Dream Meaning of Wolf

Dream Meaning of Wolf

Dream about Getting Chased By Wolves denotes a life situation in which you experience some new found freedom. You are on a higher level that you peers. You may be living a life of excess and overindulging in certain things. Your dream is a hint for your influence and power over others. You need to confront a person in your life.

Get in your dream stands for your strong desires to be recognized and acknowledged. You are having fears of being drowned by the feminine aspect of your psyche. Your are unwilling to make any changes or yield to others. The dream is a harbinger for your real experiences of being ignored by a person. Your subconscious feelings may be surfacing.

Chase dream means your reserves. You are progressing through life in a slow, steady and persistent manner. You take pride in your work, even if it is menial or minor work. Your dream is a signal for having someone completely dependent on you or having to take care of someone. You are going against your instincts or gut feeling.

Wolf in this dream means your tenacity and refusal to give up. You are well-grounded or that you need to be more grounded. You may be experiencing difficulties in letting go or parting with something. This dream indicates the feminine aspects which you have neglected or overlooked. You are being a snob.

Dream About Getting Chased points at your stubbornness, determination and forcefulness. It is time to be honest. Many people around you may be telling you what you want to hear and not necessarily what you need to hear. Your dream is a premonition for peace and prosperity. You are undergoing some spiritual enlightenment.

Get and Wolf is a signal for healing. You need to pay attention to opportunities that are coming your way. You will be well-rewarded. This dream means your above-average talents, ideas and other hidden abilities that you may not realize you possessed. You are reassessing your view and outlook on life.

Dream About Chased By Wolf is a hint for leisure. You have successfully repressed certain negative emotions from surfacing. You are feeling vulnerable and untrusting of others. The dream signifies a person in your life who means much to you. You are ready to delve into your subconscious and confront the issues that is holding you back.

Dream about Getting Chased By Wolves is an omen for spiritual protection and enlightenment. You are experience a relapse of sorts. You are expressing a desire to escape. The dream is a signal for joy, contentment and happiness. You are transitioning into a higher level in your life.

Sometimes, dream about getting chased by wolves is an evidence for two opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions. You are lacking love or support in some endeavor in your life. You are letting negative emotions rule your actions and behavior. The dream symbolises betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. You are having difficulties connecting to others or you are unable to get your thoughts across in an effective way.

(see Animals, Lycanthropy)

Tilings that you fear about yourself, a situation, or others, and have been unwilling to face directly.

Some type of obscured threat (e.g., the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”). In Freudian analysis, this threat is construed as sexual intimacy.

The loss of innocence and naive outlooks.

In fables, the emblem of evil craftiness that threatens to devour all goodness.

AJchemically, a symbol of duality; the light and dark aspects of all things.

Howling at the moon: Discovering and announcing a secret alliance or treacherous plan. Alternatively, acknowledging the lunar / feminine aspect of self.

See Lion, Fox, etc.

Dreaming of a wolf suggests that the dreamer may be feeling threatened by other people, or may be vulnerable in some situation. The wolf, as suggested by fairy stories like Red Riding Hood, also represents the female fear of powerful male sexuality, and yet might also figure in female sexual fantasies. Wolves are also symbols of repressed sexuality and anger.

Ravenous desires, unfulfilled appetites; sly, sneaky. Attacks peace of mind and well being. Fill up from within; honor own selfhood.

This animal is, as expected, a symbol of hard times or financial embarrassment, so pull in your belt, unless you managed, in your dream, to kill it or drive it away, in which case it predicts success in spite of all obstacles.

If you dream of one or more wolves.

It is a sign that someone is trying to jeopardize your position.

It is associated with ferocity and cruelty. The presence of a wolf in dreams is a warning that you should distrust those around you, since someone could betray you. The wolf may also symbolize those tendencies you fear in yourself, such as aggressiveness and sexual desire.

If a pack of wolves threatens or attacks you, it is an indication that your repressed instincts and emotions are trying to come to light.

In the story Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf represents the cruelest part of man and the fear of sexual contact. In olden days, this story was told by mothers to their daughters to warn them of the danger of premarital sex.

To dream of a wolf, shows that you have a thieving person in your employ, who will also betray secrets.

To kill one, denotes that you will defeat sly enemies who seek to overshadow you with disgrace.

To hear the howl of a wolf, discovers to you a secret alliance to defeat you in honest competition.

see Animals

Dreams of a wolf signify that you are finding your true path as you are connecting with your feelings of fidelity, loyalty, strength, psychic power, and protectiveness over your family and loved ones, while maintaining your autonomy and individuality. This auspicious dream signifies that it is time to claim your authority, step into your power and transition from student to teacher. Consider that in order to do this you may need to claim some alone time and reconnect with the cycles of the moon. See Moon and Animal.

To dream about a wolf warns of unprincipled friends who are really enemies. See Animals.

1. Someone beautiful but vicious.

2. The need for others, so one becomes part of a group.

3. Hated by some.

4. Someone who is devious.

5. Someone who is romantically very active.


(To kill) success; (To pursue) dangers overcome; (Pursued by) danger.

Wolves in dreams represent teachers, guides and the male influence.

If you dream of taming a wolf, or being a wolf yourself, good physical health and new adventures are in your future.

If you are chased by a wolf, you may be uncomfortable around a male in your life, or it may be your own, highly feminine side that you are not at ease with.

Wolves in dreams represent teachers, guides and the male influence.

If you dream of taming a wolf, or being a wolf yourself, good physical health and new adventures are in your future.

If you are chased by a wolf, you may be uncomfortable around a male in your life, or it may be your own, highly feminine side that you are not at ease with.

To dream of hearing a wolf howling, symbolizes feelings of loneliness or solitude.

The male wolf is universally accepted as an image of Man, with reckless aggression and problems in sexual restraint. Considered a cunning, malicious predator, the concept of the wolf implies greed and hunger and, in that sense, physical urges and dissatisfaction. See Greed.

The wolf often symbolizes the shadow of male sexuality. Be glad to have had such a strong dream. You are powerful; you do not need to kill the wolf, hut you can dance with him.

In Steppenwolfy by Herman Hesse, the wolf becomes a symbol for the lonely seeker (and sufferer). Here it is not so much a reference to the meanness of the wolf, but rather the lonely search for the meaning of life.

In Christianity, the wolf is compared to the false prophet and heretic.

According to Jung, the wolf is wilder than the Lion and the Dog. Between 1910 and 1914, Sigmund Freud treated a patient who later would become famous as the “Wolfman.” As a small child this patient suffered from terrifying dreams about wolves, which was the reason why Freud gave him this name.

The earliest memories this man had about his nightmares involved six or seven White wolves that were sitting in a hazelnut tree in front of his window, and he was sure they had come to devour him. Freud here makes reference to two fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats.” In addition, Freud sees the wolf as a father substitute. As a young boy, the patient had observed his parents having intercourse from behind, and according to Freud, the patient transferred his repressed desire for sexual gratification by his father to a fear of wolves.

The female wolf symbolizes the nurturing power of nature, like Romulus and Remus, who were both nursed by a wolf. This is also the essence of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood,” where the wolf is not only devouring Grandmother but he is Grandmother—the great mother symbol of wild nature.

(Thief; Trifler; Womanizer; Year) In a dream, a wolf represents a fierce enemy, an unrelenting thief, or a liar.

If one sees a wolf entering his house in a dream, it means that a thief will burglarize his house and that he will chase and capture him.

If one sees himself raising a wolfs cub in a dream, it means that he will raise an abandoned child of a thief who upon growing up will bring that family much pain, suffering, divisiveness and loss of property. Seeing a wolf in a dream also could represent false allegations one may fabricate to assault an innocent person. Ifone sees a wolfturning into a steer in the dream, it means that a boy who is used to stealing will repent for his sin, turn to honesty, trustworthiness and grow to become a good and a generous person. Seeing a wolf in a dream also means receiving praises from one’s superior at work, or it could represent profits from one’s job.

If a wolf chases someone in a dream, it means that the person will see happiness, or it could mean his martyrdom.

A wolf in a dream also represents the days of the year, or it could mean the four seasons.

If one turns into a gentle lamblike wolf in a dream, it means that he is a thief who will repent for his sin. Ifone turns into a wolf in a dream, it means that he will earn personal joy and happiness. Wolfs milk in a dream represents fear, stress, or forfeiture of a project.

A wolf in a dream also represents a tyrant, a weak thief, or a liar.

A clash with a wolf in a dream means a clash with a rival.

If a wolf and a dog make a pact of friendship in a dream, it means that one will witness hypocrisy and deceit.

It either symbolises a tyrant ruler or a thief who swear false oaths. It may even be the observer’s opponent who will swear false oaths when he will contest him or have an argument with him.

Symbolizes strength and independence.

Vision: In mens dreams, the wolf indicates difficulties in controlling his sex drive; he may he out of control. Seeing a wolf: a warning of false friends.

A wolf attacking: a well-known person will make a lot of trouble.

Depth Psychology: The wolf indicates that the dreamer is fighting his sexual urges. This animal is primarily guided by instincts, cravings, and aggression (see Predator), and the human, emotional side of you should be safe from it (see .Animals). Learn to control these instinctive urges. This is an important dream. See Aggression.

The wolf is another symbol that may be regarded as either good or evil.

The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood represents the onset of sexual maturity in young women, and the wolf represents the seductive “evil” male who tries to eliminate the protection of the wise old woman, Grandma.

The honorable “good” male figure of the woodcutter values the feminine principle by protecting Red with his strength.

The Native American values the wolf as a serene, majestic teacher, guide, and source of sacred wisdom. Some tribes relate the feminine lunar aspect of life to the wolf, while other tribal groups consider the wolf a strong warrior symbol for the male. Unless other dream elements point to a “big bad wolf ” interpretation, this dream symbol may well represent “good medicine.”

To dream of a wolf is a representation of pride, self-confidence, mystery, solitude, and beauty. It indicates that you are able to control yourself in many situations and are able to conform with grace and ease.

The wolf indicates your solitary nature. It may also symbolize aggression, hostility, and a reflection of a situation or force in your waking life that you are powerless against.

A white wolf represents victory and valor and indicates your ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dire the situation.

To see yourself killing a wolf in your dreams is an indication that you have been betrayed and your secrets have been revealed.

Dreaming of wolves may indicate that we are feeling or being threatened. This may be by a single predatory individual or by a pack of like-minded people.

The she-wolf can be taken to represent the hussy, the unrestrained feminine, but also the carer for orphans and rejected young.

See animals

One who appears innocent, but will devour by flattery and deceptive kindness; see “perverted”

One of the most powerful totems associated with the feminine principle, the wolf is a pack animal that is most active at night. This nocturnal behavior connects the wolf symbolically with the shadow and your ability to maneuver in the darker territories of your nature.

The wolf’s strong association with the moon also cements the relationship between the wolf as a symbol and the moon’s connection to cycles, changeability, and all things that relate to the movement of the unconscious mind. When the wolf appears in a dream, you are being guided by very strong forces that know their way around the darker recesses of the psyche.

Symbolic of a vicious person or a spiritual enemy, Ezek. 22:27, Matt. 10:16

Wandenng the edge of the forest, the wolf protects its domain.

The appearance of a wolf in a dream may be to offer its keen senses to protect one’s individual boundari ;s.

A wolf may offer some self-defense to the dreamer whose psychic boundaries are too fuzzy.

The wolf may also speak to your untamed nature. On the other hand, it may point to someone who is like the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood,” ready to deceive and devour a woman who trusts too much.

Although the wolf can depict our sense that ‘things’ are out to get us, the wolf is often just fear. Fear is one of our insiinctive reactions to situations, so is depicted by an animal. We may find ourselves a pnsoner of such feelings, as Anna in the following example: ‘I was in a caravan in the middle of a field and in this field was a large black wolf. Every time I tried to run from the caravan to the edge of the field, the wolf chased me back, so I was a prisoner in the caravan. It all sounds so simple now, but at the time I was truly ternfied.’

This next example from Oliver, a boy of six, illustrates how such fears can be met with a little courage.

It is a dream which recurred several times, so his descnption is of a series of dreams: ‘1 am in my bed in my own room and I hear what I know to be a wolf wearing the son of clogs worn in Lanca­shire. He (the wolf) gets to a certain point, there is a bang, and I wake terrified. My mother’s reassurances do not help. Each night he gets a bit nearer before my panicky awakening.

The night comes when I know he will reach me. Sure enough he arrives, and the bedroom door—in my dream—is flung wide open with a tremendous bang. There is no one there. I never dreamt it again.’ Idioms: wolf at the door, wolf in sheep’s clothing; cry wolf, throw to the wolves.

(1) A wolf may symbolize all that you are afraid of in yourself, particularly what you see as ‘animal’, aggressive and destructive. Probably your fear is irrational and stems from a traumatic childhood experience (e.g. a desire for the parent of the opposite sex and resultant fear of punishment). This werewolf anxiety is a fairly common ingredient in literature: Hesse’s Steppenwolf is an example.

It is nearly always a consequence of repressed instinct, usually sexual. See also Introduction, page 43.

(2) In a woman’s dream it may symbolize male sexuality seen as threatening. Perhaps the dreamer needs to come to terms with her own sexuality. (This is probably the point of the original Red Riding Hood story; see Animal(s), section (6).)

(3) It may symbolize your unconscious, seen as something frightening. See also Animal(s)) It is just possible that the Christian symbolism of wolf as a devil, lamb(s) as Christian(s.) has found its way into your dream. In that case the dream may express a fear of losing your innocence (moral or sexual) or your sense of meaning and purpose in life, your belief system or convictions.

A wolf in a dream symbolizes survival, loneliness, mystery, self-confidence and pride. It can also signify a sense of danger and complete defenselessness. It also indicates strong drives and desires. that may turn out to be dangerous for us. see the wolf - be careful not to let your friend become your enemy because it would mean a very tough opponent staring straight in the eyes - you will have things on the edge of a knife see a wolf with an open mouth - you feel overwhelmed by the actions of your opponents get bitten by a wolf - make someone very hostile get attacked by a wolf - your hidden enemies will eventually reveal themselves to see a shepherd attacked by a wolf - the dream is a harbinger of great despair and a period of sadness among loved ones the howling of the wolf - reflects the call for help of someone in your waking life shoot the wolf - one of your friends turns out to be a thief and a liar to hunt to the wolf - sleep signals impending danger kill the wolf - some secrets will come to light caress him - you will eventually neutralize your rival be chased by a wolf - avoid an unnecessary confrontation with someone chase him - you will experience unpleasantness unintentionally caused by someone around you sleeping wolf - a dream indicates having a secret enemy pack of wolves - you will receive a tragic news domesticated wolf - indicates the possession of powerful connections that you can easily use in case of problems white wolf - represents a situation no one else does he doesn't understand or, which you will have to solve on your own black wolf - you have a sense of threat; perhaps you feel no one can help you.

During sleep it is not uncommon to dream of wolfs. A wolf symbolizes the guardian of our life.

To dream of wild dogs indicates that your emotions or feelings have been challenged. If you are chased by a wolf or a pack of wolves, this indicates you may suffer some depression in the future. The wolf in dreams can indicate that you feel “included” in life as the wolves are clever and know how to survive and work together in packs. This is a majestic animal that can appear in our dreams with a key message: you can rely on others. Wolves communicate through grunting and howling and the wolf is part of the canine family. To dream of a wolf can indicate you have the durability to progress in life. In order to fully understand what this dream means we need to look at the key elements of wolfs. In my research wolves collectively demonstrate the following meaning in dreams: exclusion, communication, drawing attention to aggressive people in your life, reflections on your own behavior, protection and finally teamwork to destroy. I’m Flo and I have studied wolves from a Jungian perspective. For twenty years I have been writing dream meanings so to make it easy for you I have segmented this dream into specific categories. Just scroll down to find your dream.

Did you dream about the wolf? Wolf in dreams symbolizes survival, solitude, self-confidence, and pride. Depending on what the wolf is doing in the dream and its looks, you could interpret what the wolf-related dream might mean. Below we will go through some of the most common occurrences in a wolf-related dream. This can help you with some easy-to-understand dream readings.

Dream About Wolf Attacking You
To dream about a wolf attacking you suggests that you are consuming your life going into an uncontrollable situation. The dream of a wolf attack is usually a result of you overstepping your boundaries toward other people’s comfort zone. Consider stepping back and try to patch your relationship with the aggressor.

Dream About Wolf Bite
Depending on where the body part the wolf bites you, it often signifies some form of betrayal. For example, if a wolf bites your hand in the dream, it suggests that your coworkers may be trying to challenge your authority directly. And you feel betrayed by their actions.

Dream About Wolf Growling and Snarling
A growling wolf in dreams represents hostility and aggression. Perhaps you are feeling threatened in your waking life. You want to show off your boundaries and hope that others would back off.

Dream About Wolf Chasing
A wolf chasing you in the dream suggests that someone’s obsession or addiction is landing you in an abusive relationship. The circumstances may make you feel cornered and helpless beyond your control.

Dream About Wolf Howling
Dreaming about a howling wolf reflects that somebody in your waking life is crying for help and support.

Dream About Wolf Running Away
When a wolf runs solo or away from you, it points to you wishing others to leave you alone. Perhaps you want to be alone in dealing with your own personal issues or tasks.

Dream About Wolf Talking
Dreaming about a talking wolf, pay attention to its messages; the wolf is your psyche or pride talking to you. The message may pinpoint some of the excuses that disable you from conducting certain actions. For example, your pride may be stopping you from doing things that matter. This ego issue may have been negatively impacting your life. And the psyche is trying to give you some directions through dream wolf talk.

Dream About Fighting a Wolf
Dreams of fighting against the wolf suggest that you are fighting for survival. The dream entails you fighting for your life against a strong adversary.

Dream About Being Friendly to a Wolf
Being friendly to the wolf in the dream reflects your ability to keep your composure in various social circumstances, even if the social occasion may be hostile at times. The dream foretells your attendance at major business meetings where everyone is out for their own survival.

Dream About Eating Wolf
To have wolf meat or eat other parts of the wolf; suggest that you will able to swallow your pride and blend into any situation with ease and grace. Your goal is to survive and prevail at any cost.

Dream About Petting Wolf
Petting a tamed wolf in the dream suggests that someone is protecting you by providing unlikely help or support. The dream suggests that you may not perceive or realize the type of help that this individual is providing you.

Dream About Killing a Wolf
To dream that you kill a wolf indicates betrayal. You are in the process of doing certain actions that will deeply hurt the trust of another.

Dream About Wolf Pack
To see a pack of wolves in your dream symbolizes a family unit. The wolf pack dream highlights a sense of belonging. It depicts how you expect your family members to look out for you. Or that you would lookout for the well-being of your family.

Dream About Lone Wolf
Dreaming about a lone solo wolf represents that you are a loner by choice. You want to do things on your own without input or interference from others.

Dream About Wolf Cub or Pup
Dreaming that a wolf turns into a baby or puppy refers to your nurturing character. Perhaps you have been alone for a while. The dream reflects that you are emotionally ready and are looking for a relationship.

Dream About Dire Wolf
Dire wolves in dreams represent gangs or intimidating groups.

Dream About Wolf with Red Eyes
A wolf with red eyes dream of suggesting that you are in deep denial and are suppressing something. The hidden or suppressed thoughts will come back and become intimidating and damaging to others.

Dream About Wolf at the Door
Wolf at the door of your house in the dream signifies sneakiness. Certain bad individuals might be looking for a way to get into your household for ill purposes.

Dream About Rabid Wolf
Dreams of a crazy or rabid wolf suggest that someone in your team will go rogue. The rabid wolf will start doing tasks opposite of your directions. The dream foretells that specific team members or partners may jeopardize your entire operation.

Dream About Big, Large, and Giant Wolf
Seeing a big and growing wolf in the dream represents your transformation of confidence. You are more sure of yourself and the task at hand. However, if the wolf is aggressive towards you, it could suggest that you realize the project is bigger than you could chew.

Dream About Dead Wolf
Dreaming about a dead or dying wolf suggests that your lone wolf project might fail. The business or academic you are partaking in is likely to fail due to the lack of support. Someone in your group will fail and let you down. Your ego and aggressiveness get in the way of better team communication.

Dream About Injured Wolf
An injured or wounded wolf refers to your ego; you are hitting obstacles after obstacles in your tasks. The back and forth is hurting your self-image and potentially how others perceive you.

Dream About Wolf Dog or Wolfhound
Wolf dogs represent people around you that are loyal and will fight for you.

Dream About Wolf Head
Seeing a wolf head hanging or cut in the dream suggests that someone will reveal certain secrets to you. These secrets will be key to you or other people’s survival. Consider being very careful about the information that you have been revealed with. You secretly hold these secrets as trophies or leverage.

Dream About Wolf Tattoo
Wolf tattoos in dreams reflect your beauty and mystery. It could be how you want to appeal to others.

Dream About Wolf Eyes
Dreaming that a wolf is protecting you means receiving help or support from an unexpected or unlikely source. You may have perceived this person all wrong.

Dream About Wolf Pelt
Wearing or using a wolf pelt or skin suggests the wolf’s characteristics that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self. Perhaps you want to be more confident and more aggressive. Or that you long for a pack of the family to support you.

Dream About Shadow or Black Wolf
To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. It’s the dark side of your ego.

Dream About White Wolf
To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory.

Dream About Golden or Yellow Wolf
To encounter a golden or yellow wolf in the dream; suggest that you need to have the audacity to take on risks. Be confident about the risks that you have to take to achieve your goals and obtain financial gain. Specifically, look deep into your spirit to find the inner strength needed to continue going after risky endeavors.

Dream About Blue Wolf
Blue wolf in the dream is a good sign that you have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours. But you will have to rely on your inner wisdom and strength.

Dream About Silver or Grey Wolf
Silver wolves represent your pure intentions; by staying true to your path, you could get others to agree with you.

Dream About Brown Wolf
A brown wolf appearing in the dream suggests that you need to be practical to survive another day. Blend in with others and be a part of your environment; you will be able to live another day.

Dream About Red Wolf
Red wolves represent some form of anger and fierceness for you to achieve your goals. Particularly you may have failed at something in the past, and people are giving you the opportunity again to redeem yourself. You are approaching this redo with utmost certainty and urgency.

Dream about Wolf Running is a symbol for the uninhibited and animalistic aspect of your personality. There is something in your life that you need to drastically change. You are beginning to open up to others. This dream denotes your desires to awaken your emotions. You are emotionally impoverished.

Wolf Running is a message for awareness, insight and clearer understanding in some matter. You need to draw on your own inner strength and willpower in order to overcome adversity. You are withdrawing from society. Your dream means unexpected opportunities that will come your way. You are submitting to a power larger than you.

Wolf in your dream is a sign for the discarded aspects of yourself. You are in a state of stagnation. You need to show more restraint in some situation. This dream is a clue for anticipation or opportunity. You feel your life is under public scrutiny.

Wolf in this dream points to your deeper, darker and more melancholy feelings. Perhaps you are wanting to go back to a simpler time where you were cared for and did not have to worry about anything. You are on the right track and are soaring to success without limitations. The dream hints criticism and gossip. May be you are revealing hidden anger or frustration.

Run in dream is loss and sorrow. You are breaking an old image of yourself. You alter your persona according to the situation. The dream states temporary setbacks and delays. You have a tendency to jump from one thing to another.

Run dream is your desires to be someone else and escape from your present problems and responsibilities. You need to try to resolve some issues so they can finally be put to rest. You are conflicted between right and wrong. This dream is a clue for your indifference to some situation or person. You are trying to buy others’ favor or affection.

Dream about both “Wolf” and “Run” is an evidence for burning passion or some expressed anger. You need to look pass the superficial and get to the core of the situation. You feel victimized emotionally. Your dream points at anger and uncontrolled aggression. You are oblivious to some situation.

Dream about wolf running is the ups and downs of your emotions and of your life in general. You are feeling anxious about how you have handled certain issues in your life. You have the notion that everything is perfect or problem-free. This dream hints your willpower and internal strength. You are feeling picked on or harassed.

Dream about Red Wolf is a sign for the merging of the female and male aspects of your character. You are infringing on another’s copyright. You are letting other people dictate your direction in life. This dream indicates successful completion of your goals. You may be questioning your identity and who you are.

Red Wolf points to things that you need to keep track of and stay on top of. You are under a tremendous level of stress. You are rising above a situation. This dream indicates a particular aspect of yourself or a specific relationship. You are feeling emotional torn.

Red in your dream is an indication for either a new beginning or an ending to a situation. You are keeping it all in instead of trying to deal with it. A person may be doing something that you disapprove of. The dream is a symbol for speed, pride or power. You are settled down.

Red in this dream is a premonition for issues of dependency and hopelessness. A new project or relationship is taking off. You are exploring aspects of your emotions, but are not ready to act. Your dream is a symbol for authority and protection. You need to be more grounded.

Wolf in dream suggests death, the underworld and the subconscious. You need to act with deliberate action and precision. You need to rid yourself of some anxiety in your life. The dream is an evidence for control, empowerment or manipulation. You are putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Wolf dream is a sign for a choice that you need to make which may affect others. You are dealing with a big problem in your life. You need to forge ahead. This dream refers to your own drive and leadership abilities. Perhaps you need to show more passion or be more open with your emotions.

Dream about both “Red” and “Wolf” is an admonition for a major loss in your life. You may feel vulnerable or victimized in a relationship. You are trying to gain a better perspective on some issue. The dream is an alert for your lack of motivation. You may feel that your opinions and suggestions don’t matter or are being ignored.

Dream about red wolf is sometimes your openness and receptiveness toward some relationship. You are questioning your identity. You are heading into a new path in life and are ready to learn by example or from a past experience. Your dream indicates your childhood memories. You are ready to reveal something hidden about yourself.

Dream about White Wolf hints self-renewal and self-cleansing. Money issues are one of the top concerns in our life. New information is slowly revealing itself to you. Your dream hints a sly or cunning person. This person cannot be trusted. You are neglecting your social relationships and allowing people to deteriorate.

White Wolf is sometimes vitality and happiness. There is something that you need help to unlock or uncover. You are dwelling on how things used to be. This dream is about your perspective about an aggressive act. You can make a change.

White in your dream stands for prosperity and abundance. You are wrong about something. You are trying to take the quick and easy path to success. Your dream denotes your anxiety over being judged by others. You need to be more responsive or receptive to guidance and assistance from others.

White in this dream symbolises some area where you need to better focus your attention. You are pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors. You need to break free from the routine. The dream draws attention to shyness or bashfulness. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others, especially to your mate.

Wolf in dream is a portent for reflective of issues and problems of your life. You are juggling various responsibilities in your life. You need to show restraint and control in your feelings. The dream is an omen for an unwelcome guest. You are neglecting aspects of your own self.

Wolf dream states that you are rising above some unpleasant situation or issue. You are dealing with some situation. Your subconscious is trying to protect you from experiencing them directly. The dream is about some overt emotional issue or need. You are experiencing anxieties about how you are being perceived by others.

Dream about both “White” and “Wolf” suggests a situation that has long been dead. You are confronted with an unfamiliar problem that you do not know how to approach and resolve. You need to accept the positives and leave all the negativity behind. Your dream is an omen for lack of self-esteem and self-confidence in some area of your life. You feel trapped or that your life is too rigid and inflexible.

Dream about white wolf is an evidence for pent up aggression. You have triumph over much adversity. In order to become stronger, you need to hold up others so they will hold you up. The dream is an omen for reinforcing your sense of responsibility. You may be overlooking something important.

Dream about Wolf Watching Me is an indication for spiritual awakening, wisdom and intuition. You need to be more of a team player. You are looking for some excitement and joy. The dream signals the importance of learning from past generations. You need to speak up about some public matter.

Wolf Watching Me is a sign for an end to a situation or relationship. You will be involved in some legal matter. You need to look within your own self and your inner strength. This dream is a sign for a positive attitude and high self-confidence. You need to set some time for fun and relaxation.

Wolf in your dream draws attention to sameness and monotony. You need to stick by your words and actions. You need to listen to your instinct and gut. The dream is an indication for frustrations on plans that you have set for yourself. Your true self is out of touch with reality.

Wolf in this dream points at an end to your worries, to a relationship or and to a chapter in your life. You are going around in circles over a problem or situation. Maybe you are being too idealistic and things. This dream is a message for some goal, person, or ideal which you have lost track of. You need to stand up for yourself.

Watch in dream represents aspects of yourself that were prominent or developed when you were living in your hometown. You feel like an outsider. You need to face your fears. This dream points to some advice that you should listen to or consider. Perhaps you are not ready to confront your feelings.

Watch dream is a message for teamwork and cooperation. Some thoughts may be trying to bring you back to a time where things were much simpler. You need to coordinate some mass movement. The dream is a metaphor for some form of deception. You can no longer continue on in the same course and must make drastic changes.

Dream about both “Wolf” and “Watch” expresses feelings that have burned out or that you are feeling burnt out and exhausted. You are not looking deep enough into some decision or problem. You are not ready to leave the past behind. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for repetitious thinking and an old way of doing things. You are not quite ready to confront some new situation by yourself.

Dream about wolf watching me points to your emotional needs and desires. Your greatest desires and goals will be realized. You are altering your emotional expression in a way that will be presentable to others. This dream is sometimes your desire to hold on to a certain image, time or period in your life. You need to flexible in your thinking.

Dream about Wolf Trying To Bite Me is a hint for your public self and how you are perceived. You may be feeling threatened. You are channeling your anger into positive and productive energy. The dream is a message for joy, happiness, friendships and beauty. You are expressing a desire to belong.

Wolf in your dream is about your directness and straightforwardness. There is some emotions that you need to release and integrate into your daily life. You are looking for emotional support. Your dream represents a negative force. You may be focusing too much on yourself and not enough on others.

Try in your dream is an omen for domesticity and lifelong companionship. You are being prevented to full express yourself. You are being too vain. This dream is a time were you were young and small. You need to be more aggressive in your approach to a problem, task or situation.

Bite in this dream is a premonition for wish fulfillment. You need to start taking back control of your life. You are trying to cover up your true feelings. This dream is about tradition and old fashioned ideals. There is some emotions that you need to release and integrate into your daily life.

Wolf and Try is a signal for personal and cultural freedom. You need to start fresh. You are caught in a complicated life situation. This dream is about passion, life and blood. Carefully plot out your goals so you can move ahead in life.

Dream About Wolf Bite is an omen for your need to exhibit some of these qualities in your life. You are getting ready for some important stage in your life. You have gained some insight and knowledge into an issue or situation. The dream symbolises your magnetic personality. You need to be grounded and realistic.

Try and Bite signifies the different fragments and facets that make up your character. You are experiencing an elevated sense of spirituality. You need some direction or clarity in a situation. This dream is a harbinger for purity and cleansing of the body. You want things to run more smoothly in some area of your life.

Dream about Wolf Trying To Bite Me means passion and heated emotions. You want to convey your feelings to them. You are making a profit. This dream is a metaphor for life experiences with something, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling. You like to learn about different cultures.

Sometimes, dream about wolf trying to bite me is unfortunately your own self righteousness and narrow mindedness and rude attitudes. You may be unable to think straight. You may be feeling unsatisfied with some situation or relationship. Your dream points at a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situation. Your emotions can no longer remain suppressed.

Dream about Wolf As Pet expresses something that is just beyond your grasp. You are ready to accept life’s responsibilities. You are being faced with many demanding challenges. This dream indicates your control and power over some matter. You will eventually gain your deserved dignity and its outcomes.

Wolf As Pet is a metaphor for a life of ease, comfort, warmth and of financial gains. You are opened to various new ideas. You are interconnected with the world. This dream is a sign for innocence, warmth and new beginnings. You need someone to help pick you up and get you on the right track again.

Wolf in your dream is a sign for a traumatic or devastating end to a situation or relationship. You need time to cool off and calm down. You may be overextending yourself. The dream is a metaphor for an achievement or goal that has been reached. You are getting-hosed or blindsided in some situation.

Wolf in this dream is a portent for some subconscious material that needs to be confronted or addressed. You need to think about and possibly act upon. You are looking for some sort of security and stability. Your dream is an evidence for anxieties about your performance and abilities. You are looking for meaning or significance to some life issue.

Pet in dream represents your uncontrolled emotions. Your fears of gaining weight. You are looking to easily and conveniently satisfy your emotional needs. The dream is a hint for either a new beginning or an ending to a situation. You are going through some crisis in your life.

Pet dream represents some hurtful action or remark. Perhaps you feel a loss of love. You are well-grounded or down to earth. Your dream symbolises your carefree attitude. Your desires will be soon be realized.

Dream about both “Wolf” and “Pet” is an alert for unsatisfied desires. You are trying to overcome difficulties in your life and achieve inner development. You are too overly concerned with what others think about you. This dream signifies the pressure to succeed or else be left behind. Someone is trying to discretely tell you something that you don’t want to hear.

Dream about wolf as pet stands for your desires for freedom. You are you are rejecting some part of your own character. You have a clear understanding and grasp of a situation. The dream is a premonition for faithfulness in love and the coming of joy in some area of your life. Your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression.

Dream about Being Attacked By A White Wolf signifies success in your projects. You need to face reality. You are feeling empowered and undefeatable. Your dream stands for relaxation and recuperation. You are feeling emotionally refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dream about Being Attacked By A White Wolf refers to lust, love and eroticism. You are expanding your awareness and consciousness. Something creative is happening. The dream states an end to some relationship or phase in your life. Perhaps something is taking a emotional toll on you.

Be in your dream is a premonition for your anxiety over money matters and financial security. Your life goals are in conflict with your belief system. No one is paying attention to what you are saying. This dream suggests the building blocks or foundation of some plan. You still have a long way to go before achieving your goals.

Attack dream is sometimes a part of yourself that has died. You are imposing your views and opinions on others. You are afraid of not knowing what is in store for you in the future. The dream represents some animalistic desire. There is something that you are not expressing to each other.

White in this dream expresses an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. You are unprepared for the new changes in your life. Perhaps you feel that you are being publicly criticized. This dream hints suppressed emotions that are coming to the surface and needing to be addressed. Perhaps you need to break away from the masses or you need to make new friends.

Wolf in dream is a message for your need for more leisurely pursuits. You are wigging-out or making a big deal over some trivial matter. You need to let go of some grudge. Your dream hints a contagious sickness. Your personal space is being invaded.

Dream About Been Attacked refers to spiritual refreshment. You are experiencing a rocky period in your life. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. This dream expresses your need for the truth. You are changing your beliefs about something.

Dream About White Wolf is a portent for warmth and togetherness. You are opened to various new ideas. There is something of value that you want to protect. This dream signals childhood pleasures or rewards. You need to be more determined in certain areas or important phases of your life.

Sometimes, dream about being attacked by a white wolf points at some painful emotion that you are refusing to confront. You may need to take a friendlier approach toward a situation. Perhaps a situation or relationship in your life has become monotonous. Your dream suggests resentment for the things that you are still clinging on to. A situation or a person may be trying to take over your sense of control.

Dream about Wolf Being Killed denotes a high state of consciousness. You are surrounded by close friends who you can rely on and who will uplift you in your time of need. You may be questioning your job or your abilities. This dream is sometimes a favorable and positive turn of events. You have a new perspective or different outlook in life.

Wolf in your dream is an omen for the ending of one thing and the new beginning of another thing. You need to work harder and longer in order to achieve your goals. You need to approach and tackle a problem in your life. Your dream is an indication for emotional impotence or fear of impotence. You are trying to escape life’s problems.

Be dream is some area where you need to better focus your attention. Some part of your life is out of balance. You be trying to indirectly approach a challenge or situation. This dream points at your insecurities about your role or position in a situation. You are giving your consent or approval to someone.

Kill in this dream is an evidence for the initials of someone in your life. Your plans are about to backfire. You are being kept out in the dark about certain issues. This dream is a symbol for some frustration in your life. There is something that you are not expressing to each other.

Wolf and Be suggests emotional dependency. Sometimes life is a gamble. You need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others. This dream is a symbol for something vulnerable, pure and innocent. You are hindering and blocking your own growth.

Wolf and Kill points to something that is finally taking shape. You may be letting your competitive nature get the best of you. Your path to success is within reach. This dream is a metaphor for victory, success or peace. You are skating over some matter.

Dream About Be Killed states your creative power and new idea. You are living on borrowed-time. It is time to reinvent yourself and get a fresh outlook in life. Your dream is a portent for access and control. You see the good in everything and everyone.

Dream about Wolf Being Killed represents difficulty in your love relationship. Perhaps it is time for you to set new goals. You strive for the finer things in life. The dream is a hint for your ideal self and your notions of perfection. You will go far in your life.

Sometimes, dream about wolf being killed suggests a lack of joy, harmony, or security in your life. You may be trying to break-up with someone who you are attracted to, but can’t be with. You feel that others are against you or that you are standing out of a crowd in a negative way. The dream is a metaphor for your pompous and arrogant attitude. You are trying to work through a difficult time.

Dream about Trying To Wolf points at your power and influence over others. You are effectively taking advantage of some situation. You are holding on to the past and refusing to move onto something productive. Your dream signifies your openness to new experiences. You are in control of your feelings and are supported by those around you.

Trying To Wolf is a premonition for a message from the Holy Spirit and spreading the word of God. You are longing for a relationship that makes you feel complete. You will overcome some loss or conflict. This dream suggests your desires to cling on and live in the past. Someone is mocking you.

Try dream is about some tension or confrontation. You are feeling forced to do something you do not want to do. Perhaps you are feeling down and need a pick me up. This dream suggests your concerns about not measuring up to the standards or expectations of others. You are quick to blame something or someone else for your own shortcomings and problems.

Try in this dream is a clue for shelter from a stormy relationship or chaotic situation. You are being a snob. You need to be more independent and resourceful instead of relying on others. Your dream is a hint for a volatile situation or relationship. Perhaps what you portray or project does not match who you really are inside.

Wolf in dream is a portent for your own state of thinking wisely and the struggles to make a decision. You are letting trivial matters and minor problems annoy you. You are under stress. Your dream indicates grief and loss. You are being forced into submission or obedience.

Wolf dream symbolises something awful. You need to give someone their breathing room. You may need to put forth a little more effort toward some relationship. Your dream indicates your helplessness and your fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. You need your own space, either emotional space or physical space.

Dream about both “Try” and “Wolf” indicates someone who is frigid or who has cold personality. You are confused about something and are looking for clarity to some problem or situation. You are too comfortable idling around and not accomplishing anything. Your dream indicates repressed and negative feelings that you may have about yourself. Someone is being recognized.

Dream about trying to wolf is a hint for connection to your spirituality and the divine. You need to release some of your pent up feelings and confront the issues that are causing much internal conflict. You are steering in the right direction. This dream symbolises your ability to cope with various situations. Your mood is changing for the positive as your outlook in life.

As explained in the Kabbalah, Wolf in dreams is interpretative of one’s unhealthy pastimes.

To dream of a Wolf is symbolic of dreamers who carry guilt due to their excessive drug and alcohol use, believes the Kabbalah.

Dream about Shooting A Wolf is a portent for new ideas, hope or spiritual enlightenment. You will rise to a level of prominence. You are rejecting some aspect of society. The dream denotes discipline and harmony. You are in a festive and upbeat mood.

Shooting A Wolf means something that is in need of repair. You are letting your fears and doubts hinder you from making progress and achieving your goals. You are living on borrowed-time. The dream stands for flexibility. You are transitioning into a new phase in your life.

Shoot in your dream is an evidence for lurking danger, aggression, raw emotions or sometimes death. You are having fears of being drowned by the feminine aspect of your psyche. You are rushing through some decision or rushing into a relationship. Your dream suggests richness and indulgence. Some aspect of your personality is hindering your progress or expression.

Shoot in this dream is a harbinger for your primal instincts and reactions toward life, food, etc. You are upside down. You need to allow yourself more time to complete your goals. Your dream is a clue for aspects of yourself that you are hiding. You are looking for something or someone to complete you.

Wolf in dream is about pining for something or someone. You are making a minor life-changing decision. You are seeking some reassurance or reinforcement about a new relationship. Your dream is an evidence for a situation where you need to respond or act quickly. You need to let go of old habits.

Wolf dream is a symbol for people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. Perhaps, you are off track and headed in the wrong direction. You are being forced to face your feelings. This dream points at your willpower. Your idealistic notions are deteriorating or being shattered apart.

Dream about both “Shoot” and “Wolf” is unfortunately a warning alert for your tendency to control or manipulate someone or some situation. You are lacking direction in your life. Someone is helping and guiding you toward making better judgments. Your dream is a metaphor for wish-fulfillment where you wish that all your difficulties problems are gone. There is an issue or situation that you are avoiding.

Dream about shooting a wolf is a clue for prosperity and satisfaction with the current state of your life. You need to be more patient. You can see right through to their intentions. Your dream is an omen for the image that you want to present and project to the outside world. You are bringing or making an offering.

Dream about Wolf In House is an omen for your commitment and dedication. You are in danger of having some of your goals come crashing down. You have acknowledged your hidden potential. This dream is a metaphor for your confidence in your pursuits and where you are headed in life. Perhaps you feel that you have come to save the day.

Wolf In House is an evidence for wisdom or forgiveness. You are the subject of unwelcome attention from someone. You are looking for love. This dream is an evidence for freedom from any constraints and restrictions. You are standing on solid ground.

Wolf in your dream is a hint for your nurturing side and maternal feelings. You are too scattered. You need to better convey your feelings to others. Your dream is a portent for some unresolved issues or feelings pertaining to a person that is lost. You tend to be sensitive, moody and emotional.

Wolf in this dream signifies unrealized hopes. You need to stay more grounded. Perhaps it is not who you really are and you are not quite fitting in. This dream indicates a controlling father or father figure. You or someone has been impeached.

House in dream is a signal for your fears about a female. You need to adapt a more healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you are wallowing in your own self-pity. This dream expresses your struggles with your career, relationship, or other problem. You have uncovered a part of yourself that you did not realize existed within yourself.

House dream is a situation or relationship that is in desperate need of your attention. You need to allow yourself to be a little self-indulgent sometimes. Don’t be fooled by what is on the outside or how things may appear to be. Your dream hints some sort of entitlement. You may be trying to shed light on your deeper thoughts and subconscious feelings.

Dream about both “Wolf” and “House” expresses your lack of judgment and your gullibility. Your ideas may be lost in the clutter. You need to stop constantly comparing yourself to others. This dream sadly draws attention to anger that you are trying to repress. You may be acting in a disingenuous way.

Dream about wolf in house is a premonition for your ability to move and traverse through life with relative ease. There is a message that you need to convey and get across to others. You are you are rejecting some part of your own character. The dream is a premonition for growth, activity, expansion and insight. You are seeking help from others.

Dream about wolf is unclaimed rewards. Sometimes you have to go with the flow instead of fighting it. You are dealing with some emotional issue as graceful as you can. This is a harbinger for stubbornness, strong will, strength and power. You are able to let loose and express your desires, passions and emotions.

Wolf dream is sometimes your determination and ambition. You are feeling physically and emotionally drained and need to explore an alternative source of energy. You are clarifying your thoughts and elevating yourself to a new state of awareness. This dream indicates laughter, friendships and joy. You are enjoying all your successes.

Today’s celestial configuration means that you will feel even more deeply passionate than normal. The tides of a more spiritual current are sweeping you up into a romantic frenzy that is based more on fantasy than on actual fact. Make sure you have your feet on the ground before you step into the sea. The perfect being in front of you may have feet of clay.

Dream about foxes and wolves is your drive, motivation and creative energy. You need to learn to create your own success. Somebody is offering you some encouragement. This is a premonition for enlightenment. It is time to be more assertive and take control of your life.

Dream about werewolf is a symbol for your determination, direction and goal. You need to incorporate some important qualities in your life. You are taking control of your hectic life. The dream symbolises the eternal bond and love between mother and child. You feel you are self-destructing.

Dream about deer is a premonition for the emergence of a fresh idea. You are feeling deceived by love. You feel uprooted by a particular circumstance or relationship in your life. The dream is an indication for a strong sense of spirituality and divinity. You are in full control of a situation or relationship.

Dream about wolves attacking deer signifies the beginning stages of your life journey. You are feeling conflicted. Carefully plot out your goals so you can move ahead in life. This stands for your loyalty and devotion to others. You will eventually overcome your obstacles.

Dream about a flying wolf denotes wealth, success and pleasant adventures. You will accomplish your goals and overcome obstacles. You need to purify your mind, heart and body. It is about your potential and creativity. It is time to make a new start.

Dream about brown wolf is a clue for commerce, vision, success and imagination. You will have prominence in some field. You are in a position of power. The dream states female emotions, aggression and seduction. You will be victorious despite the negativity surrounding you in your life.

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