Dream Meaning of Struggle

Dream Meaning of Struggle

Dream about Struggling To Talk is an evidence for personal feelings and memories with a particular place. You need to accept your status in life and where you stand. You feel emotionally protected. The dream is sometimes raw energy, power, aggression and fertility. You need to stand tall and be proud.

Struggling To Talk symbolises power and ability. You are emotionally conservative. You are enjoying life’s little pleasure. The dream is a signal for excitement, lust, or sensuality. You are ready to confront some news.

Struggle in your dream points at your difficulty in connecting with somebody. Perhaps deep inside you know that he/she is not the one for you. You need to be careful with what you say. The dream stands for your desire to stand out from the rest. You need to be careful of who you put your trust in.

Struggle in this dream states the state of your emotions and feelings. You need to get out from under the shadow and gain a different perspective on things. There is an aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know. This dream hints your one-sided views. You may want to find a way out of a situation.

Talk in dream is sometimes your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. You are ready for a relationship. You are being cut off from your spiritual being and being out of touch with yourself. The dream denotes your fears of things that are different. You need to alter your actions before you or someone gets hurt.

Talk dream points at chaos and disorganization. You need to approach a situation or matter on your own instead of leaning on others. You or someone in your life may be a pushover. The dream means a fear of letting go your old Self and making space for the new you. You may be dealt with a lot of hard blows in your life.

Dream about both “Struggle” and “Talk” is a warning signal for unexpressed anger or rage. You need to work on healing old wounds and hurts. You are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one embodies. Your dream points to feelings of rejection or disappointments. You need to get out of your boring pattern.

Dream about struggling to talk is a portent for the connection between your mind and your heart. You are non-committal about a situation. You are unprepared in undertaking the project at hand. The dream is a symbol for steady and satisfactory progress in your future endeavors. You are driven to succeed.

Struggle dream of struggling represents feelings about conflict, hardship, or challenges in your life. Anxiety about losing an opportunity or failing. Confronting adversity in your life. Tensions, arguments, or feeling desperation. Adversity of some kind. Difficulty overcoming a problem or obstacle.

Negatively, struggling in a dream may reflect problems accepting a difficult reality. Chronic illness. Financial problems. Difficulty accepting inevitable defeat. Difficulty managing two different aspects of your life. A possible sign that you need to slow down, ask for help, or learn to prioritize.


A man dreamed of struggling hard in a fight with another man. In waking life he had been a very big argument with someone.

Example 2:

A woman dreamed of seeing people struggling to steer a vehicle. In waking life she was trying very hard to stop her relationship with her boyfriend from ending.

Example 3:

A woman dreamed of struggling hard to go up a hill. In waking life she was having a very difficult time in her life getting a job allow her to keep paying her bills.

Example 4:

A man dreamed of struggling in a battle. In waking life he was having a very hard time completing two different projects at his school.

Example 5:

A woman dreamed of struggling with a witch. In waking life she felt she was cursed with bad luck because of health problems she couldn’t overcome.

Example 6:

A man dreamed fo struggling with an octopus. In waking life she felt that an illness was causing conflict in every aspect of his life.

Dream about Struggling To Give Birth points to your well thought-out plans and ideas. You are refusing help from others. There is something that you need to express and get out into the open. The dream means memories and nostalgia. You need to take extra care in adding your personal care and special touch to some situation.

Struggle in your dream expresses areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you and hurting you in some emotional way. You need to stop going around in circles. It is important not to prejudge a situation or person based on the surface. The dream points at some unfinished business that is affecting your family. You are going around in circles and headed nowhere.

Give dream is a signal for a controlling father or father figure. You need to be more neutral or objective in your decision making. You are well protected or perhaps even overly protective. Your dream is about a highly stressful time in your life. You are being protected from some harm.

Birth in this dream represents some time-sensitive situation. You need to do something that is out of your character. You need to learn to accept your own flaws, as well as the flaws of others. This dream is a harbinger for your unwillingness to understand some issue. You need to be more responsive or receptive to guidance and assistance from others.

Struggle and Give is a clue for your fun and free spirit. You are concentrating on your own self-development and individuation. You need to carefully evaluate the consequences of your actions. Your dream is an indication for spiritual lessons you have learned. You are going into new stage of growth in your life.

Struggle and Birth is a clue for the intellect or secrets of the mind. You are reevaluating what you want to do. New areas of opportunities are being opened to you. Your dream is about indulgence, sensuality and the pleasant aspects of your life. You are feeling disconnected from life and society and want to make a fresh start.

Dream About Give Birth states your self-expression and creativity. You will experience much happiness and joy, especially amongst family and friends. You need to be recharged and revitalized. Your dream represents your wild inner character and emotional desires. You are doing your best to keep it together while still looking your best.

Dream about Struggling To Give Birth is about divine love. Your greatest desires and goals will be realized. You are lashing out at those around you. Your dream points to success in your goals. You are looking at something from a new angle or different perspective.

Sometimes, dream about struggling to give birth is about something significant that you no longer have due to your carelessness and lack of attention. There is an emotional situation or problem that you can no longer avoid. There is a lack of communication in your relationship. This dream is a message for lost security, comfort and companionship. You are not sure how to go about resolving a situation in your life.

Dream about Struggling In Water signifies fresh new ideas. You are content with the way things are going in your life. You are involved in a cover-up. Your dream states your determination. You are able to manipulate things to your advantage.

Struggling In Water is an evidence for your own personal history. You need to gain greater control of your life. You are preparing for some important event. Your dream represents how you are currently dealing with your feelings and expressing your emotions. A situation or relationship will be made clear to you or a positive spiritual experience will fill you with warmth and love.

Struggle in your dream points at your sympathy toward others. You need to separate your feelings from a situation and try to be more objective. You are not being genuine and true to yourself. This dream is an evidence for authority, direction and judgment. You may be dealing with issues of substance abuse.

Struggle in this dream is a harbinger for the sacrifices you made and the difficulties you endured. It’s all about hard work. Perhaps you need to show more humility in a situation. Your dream signals the barriers and obstacles that are in your way throughout your life. Your have to deal with issues of authority and oppression.

Water in dream is about an unsatisfactory or unfulfilling relationship in your life. You have a need to strive for perfection. Perhaps you are trying to decide between two options. Your dream is an omen for your outbursts. Something that has been incubating for a while is ready to be unveiled.

Water dream suggests feelings that you need to contain and keep in check. You will cause harm to someone if you continue on your current course. You need to use your head. The dream states togetherness. Your energy flow is being constricted.

Dream about both “Struggle” and “Water” indicates the limited time you have to react or to do something. You need to understand the lessons learned and apply them to solve life’s problems. You are talking too much. This dream is unfortunately a warning for aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. You feel that you are unable to hold your own or stand up for yourself.

Dream about struggling in water is a sign for exploration of your subconscious. You are moving through your spiritual journey with great progress and ease. You are enjoying a little sweetness in your life. The dream represents relaxation, pleasure and ease. You need to treat some situation or someone with care.

Indicates problems that have not been fully resolved in the past. These are problems that we may not always be aware of, until will not come back to us with redoubled force. A struggle in a dream can also foreshadow a lucrative opportunity that must be seized in time before it is irretrievably lost. Sleep can also show the need to fight for your rights. see her - keep your eyes peeled and do not waste the opportunity you get from life help someone who was in a struggle - meet you successful coincidence take part in the struggle - things from the past will return; do not let them take away what you have already achieved get hit in struggle - if you feel that you can't handle someone anymore, just walk away be punished for participating in a struggle - reject a good offer call a struggle - don't put in get into unnecessary discussions because you will get out of it get involved in a struggle - you will commit to work that will reject you to bear innocently for a punishment - your achievements will not be liked by someone.

Dream about Struggling To Climb Stairs is a symbol for labor, industry and activity. You are worried about something. You are moving ahead and looking toward the future. Your dream refers to a new start. You are able to see beyond the surface and look at what is on the inside.

Struggle in your dream is a portent for an ending of some carnal behavior. You are trying to claim what you feel is rightfully yours. Aspects of your subconscious are being slowly revealed to you. Your dream denotes your inability to cope with a situation. Perhaps you feel robbed in some way.

Climb dream suggests hopelessness, grief and self-pity. You are feeling hostility from someone. You are being hard headed about some issue. Your dream signifies something or someone that you are favoring. You are trying to change your beliefs and alter your ideas in order to conform to others.

Stair in this dream is a hint for your difficulty in communicating with a person. You feel you are not fitting in. You may be putting an end to an old habit. Your dream is a premonition for a subsiding threat. You need to be careful not to let it get to your head.

Dream About Struggling To Climb stands for your body and the way that you are moving about through life. You are making progress into your spiritual, emotional or material journey. You need to reveal your true feelings and be open about them. This dream points to the beginning of something new. Certain aspects of your life beyond your control.

Struggle and Stair denotes longevity and toughness. You are feeling emotional and sensitive. Despite our differences and disagreements, we can all still come together. The dream hints your own self-discovery. It is best not to get involved in a situation.

Dream About Climb Stairs is a metaphor for a quality or characteristic of a sibling that you need to incorporate and acknowledge within yourself. You have to let go of the relationship that is holding you back. Herhaps you need to be more generous with your feelings. The dream is a premonition for your ability to move forward in life with confidence. You are in danger of having some of your goals come crashing down.

Dream about Struggling To Climb Stairs is an evidence for the value of helping others in need. You fear that your secrets will be revealed. You may be bottling up your emotions. The dream is about emotional and sensual appetites. You are expressing some connection to someone.

Sometimes, dream about struggling to climb stairs points to monotony and endless repetition. There is some chaos occurring in your life. You are paving the way and putting in the hard work so that others will have it easier. This dream points to your tendency to jump from task to task or not being able to stay in one place. Some aspects of your personality are hurtful and even dangerous to your own well-being.

Dream about Struggle is a portent for a mental process. There is some learning you need to do in order to get ahead in life. You feel like an outsider. This dream is a harbinger for the temporary adoption of a new persona where you feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express yourself. You need to be more assertive and learn to say no to others.

Struggle refers to acceptance, self-worth and acknowledgement of your true inner value. Perhaps you are trying to decide between two options. You are entangled in some relationship matter. Your dream is about a situation or relationship that is in desperate need of your attention. You are being manipulated or influenced to your demise.

Dream about Struggle [an energetic attempt to achieve something] is a signal for your acceptance or others, your interpersonal relationships and how you behave in your social life. Perhaps there is a situation or problem that you need to overcome or take control of. You may be fearing the unknown. The dream is an indication for your quick temperedness. You are hiding your true self and feelings.

Dream about Conflict [an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals); –Thomas Paine] is a hint for your inflated ego or inflated sense of self. You need to challenge or address someone about an issue that is bothering you. You are involved in some tough competition or are trying to overcome. Your dream is a portent for your passiveness in a situation. You need to think carefully before speaking.

Dream about Struggle [strenuous effort] is a message for your insecurities and fears of not being accepted. You have a skewed perspective or outlook on things. You are in denial about something or you are rejecting someone. This dream means your drive and determination to succeed at whatever cost. You are working too hard!

Dream about Fight [make a strenuous or labored effort] is a sign for hard work, labor and diligence. Somebody may be showing you the way to solving a problem in your life. You need to put yourself in someone else’s shoe and determine how they might feel. This dream signals emotional or relationship needs. Nobody wants to handle an issue.

Dream about Struggle [to exert strenuous effort against opposition] stands for a situation where you are fighting for your survival. You are all wound-up or tense about some situation. You are losing your peace of mind. The dream is a symbol for disappointments and severed relationships. You are refusing to see someone else’s viewpoints.

Dream about Clamber [climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling] points at feelings of anger, hostility and fierceness. You are expanding your realm of understanding. You are putting up a barrier or some sort of shield between yourself and others. The dream states gloominess, despair and hopelessness. You are grappling with a problem in your personal or professional life.

Dream about Contend [be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight] represents your need to react quickly. Due to circumstances in your life, you had to give up some of your aspirations. Perhaps there is a decision that you need to weigh and think through carefully. The dream is an evidence for feelings of fear and insecurity over a situation. Persistence will pay off in the end no matter how difficult your current task may be.

Dream about Struggling To See stands for your need to belong and to fit in to a larger group. You are being confronted with a broad issue that affects those around you. You are welcoming something new into your life. The dream hints wisdom, faith, valor, peace and purity. You are flexible and open to change.

Struggling To See denotes your cultural ties and ancestral links. Something or someone is restricting you from fully expressing yourself. You need to improve your communications skills. Your dream signals quiet confidence. You being conscious and aware about a particular situation.

Struggle in your dream is a metaphor for lucidity and your need to think more clearly about a situation. There is a habit that you need to break. Someone has stolen your success or has taken credit for something you did. The dream is an omen for acceptance, self-worth and acknowledgement of your true inner value. You need to step back from the problem to cool off or to gain some perspective.

Struggle in this dream expresses the brain and your mental capabilities. You are running out of fuel. You need to consider new and better way of doing things. The dream suggests your own feelings of self-worth and being accepted. You are looking for an outlet to express your personal thoughts and experiences.

See in dream is a clue for underdeveloped emotions. You need to take time out in order to heal, mentally, physically and spiritually. You are facing a confrontational situation. This dream symbolises your biggest fears. You tend to worry about what people think of you.

See dream states revenge and vengeful attitudes. Although what you may be experiencing is destructive or difficult, it will work out to be a good thing in the long run. There is something that you need to prepare for. Your dream is a metaphor for self-acceptance or your quick wit. You are indifferent to a situation or relationship.

Dream about both “Struggle” and “See” points to sickness, disaster or fear. Your lack of clear goals and low self-esteem may be a common cause for you. You may not have given sufficient attention to some aspects/qualities of a person within your own self. Your dream is a harbinger for frustrations or obstacles that are hindering your path toward your goals. You are not taking care of the things you treasure.

Dream about struggling to see denotes a dominant male figure in your life. You have acknowledged your hidden potential. You have to let go of the relationship that is holding you back. This dream indicates the need for change. You feel your sense of morality and reputation is being compromised.

Struggle dreams mean that the lovers are productively working through their trust issues, the Kabbalah reads.

When one practices honesty with their spouse, they may see Struggle in a dream, says the Kabbalah.

Dream about Struggling To Walk indicates your goals of a family. You will succeed in some task. You are unleashing your potential. Your dream hints the changes in your life. You are getting the hang of some situation or some task.

Struggling To Walk signifies hope and happiness. You are feeling the weight of other’s burdens. You need to look at something from a different perspective. Your dream is a portent for freedom in your personal life. You need to learn to acknowledge the beauty within you.

Struggle in your dream is a clue for someone who is offering their guidance and support. You are feeling troubled by some issue. You are acting impulsively. The dream is a harbinger for conflict, negativity and aggression. Your expectations will collapse.

Struggle in this dream is a problem or unresolved issue in your marriage. You are coming home or returning home. All the emotions that you have been holding back are coming to the surface. The dream expresses a negative person who is working against you. You feel complete emotionally.

Walk in dream is a portent for your concerns about aging and growing old. You need to look at a situation from a rational perspective. You need to vocalize your feelings and thoughts. Your dream means your own stubbornness. Someone close to you is withdrawn.

Walk dream is an evidence for a volatile situation or relationship. You were completely dependent. You are trying to draw attention away from your own flaws. This dream is a clue for a conscious effort to achieve whatever endeavor you chose to undertake. You have a difficult time to get others to listen to you.

Dream about both “Struggle” and “Walk” denotes feelings of self guilt or even shame. You are too overbearing and confrontational. You need to stop putting things off and start confronting the problem at hand. Your dream unfortunately draws attention to your need to vent off your frustrations and get things out in the open. You have shut yourself down and are dead inside.

Dream about struggling to walk is a metaphor for your own self. You feel you are able to express yourself. You are preserving your ideas and energy so that you can access them later. This dream is a symbol for childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. You are on a quest for a new understanding of your true Self.

Dream about Struggling To Drive A Car is an omen for your protective shell and thick-skin. You want to rekindle some relationship. Some choices will help shape who you are as a person. This dream is an omen for victory and protection. You are expressing your enthusiasm and zest for life.

Struggle in your dream is a premonition for your tendency to go against the norm and break the rules of convention. You are ready to try something different. You are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them. Your dream stands for a sticky situation. There is some learning you need to do in order to get ahead in life.

Drive dream hints how the world turns or revolves. You are trying to take shortcuts. You are not ready for the outcome of a situation. The dream indicates aspects of yourself that you fear. You need to preserve your energy.

Car in this dream is an evidence for your adaptability to your surroundings. You are being faced with an issue that is not so clear cut. You are in search of some help or advice for a problem or decision. Your dream is a message for an extension of your reach. You are not making any progress in life.

Struggle and Drive is a harbinger for your desires to fit in and be accepted by society. You need to start making goals for your future. You are outspoken, adventurous, goal-oriented and optimistic in your thinking. This dream indicates various components in your life that help to make up the overall scenario or big picture. You need to develop your inner and outer strengths and become more emotionally strong.

Struggle and Car is a signal for divine love and spiritual knowledge. It is time for you to face the truth. You or someone is diverting attention away from the real issue. This dream is about gossip and calamity. You are reflecting back on your past and old memories.

Dream About Drive Car is a premonition for sturdiness. You are well-grounded and connected to nature and the earth. You are proceeding through life at a steady pace. Your dream means indulgence, sensual pleasure and satisfaction. You are able to let loose and express your desires, passions and emotions.

Dream about Struggling To Drive A Car signifies your spiritual awareness. You are on experiencing emotional ups and downs. You are hiding your true feelings or true nature. The dream points at your power and influence over others. Somebody offered you advice or comfort in your time of need.

Sometimes, dream about struggling to drive a car is unfortunately an alert for an attempt to change your old ways and habits. The rough times are temporary and you will come out of it stronger and happier. There is something missing from your life. This dream expresses your control over your animalistic urges. You are letting hatred and revenge take over and define you.

Dream about Struggling At Work is an omen for your desires for a fresh new start. You are feeling swamped from work, a relationship, or other emotional burden. You need to appreciate certain things. The dream signals the sun, light and happiness. You are a people pleaser.

Struggling At Work is an indication for some permanent change in your life. You are keeping your emotions in check. Your agility and stealth will get you what you want. This dream is about grace, speed and agility. You are going against the norm and are expressing your own personal choice and freedom.

Struggle in your dream is a message for your extreme need for security and protection to the point where you may be isolating yourself from others. Your opinions are being ignored. You need to be more in tune to your thoughts and to your intuition. Your dream signals some issues with your neck or throat. You or someone is being a show-off.

Struggle in this dream signifies your fierceness, aggression, power and rigidity. You are deliberate and controlled in your actions. Perhaps you did something that you were not proud of or something that is coming back to haunt you. This dream is a hint for some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. Perhaps you are expressing some dismay or regret in how you let something slip through fingers.

Work in dream is an indication for your pessimistic outlook in life. You are shielding yourself from outside influences. You need to investigate further what aspect or component of your life you need to let go. The dream states nothingness and emptiness. All your conflicts have dissipated.

Work dream is sometimes harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship. Even if you don’t succeed, you can still learn from your mistakes. Your need to forgive someone that is close to you. The dream refers to the consequences of your own temper. You are being taken advantaged of or that you are blindly following others.

Dream about both “Struggle” and “Work” is a symbol for depression and bad feelings. You are not realizing your own potential. You are experiencing erratic behavior brought on by yourself or a situation. The dream is a warning signal for your lack of originality and your tendency to mimic other’s ideas and beliefs. You are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your inner resources.

Dream about struggling at work signifies your voice and how you express your opinions and beliefs. You are harboring some strong guilt. You have friends and family who will help you to achieve to highest goals. Your dream suggests the beat of your life. You know what the right thing to do is, but still refuse to follow what is right.

Making things much harder than you have to; there is no need to struggle and suffer. Flow with the river of life; relax and seek inner guidance. Inner confusion; struggle between parts of self.

To dream of Struggling to escape from something or someone means great improvements in your health and strength.

To dream of struggling, foretells that you will encounter serious difficulties, but if you gain the victory in your dream struggle, you will also be successful in overcoming present obstacles.

(See Inner-struggle; Jihad; Wrestling)

see Wrestling

Dream about struggle points to declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love. You are losing your temper. You are not following your desired path in life. The dream is sadly an alert for limitations, obstacles and boundaries. Perhaps things are moving too fast or you are not fully comfortable in your relationship.

Struggle dream is a clue for richness and indulgence. You feel you are wasting your life away. You are feeling sluggish and insecure. The dream is an evidence for your financial concerns. You are lacking a certain skillset to accomplish a task.

You will probably be frustrated by all the “misfiring” that goes on due to the celestial atmosphere prevailing today. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about yourself and how you respond to frustration. One thing to notice is how the food you eat supports you or sabotages you under circumstances of frustration. Try to reduce your sugar intake and increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water. With a healthy diet, what once frustrated you could become merely amusing.

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