Dream Meaning of Daisy

Dream Meaning of Daisy

For Daisy are dedicated many songs, poems, poetry and al kind of art expression because they are symbol of purity and love. Dreaming about daisy expresses you are happy with the goals you intend to fulfill or it refers to a moment of ecstasy. This dream means joy and welfare. The dream about daisy is being in love with life, is being in peace with yourself and your actions. Dreaming about daisy refers to requited love. When we dream about daisy we are on clouds, we can fulfill all our goals and we are really happy.

Dream about Blue Daisy is a premonition for the rat race that you are experiencing in your life. Something in your life is in need of your attention. Help will come from someone whom you least expect. Your dream refers to your own childlike qualities or something that is cuddly. You are a team player and able to work in harmony for a common cause.

Blue Daisy is an indication for your intuition and inner realizations. You have accomplished something that you thought was impossible. You are experiencing new awareness that is unfolding in your life. Your dream is a sign for commercialism, riches, or abundance. It is time to let go of the past and move on.

Blue in your dream is an omen for your own personal views on abortion. You are trying to take the quick and easy path to success. You need to confront your fears. This dream draws attention to some tension or confrontation. You need to think things through before acting on them.

Blue in this dream is a harbinger for a flaw or weakness in your thinking. You are feeling off balance and out of sync. You are pursuing down the wrong path. This dream is a metaphor for feelings of hopelessness about some situation or circumstance. You are not being genuine and true to yourself.

Daisy in dream symbolises some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. You are ready to explore and grow as an individual. You are being self-conscious. Your dream is a sign for your desires for authority and control. You are placed under scrutiny by others.

Daisy dream signals some area where you need to better focus your attention. You are afraid to let others down. You need to start dealing with your emotions. The dream is a premonition for a female in your life who is emotionally cold. You may feel that you are not able to fully express your emotions.

Dream about both “Blue” and “Daisy” is sadly a warning for someone who is stupid or lacks common sense. You are hindering your own self-growth by not utilizing your abilities and talents. You are looking for comfort and mutual understanding, especially with a difficult situation. This dream is a warning alert for some unfinished feelings that you have left behind. Someone in your life does not have your best interest at heart.

Dream about blue daisy is an indication for positive changes ahead. You are indecisive about something. You need to tell yourself that it is mind over matter. This dream points to tentativeness about the path you are taking. You are going against what is acceptable.

(see Flowers, Garden)

The daisy got its name as a combination of “day’s eye,” making this an alternative sun emblem.

Innocence and fidelity, especially when covering afield or lawn.

The blissful simplicity of your youth.

If the daisy is worn, it portends love.

is an alternative V Missful siin-

A good dream in spring or summer, auguring a true lover; bad in winter or autumn (Raphael); symbol the eye of day, the sun, also see the charm of daisy petals.

Plucking petals from a daisy may indicate being undecided or unsure of something. It can also indicate a need to lighten up, or it may be slang for a homosexual or something that is excellent. On the other hand, daisies are often regarded as childhood flowers; if they appear as daisy chains, bracelets or necklaces, it may suggest a desire for the security and innocence of childhood. Another interpretation indicates that something is dead, buried or needing to be released, as in pushing up the daisies.

They symbolize simplicity and ingenuity.

To dream of a bunch of daisys, implies sadness, but if you dream of being in a field where these lovely flowers are in bloom, with the sun shining and birds singing, happiness, health and prosperity will vie each with the other to lead you through the pleasantest avenues of life.

To dream of seeing them out of season, you will be assailed by evil in some guise.

1- Because of its connection with childhood (as in daisy-chains), to dream of daisies usually represents innocence and purity.

2- Often in dreams there can be a play on words and the ‘days eye’ can have particular significance for the dreamer and represent psychological awakening.

3- The daisy is a symbol of spiritual purity.

Dreams of a daisy symbolize playfulness, innocence, royalty and romance. See Flower.

Daisies in a field indicate good health and security for the dreamer. White daisies bring love, Black-eyed Susans, jealousy.

1. Newness, innocence.

2. Success and happiness are in the offing.

3. Finality, loss—often emotionally, like a relationship (as in “pushing up daisies”).

Symbol for girl, as in Goose.

A childlike quality and naturalness that you are missing.

Folklore: Luck.

(Plant; Woman) In a dream, daisies represent a close friend who will bring a gift or contribute something to one’s business.

A daisy flower in a dream is also interpreted to represent a beautiful woman. Gathering daisies from the foot of a mountain in a dream means that a strong man or someone in authority will introduce one of his daughters or relatives to him for marriage.

A daisy flower in a dream is also interpreted to means marrying one’s cousin.

If someone gives you a bunch of daisys or if you see them it presages much sorrw for you and even a lost love.

If you are walking in a field of daisys and the sun is shining making everything you see beautiful then will you have some of the best luck, as you travel your road of life there will always be someone or something to smooth out the bumps.

Daisies can represent beauty, purity, and innocence. Their color also links them to the sun, and thus to enlightenment and illumination.

See flowers

Wakefulness and awareness.

Highly esteemed

A daisy answers the “he-loves-me, loves-me-not’ question. It may comment on love’s innocence, or it may signify a period of waiting.

Dream about A Field Of Daisies denotes the need for security and warmth. Life is passing you by if you do not jump in and participate in it. You are exploring a new environment and testing your boundaries. This dream expresses your strong maternal bond and instincts. You have accepted certain qualities of your friend and incorporated it into your own character.

A Field Of Daisies expresses the status of a situation or relationship in your life. You are careful in how you choose your words. You need to confront your weakness and stand up to the challenges ahead. Your dream is a signal for the rebuilding of your own life. Some childhood anxiety has yet to be resolved in your adult life.

Field in your dream denotes how time has stool still. You are feeling off balance and out of sync. You will find yourself in an adverse situation. The dream is a metaphor for your ability to adapt to any situation. You need to be more compassionate.

Field in this dream signifies your ambitions, your life and where you want to be headed. Some aspect of your daily routine is being altered. You need to be more expressive in daily conversations. This dream means rational thinking. You want to succeed on your own terms.

Daisy in dream signifies unpleasantness and coldness amongst your social and business circle. You need to step away from a situation that will harm you. You are misdirecting or misusing your energy. Your dream symbolises self guilt. You need to think things through before taking any action.

Daisy dream is a metaphor for your own views of marriage. You are taking certain things for granted or that you are not taking the time to notice the little things in life. Something may be hindering or slowing your progress. This dream is an omen for earth. You are developing the masculine aspects of character.

Dream about both “Field” and “Daisy” is a clue for a violent eruption of anger and aggression. You need to change your outdated way of thinking and old ideas. Something or someone is trying to get your attention. This dream stands for a lack of individuality and lack of emotions and feelings. You feel that you are being judged and are tired of pleasing others.

Dream about a field of daisies is a metaphor for your greatest potential and growth. You are refusing to face the consequences of your actions. You need to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Your dream signifies your preparation for the future. You may feel indebted to others.

sleep symbolizes happiness and prosperity, someone will extend a helping hand to you,

Dream about White Daisies means spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal. Some people are motivating you to do better. You are in full control of a situation or relationship. Your dream refers to a healing from trauma and working towards self-acceptance. You are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction.

White Daisies is a premonition for your unhappiness and discontentment at work. You are undergoing an inner transformation. You are feeling spiritually conflicted. The dream signals a new project or fresh start. You desire more freedom from cultural and society restraints.

White in your dream indicates grief and loss. You may be basking in your own achievements. You may be feeling some anxiety of not being on top of things. This dream represents a rejection of traditional values and beliefs. You may be searching into your past.

White in this dream is a clue for the monotony of your daily life. You are going around in a vicious circle. You are slowly warming up to a situation. The dream denotes your forgiving or yielding support system. You are trying to hide or blend into the background.

Daisy in dream is an indication for circumstances or situations in your life that are becoming overwhelming. You are feeling insecure, either emotionally or physically. You may become the target of criticism. This dream is an evidence for people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. You are idling in some area of your life.

Daisy dream symbolises the integration of various aspects of yourself. You are being accused of some wrongdoing. Your manifestation may be your way of escaping from reality. The dream is a harbinger for your need for nourishment and relaxation. You are shutting yourself out.

Dream about both “White” and “Daisy” is a warning signal for a loss of control in some aspect of your life. You need to be more vocal about your feelings, particularly what makes your happy and what makes unhappy. You may be too linear and rigid in your thinking. This dream is sadly a warning alert for your unexplored, underdeveloped, or undisciplined power. There is a problem that you need to be cautious in the way you handle it.

Dream about white daisies refers to your carefree and pleasant nature. Your emotions are clouding your judgment. This is a meaningful day between the two of you. Your dream denotes your fleeting desires of being wild, free and spontaneous. You possess a lot of insight.

Dream about Daisy signals male aggression and masculinity. You are trying to establish your identity and sense of self. You are holding on to the past. The dream denotes some environmental issue that you are concerned about or involved with. You are struggling with issues of belonging and acceptance.

Daisy is a portent for opportunities, access, control, secrets, freedom, knowledge or responsibilities. Your actions are counterproductive. You are feeling inadequate or oppressed. The dream points at acceptance of your responsibilities and duty. You are unveiling aspects of your subconscious.

Dream about Daisy [any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl] symbolises information that you need to incorporate into a situation or some aspect of your life. You need to adjust to some situation. You need to learn to share and allocate your workload instead of trying to do everything yourself. The dream is obstacles in your path. You need to take some chances in order to get ahead in life.

Dream about Daisies Rosewood Manor is a symbol for worries and burdens. You may be deep in thought. Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results. Big things often start small. Your dream is about your lofty goals. You are good at offering your advice to others.

Daisy in your dream states financial concerns and worries. You have processed some ideas and gained knowledge from it. You want others to pay attention to you. The dream is an omen for your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment. You need to get back to work.

Rosewood in your dream is sometimes loss of love and broken companionship. Perhaps you need to rid yourself of the negativities in your life. You feel that someone is out to get you. This dream is a harbinger for fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. Perhaps you are feeling a little lost in the world.

Manor in this dream is a sign for your need to lessen something in your life. You need to be more supportive to a person. You feel stifled in some way. This dream is a message for gossip or news. You need to take some time out.

Daisy and Rosewood states inspiration, imagination and devotion. You are physically or emotionally disconnected from those around you. You feel that all eyes are on you. The dream denotes the many obstacles and issues in your life. Some force is bonding or uniting your relationships together.

Daisy and Manor means inspiration, spiritual thinking, meditation and growth. You are being overwhelmed by some repressed feeling or subconscious material that is rising up to the surface. You are seeking calmness and tranquility. Your dream is an omen for your closeness to your spirituality or religious beliefs. There is an important message that you need to convey.

Rosewood and Manor is a harbinger for curiosity. You are seeking for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You may feel indebted to others. The dream is a hint for an escape from your own personal issues and stresses. You need to open up about your emotions or your emotional desires.

Dream about Daisies Rosewood Manor is a metaphor for something that you need to remember. You are looking for help from a higher source. You are feeling emotionally repressed. The dream is a metaphor for your full potential and your ability to achieve your goals. Someone in your life is taking advantage of your talents and abilities.

Sometimes, dream about daisies rosewood manor is unfortunately an alert for your overindulgences and excesses. You are experiencing some emotional conflict or are having difficulties in expressing your feelings. You are assessing your financial situation. The dream is sadly a warning signal for death, misfortune and bad luck. You are not letting aspects and characteristics of a person to be expressed within you.

To dream of a daisy flower represents feelings about how nice or positive it feels to to witness the choosing of honesty on it’s own. Feelings about how nice or positive it is to observe a person or situation intentionally trying hard to care about your feelings. Enjoying noticing that everything is working out. Noticing innocence, simplicity, or friendliness. Admiring someone who has supported you with your problems.

Enjoying noticing something negative being permanently removed, banished, or dead. Enjoying noticing self-defeat of enemies. Enjoying noticing that a situation is completely removed of the dishonesty it once had. Feeling good noticing that a bad person or problem can never return. Feeling good noticing that nobody wants to get you back. Showing other people that you feel good never wanting to get revenge on them. Feeling good noticing that life is safer than it previously was.

Negatively, daisies may reflect a naive belief that everyone’s feelings are important to be notice respected. Naively believing that everyone is honest. Honest intentions gone overboard. Thinking that it’s a wonderful thing to notice someone is dead. The tendency of wealthy people or nice people to be naively unrealistic about danger.


Daisy – The daisy represents not only fecundity, but also felicity. Daisies placed in your hair carry with them the symbol of true love and devotion from someone close to you. They also symbolize daydreams and wishful fancy. When they are found in a dream they help to denote that the dream may not have a direct correlation with anything in your conscious life, but rather something that you hope will come true.

Dream about daisy suggests a beautiful soul. You will succeed in overcoming your rivals and fears. You are making a career change or getting a promotion. This symbolises an important message from your subconscious or inner wisdom. They are up to something.

Daisy dream is a sign for achievement and success. You are overwhelmed and overworked. You are seeking protection for your emotional well being. It is a hint for wealth and prominence. You may have self-esteem issues and often feel overlooked.

The atmosphere today is surprisingly buoyant after a fairly heavy spell. If you are looking for love and romance, then it is not a good time to stay indoors. Romance can be found in the kind of places where the spirit of laughter and friendliness is celebrated. Whether this means a trip to a local meeting place, or perhaps an outing somewhere in the country – you will enjoy this time immensely.

Dream about blue daisy indicates good luck and happiness. You are taking advantage of the innocent and the vulnerable. You are allowing others to manipulate you. Your dream is sometimes a spiritual quest. Youn need to try and steer back in the right direction.

Dream about yellow daisy indicates great abundance, freedom and happiness. You have come to terms with a relationship and have completed the healing process. You are opening up. Your dream is an evidence for your hidden potential and latent talents. A present situation or relationship is making you feel helpless and powerless.

Dream about a field of daisies signifies neighborliness, comfort and companionship. You are feeling the influence of some authority figure. You feel that an important aspect of your life is over. This hints how you are moving and navigating through life. You are refusing to accept responsibility for your actions.

Dream about white daisies means hidden creative energy, skills and feelings. You are headed on the right track in your dark times. You need to take advantage and draw insight from your consciousness. The dream is a sign for female emotions, aggression and seduction. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions.

Dream about daisies rosewood manor is a premonition for heart and issues of the heart. You are able to separate your feelings and be objective. You are being cautiously optimistic about the good news you receive. This is a premonition for your willingness to let people in and share your life with others. It is time to let go.

Dream about flowers on fire stands for how you need to let a situation or relationship die and end it. You have let your success and ego distance you from others. You are feeling over-burdened and pressured. It is an indication for your creative energy flow. You are in control of your feelings and are supported by those around you.

Dream about buying flowers denotes your creativity and artistic abilities. You are undergoing an important transformation and deep spiritual development in your life. You are ready to explore and open yourself to new experiences. This dream means beauty, charm, poise and grace. You are seeking some personal advice or guidance.

Dream about flower of life hints clarity and understanding. Perhaps you are taking on a new perspective and a different view of things. You are setting forth on a spiritual path and higher awareness. The dream is a symbol for your need for spiritual renewal and healing. Life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer.

Dream about wearing flowers is a premonition for drawing your attention to something that you need to see or take notice. You are welcoming something new into your life. A situation or relationship has made you feel helpless. This is a hint for your desires for a more gratifying and exciting life. You are going to great lengths to try to get your hands on something, even through underhanded means.

Dream about Yellow Daisy represents spirituality, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety. You feel that you are going above and beyond your expectations. Your integrity is put into question. This dream points at your hidden talents and undeveloped abilities. You need to be more flexible and efficient with how your manage your time.

Yellow Daisy is an omen for your faith, personal religious beliefs and the divine. You are confident about the decisions you are making. You are in the way of someone’s goals. The dream is sometimes raw energy, power, fertility or emotional drive. Your friendships are drifting apart.

Yellow in your dream is a metaphor for seizing an opportunity. You are afraid to say something for fear of being criticized or judged. It is time to forgive and forget. The dream is an indication for treachery, deceit and hidden instincts. You are letting an opportunity pass you by if you do not take action.

Yellow in this dream denotes your own drive and leadership abilities. You are unprepared for some task at hand. You are lacking love. The dream is a clue for a quest for harmony in your life. You take pride in your work, even if it is menial or minor work.

Daisy in dream is your labor and hard work. You need to more order and organization in your life. You need to be careful of who you put your trust in. Your dream refers to your willingness to sacrifice your authority in order to maintain calmness in your domestic life or personal relationship. You are brainstorming for some new ideas or looking at the various choices out there for you.

Daisy dream is a sign for your inflated sense of yourself. You may be starving for love. You may be repressing your desires. The dream indicates your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks. There is a situation that you need to confront.

Dream about both “Yellow” and “Daisy” is sadly a warning alert for a situation where you have almost everything that you can possible want or need. You are trying to bring together opposing forces. You will not like what you hear. Your dream is a sign for violent rage or sudden anger. You are taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the responsibilities.

Dream about yellow daisy is an indication for an end to something and the beginning of a new phase in your life. You can overcome and conquer whatever obstacles may be in your way. You are navigating through your emotional life with ease and joy. Your dream indicates masculine power, dominance and energy. Something is hindering your progress and preventing you from moving forward in your life.

Dream about Daisy Flower is about family togetherness, reunions, celebration, peace, goodwill, generosity and human kindness. You have a desire to retreat from the stresses of the real world. You are being cautious and practical. This dream means your connection to those around you. You know what course of action you need to take and are moving forward in a productive manner.

Daisy Flower hints your stamina and durability. You feel unsupported by those around you. You are feeling melancholy. The dream points to you hyper-alertness and loyalty. There is something emerging from your subconscious.

Daisy in your dream is an omen for your insecurities about your role or position in a situation. You are digging deep into your own past and facing your fears. You are chased or followed by someone. The dream refers to others who share your viewpoints and ideas. You are hyper vigilant about your surroundings.

Daisy in this dream indicates your helplessness and your fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. You are being confronted with many challenges and need to maximize your full potential. You have not learned from your past life lessons or previous mistakes. The dream hints distress that will come in the disguise of happiness. You may be repressing your desires.

Flower in dream is an evidence for your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You need to venture out and explore. You are suppressing your feelings or thoughts. The dream expresses your need to take better care of your Self. You need to tailor your actions or behavior in order to fit in.

Flower dream points at your feelings about a person, situation, or relationship. You need to be more decisive and forge forward with your plans. You are being naive or gullible about some situation. The dream is about your wishes of how you want your own parents to be like. You are not making any progress in life.

Dream about both “Daisy” and “Flower” is unfortunately you are in a dead-end job. You may be spilling your guts out to others and sharing aspects of yourself which you have previously kept to yourself. You have low self-worth. Your dream is sadly a warning alert for your juvenile attitude. You are under scrutiny.

Dream about daisy flower denotes ability to express your desires or ideas. By recognizing the hidden aspects of yourself, you are able to move forward in life. You need to maintain a happy median between what is ahead for you in the future and what you left behind in the past. This dream means inexperience. You are surrounded by valuable friends.

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