Dream Meaning of Cutting Pig

Dream Meaning of Cutting Pig

Dream about cutting pig points at behavioral patterns in your current relationship. You have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. You need to utilize your mind and not let your emotions get out of control. This is sadly an alert for inferiority or low self esteem. Your ideals are set too high.

Cutting pig dream is a signal for your sloppy attitudes and incoherent thoughts. Some aspects of your personality are hurtful and even dangerous to your own well-being. You are being offensive to others without realizing it. It is a signal for a rash decision that you are making. You are addressing feelings that you have been ignoring or suppressing for too long.

There is no need to frown when another person walks by just because you don’t know that person. You must break the habit of living your life in fear. Take active steps toward curing this trend by not stepping down when strong forces try to intimidate you with brute strength. Promote the picture of peace and serenity that you have inside your head. Bring out more of your inner self.

Dream about cutting chicken is a warning for your self-identity or financial security. You need to find your own way in life and not follow someone else’s path. Your character is under attack. The dream is a hint for your fears and the rejected aspects of yourself. You do not want to go home.

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