Dream Meaning of Broken Gate

Dream Meaning of Broken Gate

Dream about broken gate denotes a life situation where you are being put on the defensive. Not forgetting where you came from and how you got to where you are today. You are ready to mend past hurts and resolve feelings of self guilt or past pain. This dream is a symbol for how you can no longer tolerate or put up with a particular situation, relationship, or person. You feel you are headed no where in life.

Broken gate dream is sadly an alert for a situation where you feel that no one is listening to you or paying attention to what you are saying. Someone in your life is totally not who you thought they were. A situation in your life will take a turn downward. This is sadly a warning signal for rejected aspect of yourself that is unclean or unaccepted by society. Perhaps things are moving too fast and you are unable to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

For some reason your emotions are trickling rather than flowing like a stream. Perhaps this is a good thing, as it gives you a chance to consolidate the relationship so far. You may tend to take yourselves very seriously, but it would be wise not to. Try to do something lighthearted if possible.

Dream about black gate is sadly an admonition for lost love, missed opportunities or drained emotions. You may be in need of some protection from life’s stresses and problems. You tend to be subjective and let your feelings get in the way of your decisions. This dream is sadly someone who is anal retentive. You are feeling confined by what society considers normal.

Dream about the gates of hell represents your tendency to control or manipulate someone or some situation. You are celebrating an end to your old ways and welcoming in a new beginning. You may be feeling inferior or not good enough. This dream is a signal for feelings of regret or sadness over an abandoned goal. You need to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed.

Dream about garden gate is a warning for someone who is addicted to drugs or someone in an obsessive relationship. You are trying to repel some destructive forces or rid yourself of harmful behaviors. You are trying to contain and suppress the qualities of the kidnapped person. Your dream hints a poor or distorted self-image. You are unable to move forward.

Dream about falling gate is a portent for your resilience and your ability to bounce back from adversity. You are evaluating a situation in your life where you need to be more rational in your thinking. Your behavior is too automated. This is a signal for your indecisiveness and your inability to commit. You are not obedient.

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