Dream meaning about Virgo

Dream Meaning of Virgo

A Virgo in a dream is a symbol of prudence, purity and perfection. You are a person who cares about details and always strives for perfection. young bride - a positive sign of happiness and joy in life old maid - you avoid responsibility and problems instead of boldly facing them say hello to the virgin - you will start trying to live up to your own beliefs kiss the maid - the dream tells you to appreciate what you have in life kiss her hand - you should express your needs and feelings more decisively talk to the virgin - you will have a humiliating experience sleeping maiden - your life will turn into a constant struggle crying maid - you will lose your loved one praying maiden - you will not be happy in love.

If you dream of the astrological sign, Virgo, then your dream is telling you to remain vulnerable and humble while maintaining your high standards.

(astr. See Constellations; Moon)

The symbol is the virgin and it governs the abdomen and intestines.

The colours associated with the sign are grey and navy blue; its specific gemstones are pink jasper and jade.

With its sensual and inquisitive nature, Virgo as a sign of the zodiac implies the need to taste, touch, and inspect every detail in life before digesting anything. She may call you to embrace the feminine aspect and her discerning nature.

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