Dream Meaning of Partner / partnership

Dream Meaning of Partner / partnership

Partnership of any sort in dreams signifies a joint spiritual responsibility. Being aware of having a partner highlights the fact that burdens and difficulties can also be shared.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Most of us look for qualities in others that enhance or complement our own, so whether we dream of our actual partner or of being in partnership we are searching for such attributes. We require some kind of integration within ourselves.

Material aspects: From a mundane perspective, partnership often denotes a shared task, ideal or project. Such a dream suggests that looking at the work in hand from a different perspective might bring about a solution to problems.

Gives gender - specific: In both men’s and women’s dreams, dreaming of a partner, particularly in a mixed gender relationship, will probably highlight the animus or anima. In many cases, a partner will represent the shadow, a ready recipient for aspects of our own negativity.

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