator, you may have an opportunity to critique your style and abilities. As a player, you reenact and leam from events of your waking life that required a team effort as well as individual skill.

(See Health cInk)

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