Dream Meaning of Semi

Dream Meaning of Semi

Dream about Semi Trailer is a message for your carefree and pleasant nature. You are able to adapt to changes easily and smoothly. You are experiencing a high level of stress. This dream is sometimes perfection of the self and spiritual truth. It is time to explore your spiritual side.

Semi Trailer symbolises your expanded awareness. You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. You may be inviting love toward your direction. The dream is a metaphor for your responsibilities and burdens. Something is holding you back.

Semi in your dream suggests your struggle between good and evil or good and bad. You are looking for an escape from your daily life. You are acting without thinking. Your dream signals a new idea or some newly developed situation. You are secretly plotting against others or someone else is working against you.

Semi in this dream is your aggressive feeling and hidden anger toward that particular person. You are trying to put on a tough or mean face. You are harboring some self-guilt. Your dream is a symbol for your own personal views on abortion. You need to be more flexible in your way of thinking.

Trailer in dream is immortality and eternal life. You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. You need to think things through before acting on them. The dream refers to indulgence, celebration, reward, or temptation. You have been played or taken advantage of.

Trailer dream is a premonition for your motivating and driving forces. You need to let go of your pride. You need to be more open or friendly. This dream is a clue for your fear of commitment. You may be overextending yourself.

Dream about both “Semi” and “Trailer” states intense feelings of anger and rage. You lack initiative to take action in what you really want to do. You are not going anywhere in life and are wasting your time away on frivolous pleasures. Your dream is a hint for feelings of being trapped and restricted. You are trying to persuade someone toward your side or your point of view.

Dream about semi trailer signals your need for spiritual nourishment and enlightenment. There is something that you need to question. You are surrounded by friends and family. Your dream means good company and long lasting friendship. You have a fresh outlook in life.

Dream about Semis is a harbinger for how you are coasting through life. You are holding back on what you really want to say. You need to look beyond the superficial and find the truth about yourself and about others. The dream is a portent for your desire to roam freely without responsibility and obligation. You feel mentally or emotionally restrained because of guilt.

Semis signifies danger. You are succeeding through your own willpower, determination and drive. You are harboring a lot of anger. Your dream points at issues and feelings that you have not dealt with. Your feelings of being annoyed or irritated.

Dream about Semifinal [one of the two competitions in the next to the last round of an elimination tournament] suggests an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You need to be more active. You are at the halfway point of some endeavor. This dream draws attention to new experiences or situations. You are not making any progress in life.

Dream about Trailer Truck [a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together] is a portent for some confrontation or turning point. Some situation is in need of your immediate attention. You need to slow down and take a different course in life. This dream refers to both your flaws and positive attributes. You need to better focus on your goals.

Dream about Semitrailer [a trailer having wheels only in the rear; the front is supported by the towing vehicle] symbolises feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. You are feeling off balance. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. Your dream is a clue for aspects of your personality. You are well-prepared for any situation.

Dream about Semi Truck is an indication for a transformation; something new or life altering is about to occur. You are reliable and trustworthy. You are finally at peace about something. This dream points to beauty, strength and wisdom. There is something holding you back.

Semi Truck is a metaphor for emotional desire and lechery. You are feeling relaxed and at ease. You are experiencing some intense emotions and passionate emotional feelings. Your dream is about a small part in a larger picture. You have overcome a difficult task and are being rewarded for a job well done.

Semi in your dream is clinginess and dependency issues. You need to be open to personal critisizms. You are just going through the motions of daily living. The dream is a hint for extravagance and overindulgence. You need to take control of your animalistic forces and primal urges.

Semi in this dream is a newly developing relationship or idea in your life. You have a tendency to get what you want. You are trying to resolve some conflict or conquer the obstacles in your life. Your dream is an evidence for your actual living situation. An essential aspect of your emotions have been cut off.

Truck in dream denotes temporary setbacks and delays. You are asking for or need permission. You are being too vain. Your dream is your need for self-gratification. You need to be more direct.

Truck dream is a premonition for emptiness or illness. Perhaps you are being unrealistic. You are trying to achieve unattainable goals. Your dream draws attention to something that needs to be documented or recorded. You are clinging on to the past or to some false hope.

Dream about both “Semi” and “Truck” is sadly a warning alert for feelings of insecurities and concerns about your performance in an area of your life. You are not being recognized for your contribution or hard work. Your emotional needs are not being met. This dream refers to deep-seated insecurities which may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals. You are trying to remain rational and objective by separating your emotions.

Dream about semi truck refers to the archetypal dream helper who is trying to offer some insight and advice. There is a way for your subconscious to get you to pay attention to an important aspect of the dream. Your anger is out of control and it is affecting those around you. Your dream points at a spiritual rebirth. Keeping an open mind will further allow you to grow as a person.

Dream about Flying Semi Truck is an omen for a need to forgive. You are going through a new developmental phase in your life. You are welcoming others. Your dream is a message for the mystical mother and the giver of life. You need to be more dedicated to your goals and achievements.

Fly in your dream is an evidence for your fear over something you heard. You may be experiencing some dissatisfaction with some aspect of yourself. You are ready to set your sights on something higher. The dream signals your need for more leisurely pursuits. You are uptight about something.

Semi dream is a signal for richness and indulgence. You are avoiding some issue. You need to pay closer attention to some issue. The dream hints binding, cohesion, or joining. You need to learn to balance when to reveal information about yourself and when to hold back.

Truck in this dream indicates your need to react quickly. You need to act with deliberate action and precision. You are sheltering yourself from the realities of life. Your dream is an omen for your difficulty in communicating with a person. You are being misguided.

Fly and Semi is an indication for longevity, good health or purity. You need to take the lead in some projection or situation. You are comfortable with your appearance and intelligence. This dream is an evidence for how you wished that relationships were more simple and straightforward. You are adopting a new way of looking at things.

Dream About Flying Truck is a harbinger for hyperactivity and energy. Your subconscious mind is hungering for knowledge or information. You are spending too much time on pleasure and fruitless activities. The dream is a hint for your need for spiritual nourishment. You have the mindset of being above the law.

Dream About Semi Truck denotes the many hardships and cruelties that you will experience in the world. You need to add a little bit more spice and variety in your life. You are looking for some spiritual guidance and fulfillment. The dream is a premonition for your need to belong or be part of a group. Perhaps you feel that people can see right through to who you are and your intentions.

Dream about Flying Semi Truck is a portent for summertime. You have let your success and ego distance you from others. You need to be more resourceful and make the best of an undesirable situation. This dream symbolises the power and strength of your passions. Something is holding you back and preventing you to take chances.

Sometimes, dream about flying semi truck is an easy-going attitude or a lack of competitive spirit. You are unable to shed some burden. You are trying to still satisfy repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for limitations, obstacles and boundaries. You are suppressing past mistakes into your subconscious, instead of learning from them.

Dream about Driving Semi Truck is sometimes something dramatic that may have happened or will happen in the public aspect of your life. You may be feeling vulnerable and are in need of comfort. It is time for your to move on from a situation. The dream signals your return to an aspect of yourself that is innocent and spiritual. You need to show your playful side.

Drive in your dream is sometimes how you want others to see you. You need to be more aware of other people’s feelings. You are getting ready for a challenge. The dream suggests being average. You are trying to fit into some new situation or role.

Semi dream is a clue for communication with someone or with your conscious mind. You need to show more restraint. You are afraid that you may fall from grace. This dream hints your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt. You want to be in control.

Truck in this dream is a hint for some dangerous or risky activities. You are going through a period of difficult times. Perhaps you are tying to avoid some issue or not devoting enough attention to a problem. The dream expresses how you are looking at things on a superficial level. You are experiencing some deficiency in your life that needs immediate attention and gratification.

Dream About Driving A Semi is a clue for your unexpressed masculine/feminine energy. You are longing for a relationship that makes you feel complete. You need to associate yourself with energetic people. This dream suggests a way to attract your attention to that issue. You are looking at something from a new angle or different perspective.

Dream About Driving Truck represents enlightenment. You are feeling exposed or put on the spot. You are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics. Your dream is an evidence for a new start. You are open to changes and to looking at things from a different perspective.

Dream About Semi Truck expresses the strength of your faith and spirituality. You are feeling overwhelmed with panic and uneasiness. You are undergoing some form of transition in your life. The dream is a signal for fertility, creativity and the birth of new ideas. You feel abandoned.

Dream about Driving Semi Truck is about your achievement toward a higher level of growth. You are playing with fire. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. Your dream is a premonition for what you choose to let other see. You are trying to connect with your spiritual energy.

Sometimes, dream about driving semi truck draws attention to a particular situation or issue that is not going well. You may need to acknowledge the shadow and negative aspects of your personality. You may be putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed. The dream is sadly an admonition for feelings of rejection or not fitting into a group. You do not know where you stand in the relationship.

Dream about Semi Truck Accident is a message for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. You are so worried that you will forget something. Some pattern in your life is repeating itself, resulting in a viscous cycle. The dream stands for an innocent heart. You are feeling unstable.

Semi in your dream is a sign for your aggressive or sadomasochistic tendencies. You are looking for an escape. There may be something or some task that must be done at once. Your dream is a hint for something or someone that is draining your energy or resources. Perhaps it is time for a tropical getaway.

Truck dream is a portent for your desire to be in a committed relationship or to be married. Perhaps you are in need of a temporary escape from reality. You will overcome any obstacles and limitations. The dream draws attention to some sort of self-guilt and the debt that you owe to society. You need to come down from your lofty ideals and approach life from a more pragmatic perspective.

Accident in this dream refers to some sort of trouble that is entering your life. You are being refused. You are more likely to achieve some project or task. Your dream is sometimes the young, the helpless or the under-developed. You have some sort of crush on someone.

Dream About Semi Truck is a clue for unutilized or unrecognized skills and talents. You are learning about and acknowledging aspects of your subconscious. There is something that you need to pay special attention to. The dream is an omen for a divine power. You are connecting with your sensual side.

Semi and Accident is an indication for your emerging passion and strong will. You are under tremendous mental stress. You are hiding your true self. Your dream points to respect, reverence and admiration. You will accomplish your desires via not so legitimate means.

Dream About Truck Accident is an evidence for femininity and your sense of emotions. You are taking matters into your own hand. You have to make a tough decision. This dream hints the things that you must overcome in order to reach your goals. You are in need of more energy.

Dream about Semi Truck Accident is a symbol for your consciousness. You have acknowledged your hidden potential. Perhaps you may even be expressing a desire to be in a committed relationship. This dream is a symbol for a need for spiritual healing. What is inside is what matters most and what is important.

Sometimes, dream about semi truck accident represents pent up anger and aggression, especially within your personal relationship. You may feel that it is easier to give up, then to try to stay afloat or prevent yourself from going under. You need to exert more control over aspects of your life. This dream is unfortunately an admonition for self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. You do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself.

Dream about Getting Hit By A Semi signifies cockiness, cleverness, or independence. You want to share your excitement with those around you. You are feeling out of place. The dream is a sign for psychic ability, intuition and mutual understanding. Sometimes you have to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

Get in your dream is sometimes thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your subconscious. Perhaps you need to incorporate some new aspects into your own character. You are unwilling to confront a problem that has been negatively impacting your life. Your dream indicates money being received. You are trying to pacify someone or something.

Hit dream signals some sort of advice or message from your subconscious. You are entangled in some relationship matter. You need to incorporate various components together and look at the picture as a whole. Your dream is a clue for loss and sorrow. You are being pulled toward the depths of your subconscious.

Semi in this dream is an omen for aspects of yourself that are being joined together as a whole. You must acknowledge what your intuition is trying to tell you. There is something you are not confronting or are refusing to see. Your dream is a premonition for the two choices or directions. You are contemplating some changes in your life that will lay the groundwork for a more solid foundation.

Dream About Got Hit signals your control and power over some matter. You are pushing yourself and putting your mental and physical ability to the test. Some aspect of your life is having a soothing effect on you. This dream is a sign for disappointments in love. You are preoccupied with your physical shape and appearance.

Get and Semi is a metaphor for the end of a phase in your life. You are playing with fire. It is time for your to move on from a situation. This dream hints balance and symmetry. It is time to confront a specific person on an issue.

Hit and Semi is a message for precision and accuracy in what you do. There is something that you need to learn or incorporate into your understanding. There is an important lesson that you and only you need to learn. This dream is sometimes a guide to steer you toward the right direction. You are being overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Dream about Getting Hit By A Semi is a symbol for the pleasures and enjoyment that you are denying yourself in your life. What you thought was difficult at first is going to be worth your while. You feel you are pursuing others people’s goals instead of your own. The dream is about basic essentials of your life. You have an opponent.

Sometimes, dream about getting hit by a semi refers to your senseless spending. You are incoherent. You are being well-grounded and down to earth or that you have been grounded. This dream is a sign for loss, disappointments, frustrations and distress. You need to learn to be an independent thinker and not let others influence you too much.

Dream about Getting A Semi Truck stands for harmony and creativity. You may be feeling vulnerable and are in need of comfort. You may experience a rise in status. Your dream refers to self-exploration and discovery. You are guided by honor, structure and what is right.

Get in your dream points to messages from your subconscious or intuition. Aspects of yourself are in harmony. You need to work on cultivating and recognizing new opportunities. The dream refers to your retreat from reality. You or someone is being opportunistic.

Semi dream is a signal for cleansing of past sins. You need to just hang in where you are. You have many options to weigh and decisions to make. This dream is your need to control others and show them who is in charge. You are taking risks that you shouldn’t be taking.

Truck in this dream is a harbinger for low self-esteem issues. You are getting ready for a challenge. Your views are in conflict with a person or persons. This dream denotes a lack of self-esteem and confidence. You are in self-denial.

Get and Semi signals a new direction that you are taking. You are overwhelmed with life’s challenges and feel like you need to be a super hero in order to handle it all. There is something rising out of your subconscious and into your awareness. This dream is a message for you are going to say yes to some question you have been asking yourself. You are taking control of your hectic life.

Get and Truck is an omen for spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal. You are feeling overwhelmed by things that are seemingly coming out of the blue. Big changes are ahead for you. This dream is a portent for the risk-taker within you. You are on a path of self discovery.

Dream About Semi Truck is a portent for enlightenment, knowledge, comprehension, understanding and intellectual awareness. You are acting different. You are censoring yourself and watching what you say. The dream is a message for success in your love life. Something that may look risky or challenging at first can be tackled if you break it down.

Dream about Getting A Semi Truck represents some temptation in your life. You are going back and forth in some situation or decision. You are free of any worries and focused on a life of ease. This dream denotes some significant spiritual development and supernatural energy. You are proud of your body.

Sometimes, dream about getting a semi truck is a warning signal for a lack of happiness in your life. It is time to bail out of a situation or abandon an old idea or habit. You will never lack the necessities of life. The dream states your ability to cut through your emotions and break through the emotional barriers. You need to hurry up in making a decision.

Dream about Driving A Semi stands for material possessions and earthly things. You are putting the goals of others ahead of your own. You to expand your thinking and use your imagination and creativity. This dream means community, simplicity and tradition. You will enjoy calmness and peace after a period of much chaos and problems.

Driving A Semi suggests charity and your willingness to offer your assistance. You feel that you are becoming like your father. You are looking for a strong foundation and some stability. The dream states a message or advice that comes with a price. You have developed a way of shielding yourself from things that may hurt you.

Drive in your dream symbolises some dangerous or risky activities. You are fixated on your own shortcomings. You are spending too much time in trivial matters. Your dream is a hint for some anxiety or fear. Perhaps you wish to incorporate the qualities of others into yourself.

Drive in this dream is a harbinger for a temporary situation or relationship. You need to stop what you are doing and take a different course of action. You are getting off to a good start for some project. The dream is a metaphor for your anger and fears. You are changing aspects of yourself in order to fit other people’s ideals.

Semi in dream states your individualism. You need to think first before saying something you might regret. You are over-thinking or over-analyzing some situation. Your dream is a harbinger for your desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. You feel that you are not able to express yourself and communicate your feelings.

Semi dream hints something that you are holding onto for too long. You are looking for comfort or that you need to be comforted by someone. You are accepting or acknowledging some aspect of yourself. This dream suggests your legacy and how you want to be remembered. You are trying to make your life more comfortable.

Dream about both “Drive” and “Semi” is a symbol for unwanted or rejected aspects of yourself. You need to get a better handle on your life situation. You are feeling awkward and insecure. Your dream points to your negative ideas of anything feminine and your experiences with dangerous or heartless women. You are being too serious and need to lighten up.

Dream about driving a semi states your ability to offer love to others. A situation or decision is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected. You are doing something that will be good for everybody. This dream is an evidence for your emotional needs and desires. You are exploring a new perspective in life.

Dream about Semi Truck Crash stands for passion and emotion. You are uncovering some unused talent. You are becoming a hardened person. The dream indicates your need to explore more possibilities. You always have something or someone you can lean on.

Semi in your dream is a sign for how you process or handle your emotions. Somebody is trying to connect o you on an emotional level. You are nervous about verbalizing or communicating some feeling or thought. The dream signifies shelter from a stormy relationship or chaotic situation. You are involved in a destructive relationship.

Truck dream is about your need to be more assertive. Your fame, fortune and power will be ruthlessly taken from you. You need to calm down. Your dream denotes some sort of advice or message from your subconscious. Whatever that person represents has no part in your own life anymore.

Crash in this dream means the killing off of the old parts and old habits. You tend to keep your emotions inside, it is finding expression in a violent way. You need to keep your guard up. This dream is a premonition for feeling of being trapped or immobilized. One minute you can be in control of your emotions and the next minute you are not.

Dream About Semi Truck is a symbol for old age and insight and wisdom. You are uncovering some unused talent. You are looking for specific qualities as represented by a person. The dream points at some drama you are experiencing with your family or friends. There may be something that you have overlooked.

Semi and Crash symbolises the impact that you have on your surroundings. You have unveiled some hidden skill or talent. Something or someone is bringing various aspects of yourself together. Your dream is a premonition for the sweet rewards in life. You are becoming a hardened person.

Dream About Truck Crash is a metaphor for your mood, attitude and emotions. You are able to manipulate things to your advantage. You are having difficulties integrating love and emotions. The dream indicates marriage, union, commitments and issues of the heart. Your hard work and labor will be well worth it in the end.

Dream about Semi Truck Crash symbolises culture, sophistication and grace. You want to always remember someone who is passed-away in a positive light. You are taking the higher road in some situation. This dream is a symbol for original thought or old ways of thinking. You need to draw from the inspiration of others.

Sometimes, dream about semi truck crash points at failure. You may be expressing a desire to regress back into infantile dependence and escape from your daily responsibilities/problems. Your guard is down. Your dream is sadly a warning alert for your ability to get down to the core of the problem. You are not quite ready to confront some new situation by yourself.

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