Dream meaning about Nurse

Dream Meaning of Nurse

Dream about Wearing Nurses Uniform is an indication for good luck and happiness. You have an extremely high sense of self worth. You need some direction or clarity in a situation. This dream points at good luck and prosperity. You are opened to various new ideas.

Wear in your dream is a clue for the shaping and development of your personality. You are being pressured to settle down. You are looking for an outlet to express your personal thoughts and experiences. Your dream is someone that appears cold and frigid on the outside, but is really a warm and caring person on the inside. You need to be less arrogant.

Nurse dream is a signal for a trilogy, as in the past, present and future or father, mother and child or body, mind and soul, etc. You need a makeover of yourself. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them. This dream signals simplicity. You may need to compromise an aspect of yourself in order to move ahead.

Uniform in this dream is an indication for your struggles against adversity. You are no longer able to express yourself in the same way as you did in the past. Something requires your immediate action. Your dream stands for issues that are bothering you. You need to alter your actions before you or someone gets hurt.

Wear and Nurse signifies a romantic interest for a special person. An important message or vision will be made known to you. You are taking an active role in the way your life is going. Your dream stands for a significant and meaningful aspect of yourself. You need to open your eyes and be more attentive to a situation or relationship.

Dream About Wear Uniform is a sign for tranquility, serenity and relaxation. You are pursuing a new or different path. Your relationship is moving to the next level. This dream means young love and fresh romance. You are undergoing a period of healing.

Dream About Nurse Uniform is about your motivation, drive and will to pursue your goals. You are looking for a strong foundation and some stability. You are making progress and moving forward in life. The dream is a sign for rumours. You are experiencing some intense feelings.

Dream about Wearing Nurses Uniform denotes your desires for more excitement in your life. You are enjoying the good things in life. You are moving through life in a confident manner. Your dream is about inspiration and renewal. You own personal experiences and knowledge.

Sometimes, dream about wearing nurses uniform is about your inner desire to be sheltered, nourished and protected from life’s problems. You are too easily distracted by your surroundings. There is some emotional situation or issue in your life that needs to be handled with care. Your dream sadly draws attention to your lacking awareness of something in your life. You feel that someone is criticizing your decisions and actions.

Did you dream about nurses? They suggest that you need to show more compassion. Do everything in your power to help people through tough periods of their life. If you are talking to a nurse in the dream; it suggests that you might need to take time to heal mentally, spiritually, and physically. You need to talk to the right people. They can provide you with the right answers, care, and connection to the more knowledgeable people. Below we will note more detailed nurse dream meanings.

Being A Nurse
To dream that you are a nurse could reflect your waking life experiences. However, if you are not a nurse or met one recently, it indicates that people will soon come to you for advice. The dream suggests that you should be more compassionate and sympathetic towards other people’s problems.

Nurse Tending Patient
To see a nurse tending to a patient in the dream; suggests that you need to heal from something and be nurtured right now. You are going through some challenging times and require professional help.

Nurse Injecting Vaccine
To see yourself delivering and injecting vaccine to others as a doctor or nurse; indicate that you wish to influence other people’s beliefs and wishes. You believe that you are more educated and well informed compared to others. You do not shy away from giving harsh advice to people to prepare them for the worst-case scenario.

Nurse Checking Machine
To see a nurse checking on vital machines or IV fluids; suggests that you have found an answer to a problem. You have to be diligent and patient. Continuously check your progress to make sure that you stay on track. You are not completely out of the woods yet.

Coma Nurse
Seeing a nurse taking care of someone in a coma suggests that you are feeling out of contact with someone that you love or care about. Your work and advice are falling on deaf ears. The only option that you have is to be patient and wait for the miracle.

Operating Room Nurse
To dream about being a surgery or operating room nurse; foretells that you will soon under tremendous pressure to work well within a team. You will need to find your place and responsibilities. A time sensitive and life changing project is on the horizon.

Doctor Nurse or Nurse Practitioner
To dream that you are talking to a nurse practitioner or doctor nurse; suggests that you should be aware of your own well-being. However, do not be overly concerned about the issues that you are experiencing. Take it easy and do not think too highly of the problems that you are facing.

Hospital Nurse
To see a hospital nurse in the dream; forewarns potential health issues that you are not yet aware of. You will face a number of problems that may be related to one another. Watch out for cascading problems that get you in an increasingly difficult situation.

School Nurse
To dream about school nurse; suggests that you are having a hard time accepting certain problems in your professional or academic life. Consider taking the time to figure out what might be wrong. Seek people’s advice and attention. It’s mostly a small problem that can be fixed with a band-aid. Patch up your wounds before the problem gets worse.

Battlefield Nurse
To dream about a battlefield nurse during a war; foretells that you will have to make certain sacrifices. You might have to put your livelihood on the line if you decide to pick a side.

Emergency Nurse
To dream about an emergency room nurse or ambulance nurse; forewarns that you will have to make fast decisions during difficult times. Prioritize different compartments of your life to make the best decision.

Nurse Uniform
A nurse uniform in the dream indicates cleanliness and compassion.

Blue Nurse
Blue nurse color in the dream suggests that you need to focus on emotional healing.

Dead Nurse
To see a dead nurse in the dream; foretells that you will betray someone close to you. Someone will help you out in some way. However, you will take advantage of another person’s sympathy.

Old Nurse
To dream about an old nurse or one that is retired; indicates that you have missed the opportunity for healing. Seek advice from older individuals because of their experience.

Dream about Working As A Nurse is an omen for a change in your path or course of action. You are seeking for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. The situation that you need to confront is an extremely emotional one. The dream signifies your giving and charitable nature. Something is coming to an end.

Working As A Nurse is a sign for a new relationship, fresh beginnings or possible marriage. It is time to make a fresh, clean start. You are seeking a new self-identity and self-image. This dream is a hint for the sacrifices you are making in that situation or relationship. You are rushing into something.

Work in your dream denotes a loss or an end to an aspect of yourself. You are in an unhealthy or destructive relationship. Your life is feeling out of control. Your dream signifies pressures about your weight and body issues. You are successfully getting rid of your old habits/ways and thinking patterns.

Work in this dream is a premonition for an internal conflict. You believe that you can succeed in whatever you pursue. Someone is looking over you. Your dream means the end of some old habit or behavior and the beginning of a new attitude. You are trying to get to the root of some issue.

Nurse in dream is a premonition for deceit and covert activities. You are experiencing doubts in yourself. You do not want to settle down. The dream means the necessity of hard work. You are letting fears prevent you from achieving your goals.

Nurse dream is sometimes your financial future and financial security. Perhaps you are too emotionally bonded to your mother. You are being prevented from achieving your goals. Your dream signifies revenge and vengeful attitudes. Your opinions and views are valued by others.

Dream about both “Work” and “Nurse” hints trying to compensate for your own lack of self-confidence. There may have been a misunderstanding or a situation was misperceived and needs to be clarified. Someone is trying to get through to you one way or another. Your dream is a warning signal for your outdated surroundings and thinking. You may be lacking inspiration and need some new motivation in life.

Dream about working as a nurse represents the various components of your life. You feel that you have been overlooked. You are exhibiting caution in what you share about yourself. This dream is sometimes inspiration and renewal. You may be experiencing new walks of life.

Dream about Hospital Nurse signifies rejuvenation, enlightenment and vitality. You are a entering a new phase of life or a new phase of personal development. You are feeling defenseless. Your dream indicates luck, good fortune, longevity and tranquil life. You are taking a chance or a gamble at some unknown situation.

Hospital Nurse is a metaphor for truth, courage, love and romance. Perhaps you are involved in a rebound relationship. There is something important that that you need to tend to. Your dream is about something that is different or unfamiliar. You like to keep things moving along.

Hospital in your dream is a portent for your negligence of some situation. You are experiencing some deep seated fears from the subconscious. Your personal space has been violated. This dream is a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. There is some imbalance in some aspect of your life.

Hospital in this dream is a sign for frustrations on plans that you have set for yourself. You are playing unfairly in some situation. You need to be careful who you trust or who you believe. This dream points at a stinging remark or situation. You need to catch-up on something.

Nurse in dream points to money and what little you have of it. You are getting burned or humiliated by someone or some situation. You or someone is being given special treatment. This dream stands for fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You are undervaluing yourself or taking somebody else for granted.

Nurse dream is a premonition for your commitment to be fair in a situation. Perhaps you feel limited or restricted. You need to get down to the core of some matter. This dream is your pessimistic attitude. You are afraid that if you reveal these feelings, then others around you will judge and criticize you.

Dream about both “Hospital” and “Nurse” is a warning signal for failed attempts and disappointments. You have not fully let go of a relationship. Perhaps something is not what it appears to be. The dream is a sign for your failed attempts to rectify past mistakes. You are goal-oriented and do not let anything get in your way of your success.

Dream about hospital nurse is an omen for confidence. You need to speak your mind. You have access to a new area of your subconscious or that have gained acceptance into a group or place. Your dream is a sign for raw energy, power, aggression and fertility. Perhaps it is time for you to set new goals.

Dream about Nurse Sharks represents hope, possibilities and activism. You are feeling defenseless. You are still feeling sore and resentful about some situation or relationship. This dream signals self-renewal and positive change. You are waffling over a topic.

Nurse Sharks is your level of confidence. You are expressing some fear in your life. Great opportunities are being put before you, but still out of your reach. Your dream symbolises a valuable lesson to be learned. Perhaps it is you who is in need.

Nurse in your dream is a symbol for your ability to get others to agree with your ideas or beliefs. You need to evaluate who your true friends are and who are negative energy. Feelings of inadequacy or weakness and issues of power/control come into play. This dream refers to unity and togetherness. You need to literally pick yourself up and move on from the past.

Nurse in this dream indicates a need for cleansing. You are exposing yourself to danger. You are harboring some pent up anger or aggression. This dream is about something that is inferior in quality. You need to have better planning and organization in your life.

Shark in dream refers to an end to a habit, behavior or idea. Perhaps you are wanting to go back to a simpler time where you were cared for and did not have to worry about anything. You are trying to achieve success without doing the work. The dream is a portent for those around you who don’t want you to move ahead and succeed in life. You are leaving too much to chance.

Shark dream is a metaphor for your need to get away and escape from your daily life. You are being sidetracked or distracted from achieving your goals. Your privacy is being compromised. Your dream signals the emotional difficulties that you experience in life. There is a situation or relationship that you are trying to keep at a distance.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Shark” signifies your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. You have been sabotaged. You or someone is looking for help, but don’t know how to go about getting it. The dream states undeveloped aspects of yourself that you may have ignored. Some situation or circumstance is falling apart in your life.

Dream about nurse sharks is a portent for your need for self-discovery and self-awareness. You are planning a path toward success. You need to re-evaluate your strengths and concentrate your efforts in something more worthwhile. Your dream is an omen for your desires for a fresh new start. You are guided by honor, structure and what is right.

Dream about Getting Nurse is about your desire to do something important and leave an impression on others. You are moving on and planning for the next thing that comes your way. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. This dream is a clue for personal empowerment. You will achieve success through underhanded means.

Getting Nurse is a hint for your creative mind. The dark side of someone close to you is being revealed and you are able to see through to him/her true intentions. Perhaps it is time for you to set new goals. The dream represents enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual guidance. You are on experiencing emotional ups and downs.

Get in your dream is an omen for some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. Perhaps you have some unfulfilled desires or unfinished business. You need to assess some hidden information within your subconscious. Your dream is a premonition for a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. You need to incorporate certain qualities of the opposite gender.

Get in this dream is a message for previous lessons that you can learn from. You feel everyone is looking over your shoulder or up in your business. You are your own fiercest competitor. The dream is a metaphor for your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward a particular person. You need to proceed with care and caution.

Nurse in dream is an evidence for harmony and mutual understanding in your domestic sphere. You are looking for a sense of security or calmness in your life. You are giving in too much into your impulses. The dream refers to your attitudes about religion. You are looking for something unattainable in your current relationship.

Nurse dream is a premonition for your need for a much needed vacation or break. There is an aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know. You are going through a period of depression. The dream stands for underdeveloped emotions. You may also be feeling insecure about your achievements.

Dream about both “Get” and “Nurse” is sadly a warning signal for a lack of power in your words. You have neglected your duties or abandoned your responsibilities. You are trying to overcome some obstacle or difficulty. The dream is a warning for useless worries over small, trivial matters. You may not be feeling grounded or safe.

Dream about getting nurse points at success in achieving your goals. You are orchestrating some plan. You are seeking security in some situation or relationship. The dream hints excellence, success, aspirations or high ideals. You are overcome with emotions.

Dream about Nursing A Child is a message for strife and disharmony in both your work and home. You need to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. You need to get moving and act, before the opportunity passes you by. Your dream is a clue for an end to something and the beginning of a new phase in your life. You are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed.

Nursing A Child is a message for spontaneity. You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable. There is something nagging at your conscience. This dream is an indication for change and agility. You are getting the hang of some situation or some task.

Nurse in your dream refers to death or an end to something. You are guarded about certain emotional issues. You are hiding from something. Your dream is a portent for a problem that you need to acknowledge and confront. You are lacking love.

Nurse in this dream signals secrets, desires and thoughts which are being closely held and guarded. You are being underestimated based on your appearance or size. You need to better express your opinions. This dream is a premonition for deception. You have accepted aspects of a relationship and learned from those past mistakes.

Child in dream is a symbol for your carefulness and your cautious attitude. You are experiencing a setback toward accomplishing your goals. Maybe you are being too idealistic and things. Your dream refers to your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. You need to apply a lesson to a current issue, problem or relationship.

Child dream refers to fears that you are being played. You need to better focus your energies and direct them on your goals. You are feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work. Your dream is a harbinger for difficulties in your life. You are rejecting an idea or emotion.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Child” is a clue for sadness, gloom and ill health. That there is a difficult situation that you are trying your best to handle or manipulate. Your current love interests are not measuring up to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. The dream is a harbinger for the false pretenses of people who are trying to take advantage of you. It is time to let your emotions out and begin the healing process.

Dream about nursing a child points at longevity and something that is leaving a lasting impression. You have a clear perspective on things. You are sidetracked from your goals due to your domestic duties and communal responsibilities. The dream is a sign for your hurtful and cutting comments. What you learn today will be beneficial for you in the future.

Dream about Nursing A Baby Girl stands for misfortune, loss of honor and respect and hostility amongst friends and loved ones. It is time to get out there and experience life. Something has come to an end. This dream is a message for ambition, hope, goals and success. You need to show more sympathy, compassion and kindness.

Nurse in your dream hints alertness, awareness, open communication, reason and versatility. Perhaps you need to address some pent up aggression or you need to show more sensitivity. You need to sort out your thoughts and emotions. Your dream is a premonition for your reservation and hesitance in pursuing toward some path. You need to let loose a little sometimes.

Baby dream expresses your insecurities about your role or position in a situation. You may be closing yourself off from new experiences or shutting yourself out. You feel numbness. Your dream hints your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment. You need to get something out of your system or cut it out of your life.

Girl in this dream is a sign for your feelings of being taken advantaged or that you are messing things up. There is some anxiety or tension in your life. In order to achieve success, you need to endure the struggle and efforts that go along with success. Your dream signifies teamwork and cooperation. You need to make some self-improvements in your life.

Dream About Nursing A Baby states security and restoration of your mind. You are nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities. You are keeping your distance from a situation or relationship. This dream is an evidence for things that you need to keep track of and stay on top of. You are taking matters into your own hand.

Nurse and Girl states protection, heaven and divinity. You are putting up a front or facade. You are reassessing your view and outlook on life. This dream signifies virginity, lust and sensuality. You are undecided between two choices you have to make.

Dream About Baby Girl signals loyalty, honor, duty and discipline. Your are processing and integrating your ideas and feelings from the subconscious to the conscious level. You need to dedicate yourself to your goals, family, career, etc. The dream is a hint for your perceptiveness, insightfulness and observation. You need to be more in touch with nature and go back to a more basic and simpler life.

Dream about Nursing A Baby Girl is sometimes your desires to fit in. You need to let more joy and pleasure come into your life. You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable. This dream is a metaphor for the end of some relationship. You have changed your mind about some decision.

Sometimes, dream about nursing a baby girl is a harbinger for a major loss in your life. You are too unyielding and inflexible. Your words are not coming out right. Your dream refers to an aspect of yourself that is not working or functioning as well as it should. Your character will be put under scrutiny and called into question.

To see a nurse in a dream
If you see a nurse in a dream, that warns of sickness in your family. It is possible that someone will have a smaller health issue that will be fixed easily. Anyhow, that will scare you and make you take care of your health and influence others to do the same. If they start to rebel and refuse to listen to you, you will have to be persistent, because they didn’t have anyone to look up to when they were growing up.

To be a nurse
Dreaming of being a nurse means that someone is causing troubles for you on purpose. You will realize that weird things are happening around you, but you will not pay a lot of attention to it, at first. With time, you will be convinced that someone is framing you, but you will not know who. It is possible that that person is good with words, but their deeds are not justifying them. You will have to collect the evidence carefully and not talk about your doubts and intentions to anyone.

To meet a nurse
If you are dreaming of meeting a nurse, it means that you have realized on time how much you need to take care of your health. A couple of months ago, you probably ignored doctor’s appointments, ate bad food, slept irregularly and enjoyed in vices. However, changes that you have made lately are already giving results, so you are on a good path to straighten your general health up. If you still have some worrying symptoms, don’t be afraid to visit a doctor.

To talk to a nurse
Dreaming of talking to a nurse symbolizes the lack of love and attention. It is possible that you and your partner have distanced from each other, or you are simply not a good match. Good news is that that phase will pass, but you will have to make an effort to improve your communication.

If, however, you are single, your subconsciousness is warning you to change it as soon as possible. You don’t accept compromises easily, which is exactly the reason for still searching for your soulmate.

To have an argument with a nurse
A dream in which you are having an argument with a medical staff means that you are a very stubborn person. You believe that you possess enough knowledge and experience for every situation in life and you rarely listen to people’s advices. Your friends are refusing to argue with you about anything lately, because they know that it will not end up well. However, you need to realize that other people will not be able to tolerate your behavior. Self-confidence is good, but only when used moderately.

To have a fight with a nurse
Dreaming of having a fight with a nurse means that you lack sex or that your partner is not satisfying your needs. Considering that intimate relations are very important to you, ask yourself what the problem is about. Don’t blame the other person for everything, at least until you have arguments to do so. Both people need to work on their relationship equally, if they want it to survive.

To kiss a nurse
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a nurse symbolizes hidden sexual fantasies for both sexes. Nurses have always sparked men’s imagination, while women react to them similarly. However, men have these dreams more often than women. If a man dreams of kissing a nurse, it means that he is attracted to role play in bed. If, however, a woman dreams of some kind of sexual relationship with a nurse, it means that she is longing for a passionate romance with a stranger.

To hide from a nurse
When you are hiding from a nurse in a dream, it means that your consciousness is restless. Even though you are presenting yourself as an honest and open person, that is not entirely true. The fact that you are often avoiding to state your opinion doesn’t mean that you are honest, but a coward, which is fine, but don’t preach to others about the right behavior then.

If you are hiding someone else from a nurse in a dream, it means that your friend will ask you for an advice or help. You will gladly decide to help, but you will realize that you don’t know what to tell them. You will be afraid that any kind of an advice could make their situation even worse. The best thing would be to try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you would do. Of course, everyone needs to make their own decisions alone, but two heads are often smarter than one.

To kill a nurse
Dreaming of killing a nurse means that your subconsciousness is warning you not to make impulsive decisions. Before you start doing something, weight out all the positive and negative things that go with your decision, because recklessness could cost you a lot. Taking the risk and acting quickly is great, but why wouldn’t you stop possible mistakes, if you can?

A dream in which you see a dead nurse symbolizes material damage. It is possible that your car or some house appliances will break down. Considering that you haven’t planned such an expense in your house budget, you will decide to wait a little bit before you fix the damage.

To see a nurse in your home
If you are dreaming of a nurse being in your home, it means that you will hear good news from abroad. If you have planned to travel somewhere, you will receive an information that there are no obstacles standing in your way. Positive news can also come from family members or friends that you haven’t see for a long time. It is possible that you will be invited to a wedding, christening or a birthday celebration.

To see a naked nurse
When a man sees a naked nurse in a dream, it means that he lacks adventure. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, you have probably neglected activities that you’ve enjoyed doing before. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have enough freedom, but that your priorities have changed. However, there is nothing wrong in taking the time for yourself sometimes and going out with your friends, or dedicating your time to a hobby that interests you.

If a woman sees a naked nurse in a dream, it means that she doesn’t feel loved. It is possible that the relationship with your partner is not good at the moment, or that your communication is bad. Anyhow, you have started to fantasize about another man, which has affected your dream as well.

If you are a medical worker or you have recently been in a health institution, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. The same rule should be applied if you have recently read a book, watched a TV show or a movie in which the main characters are nurses or doctors.

Also, these dreams could mean that you have a lot of obligations, especially if you are a nurse or you are taking care of a family member. You are probably doing all house chores as well, so your responsibility is expressed through these dreams.

Definition of a nurse

A nurse is a medical worker that takes care of patients who are staying in the hospital.

Dream about Nursing A Baby Boy is a metaphor for a personal and highly spiritual message from your subconscious. You admire some qualities that a person has. You feel helplessness in expressing your power and authority. This dream symbolises desertion and abandonment. Some relationship or somebody is dominating you.

Nurse in your dream represents your primitive impulses, wild nature and repressed emotional energy. You need to break free from the routine. No one is paying attention to what you are saying. The dream is an omen for death and destruction. You are being too frigid.

Baby dream is about your past memories and experiences. You are nervous about what you are saying. Perhaps you are acting helpless in order to get out of some situation or obligation. Your dream is a metaphor for your tendency to bear pain in order to please others. Perhaps you think that someone is trying to keep something from you.

Boy in this dream refers to your ability to defend yourself in a situation. Perhaps, the disturbing events may have left a strong impression in your mind. You are not able to fully acknowledge your potential. Your dream points at wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. There is a cloud of suspicion over you.

Dream About Nursing A Baby is an evidence for a frugal but happy way of life. You are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. You are hiding your true feelings or true nature. The dream signifies a new sense of freedom where you had previously felt restricted and limited. You need to make a quick decision.

Nurse and Boy is an indication for creativity, energy, success, optimism, generosity, pleasure and extravagance. You are impotent. You are in need of some peace and quiet. Your dream is a harbinger for fertility and renewal. A person has a strong hold on you despite your efforts to break free from the unhealthy relationship.

Dream About Baby Boy is unexpected trouble. You are giving up on something that you had once believed. You need to pay attention to opportunities that are coming your way. Your dream hints your sense of direction and your life’s path. You have attained a new level of awareness.

Dream about Nursing A Baby Boy is an evidence for a desire to expand your social circle. You are involved in a some sort of conflict. You will soon experience a turn for the better. This dream represents setbacks. You have accomplished something that you thought was impossible.

Sometimes, dream about nursing a baby boy is sadly a warning for phoniness, fakeness and deceit. You are ready to wash away past hurts or emotional scars that you are carrying. You are experiencing confusion and ambiguity in some aspect of your life. The dream is unfortunately a warning for a lack of protection against risk. You are evaluating a situation in your life where you need to be more rational in your thinking.

Dream about Nursing A Kitten indicates your physique. You are opening up yourself to a new level of spirituality or consciousness. You are trying to connect with your spiritual energy. The dream is a hint for how you function and how you run your life when confronted with challenges. You are taking the higher road in some situation.

Nursing A Kitten is a harbinger for dissatisfaction in your love life. You are infringing on another’s copyright. You will successfully overcome your rivals and advance to a higher position. The dream signals the conscious mind. Positive spiritual experience will fill you with warmth and love.

Nurse in your dream is a hint for the mundane aspect of your life. You need to be more flexible and open-minded in your thinking and in your decision making. You need to be more cautious in how you express yourself. The dream is a harbinger for an aspect of yourself that you need to get rid of. You need to sort out your problems and emotions.

Nurse in this dream signals aspects of your subconscious. You need to utilize better time management. You are looking down on yourself. This dream means regret in something you did. You need to be on guard.

Kitten in dream is a clue for some sort of emotional tension. Perhaps your strength or will is being put to the test. Some of your conservative views are in conflict with your liberal and wild side. Your dream denotes irreconcilable differences. You need to consider alternatives to your way of thinking.

Kitten dream is a message for some minor disputes. You need to exercise care in some fragile situation. You have been betrayed. This dream is an indication for your fragile or vulnerable state of mind. You are open or receptive to outside influences.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Kitten” is a premonition for unity, balance, harmony, calmness and self-discipline. You are forcing your opinions and views on others. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your subconscious thoughts. Your dream is a signal for some old habit, condition, or situation. You may be too overly confident.

Dream about nursing a kitten suggests glamour. You will overcome your current struggles. You are ready to reveal something hidden about yourself. The dream points at wisdom, frugality and practicality. You are opening up.

Nurse – Dreaming about a nurse means that you are in need of some care for yourself. You may be letting your health become run down as a result of stress and busyness, or you may be not taking care of your needs emotionally or spiritually. Regardless of what area of your life needs care, this is a clear sign to take a break and spend some time taking care of yourself. On the other hand, if you dream about being a nurse to someone else, this is similarly a sign that that person needs some care, and that you are the prime person to provide that care for this person. You may feel overwhelmed with responsibility if this is a very needy person, so you must also watch to make sure that you are not neglecting your own needs because of this other person’s demands.

Dream about Nursing A Dog denotes spiritual lessons you have learned. You will bounce back from anything that may be said about you. You are feeling spiritually conflicted. The dream signals a healing from trauma and working towards self-acceptance. You are part of a love triangle where you are in love with the same person.

Nursing A Dog is ability to express your desires or ideas. You are experiencing a rocky period in your life. You are going out of your way to please others. Your dream is an evidence for your need to establish certain boundaries. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.

Nurse in your dream denotes some subconscious material that needs to be confronted or addressed. You are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil. You are in self-denial. The dream is a clue for your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt. You need to apply a lesson to a current issue, problem or relationship.

Nurse in this dream is an indication for your fear of facing a harsh reality. You may be undervaluing or overvaluing something or some relationship. You need to go back and redo something all over again. Your dream is a premonition for your need to relax and be less serious. You are being overly dramatic in some situation.

Dog in dream stands for aspects of yourself that were prominent or developed when you were living in your hometown. You need to back off or retreat from a situation that you are currently facing in your life. You need to act on your gut instinct about some situation or relationship. This dream indicates your reaction to some situation. You need to be more careful with your spending.

Dog dream is an indication for a new approach to a problem. In order to achieve success, you need to endure the struggle and efforts that go along with success. You need to incorporate and join together various aspects of your consciousness. The dream is sometimes your right leaning political views. You are discovering old talents or skills that you have been casting aside.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Dog” is sadly a warning for your sense of helplessness and frustration in some situation. You are being too agreeable and accommodating, where your own sense of self is lost. You are lacking some emotional, intellectual, or physical component in order to feel whole again. Your dream is an indication for the limited time you have to react or to do something. You have been oblivious to something that everyone else had already realized or notice.

Dream about nursing a dog is an indication for your supporting role in a situation. You need to face reality. You are offending others. Your dream is an omen for representing masculinity, energy and vigor. You literally feel that you are carrying the weight of others.

Dream about Nursing A Cat indicates reluctance in some endeavor. You may be experiencing low self-esteem and confidence. You are all show. This dream is a clue for the spirit of competition. There is something that needs your attention.

Nursing A Cat means strength and durability. You are about to venture on an important life journey needed for your own personal growth. You are close to bringing your feelings to the surface. The dream points to an important message from a divine power. You are seeking some validity and truth to some situation.

Nurse in your dream suggests your perceptions about your own ideals in the context of social norms. You may also be trying to hide your true self. You are turning into someone. The dream indicates some ensnaring and controlling force. You need to look pass the surface and focus on what is inside.

Nurse in this dream refers to self guilt. You need to set your goals higher. You will redeem yourself and regain your honor after your fall from grace. The dream points to guilt. You need to delve into your own subconscious in search of an issue that you thought had been put to rest.

Cat in dream expresses feelings of guilt and fear of being caught. There are some issues that you are trying to sort out. You need to be more bubbly or vivacious. The dream means your overall well-being. Perhaps you are having difficulties dealing with issues of intimacy and privacy.

Cat dream denotes your sense of entitlement to certain things. You have lost sight of your goals and what you need to accomplish. You have the ability to create something out of seemingly nothing. Your dream stands for your confusion about some issue. You need to examine something more closely and look at a situation more objectively.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Cat” is sadly an alert for your immature actions and behavior. You need to utilize your mind and not let your emotions get out of control. You may be trying to hold onto something for too long. This dream states betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. You are trying to piece together all the components of a problem so you can get an overall picture.

Dream about nursing a cat points to family gatherings and family values. Your goals will take a lot of hard work to accomplish. You are easily swayed by others and are allowing them to control you. The dream is a premonition for spiritual enrichment and emotional growth. You are enjoying life to the fullest.

Dream about Becoming A Nurse indicates wealth and prosperity. You are cautious when it comes to expressing your emotions. You are ready to let go of the past or move forward. Your dream represents a passage of time, self-development and spiritual enlightenment. It is time to release your emotions and express it in a productive way.

Becoming A Nurse suggests the things that you must overcome in order to reach your goals. You are enjoying life and living it to the fullest. You are in a position of disseminating your knowledge and wisdom to others. The dream denotes your need for spiritual enrichment. You are saying good-bye to one aspect of yourself and hello to a whole new you.

Become in your dream is an omen for your competitive spirit and how you tend to measure yourself against others. You are being misunderstood. You need to balance your own needs with the needs of others. The dream means your own views of marriage. You are ahead in some situation or that you need to get ahead.

Become in this dream is a hint for sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal. You are trying to project a new persona. You need to calm down over some situation. This dream is a sign for your neutrality in some situation. You need to find your center and middle ground.

Nurse in dream stands for your hot temper. You need to keep your distance from some situation or relationship. Some secret information has leaked-out. This dream symbolises your quest to get ahead in life. You tend to not let your emotions get in the way of your decisions.

Nurse dream signifies obstacles that you have to overcome in order to grow as a person and move forward. Your ideas are coming to fruition. You are inefficient in how you complete your projects or goals. This dream is a hint for your concerns about upcoming occasion or about your health. You are being naive or gullible about some situation.

Dream about both “Become” and “Nurse” is a message for regret and guilt. You are lacking energy in your life. You may be wasting away your potential and unused skills. This dream is a signal for your unwillingness and refusal to be cast aside. You are forcing yourself to do something that you do not really want to do.

Dream about becoming a nurse is an indication for the sweeter things in life. You are taking a different life path then you had planned. You are owning up to your duties and responsibilities. This dream symbolises the thrills and dangers in some aspect of your life. Despite whatever chaos is surrounding you, you are able to block it out and achieve peace with yourself.

Dream about Someone Nursing A Baby indicates stability and swiftness. Perhaps you are putting on an act or a facade. Something or someone is robbing you of vital energy. The dream is an evidence for confidence about achieving your goals. You are looking to fulfill your needs for physical and emotional love.

Someone in your dream means an aspect of your character and your strictness. You need to reevaluate your options. Perhaps you need to adopt some of your good qualities into some situation. This dream is a metaphor for someone who is causing you trouble. You are acknowledging your negative emotions.

Nurse dream suggests your supportive role. Perhaps you are unsure about a decision you are making. You are avoiding some issue, responsibility or situation that is causing you emotional distress. This dream is a portent for repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. Someone is making you confront some issue that you are not ready to deal with.

Baby in this dream is a signal for the way you handle things. You are feeling worn out. You need to take a more active or more hands-on approach in order to move forward in some endeavor. Your dream represents your emotinal desires. An issue in your life may be clearing up.

Someone and Nurse is a message for what is ahead of you and the choices you make. You may need to take some time to cleanse your mind and find internal peace. You are refusing to confront issues from your past which is affecting your present life. Your dream points at an escape from the unhappiness or the demands of your life. You are coming face to face with some inner or worldly issue.

Dream About Someone Baby is a clue for inner vision, insight, instinct or some psychic ability you have yet untapped. You have control over your emotions. You to expand your thinking and use your imagination and creativity. Your dream represents luxurious living and pleasurable surroundings. You are harvesting some creative energy.

Dream About Nursing A Baby is hard work ahead for you. You have a keen sense of smell. Somebody offered you advice or comfort in your time of need. Your dream is a symbol for a mysterious person in your life who mean you harm. You are working on your image and how you portray yourself.

Dream about Someone Nursing A Baby is a symbol for power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. You are giving into your physical desires. You are being cautious and practical. This dream represents intense feelings carried over from a relationship. You need to pay attention to those around you.

Sometimes, dream about someone nursing a baby is a symbol for a lack in independence in a situation or relationship. You may be feeling inferior or insignificant. You are not feeling whole. This dream is a portent for hidden and embarrassing fears over some secret matters that you have not shared with anyone. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Dream about Nursing A Baby is sometimes your desires for the finer things in life. You are questioning your role in some situation. You are feeling overworked and need to take time out for yourself for some fun and relaxation. This dream is a sign for your desires to connect to a person in a more loving way. Something is coming to an end.

Nursing A Baby is emotions and issues that you have overlooked in your life. You are feeling apprehensive about the future. You are undergoing some identity crisis. The dream is new beginnings and growth. You are refusing to take responsibility for your actions.

Nurse in your dream means jealousy, lust or temptation. You need some more quiet time to yourself. You may be indebted to someone. This dream indicates your desire of escaping from your own reality. You need to stand up for yourself and be your own person, even though it may go against the masses.

Nurse in this dream is a signal for some dangerous situation. You are struggling between good and evil and right and wrong. Perhaps you need to get a clearer picture or idea. This dream is a signal for a freer, less encumbered relationship. Major changes will occur over a short period of time.

Baby in dream is your toughness and rigidity. You are going around in a vicious circle. You want others to pay attention to you. Your dream indicates your fears and anger. You are experiencing problems and distress in your personal relationships.

Baby dream is a hint for someone who can’t take criticism. You are calling out for help in some way. You are feeling jarred or shaken-up by something or someone. The dream is sometimes a guilty conscience. You are frustrated with work.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Baby” is unfortunately the consequences of the decisions you have made. Someone is forcing their views and beliefs on you. Someone else is sad because of your actions. This dream indicates the negative aspects of your childhood. You drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to others and as a result, you suffer from low self-esteem.

Dream about nursing a baby is a sign for your desires to fully express your emotions. There is an aspect of yourself that has yet to be acknowledged or utilized. There are things from your past experiences that you can still learn from. The dream signals the way you feel about a person. Something old is passing and something new is entering into your life.

The appearance of a nurse in a dream indicates a desire to obtain care and happiness that will ease the hardships of everyday life. Sometimes a dream indicates that we are too worried about our own health. be a nurse - show compassion or be faithful to someone to see her - it takes a little more time to heal someone situation be in her care - you need to be more careful about trusting other people seeing a nurse working in a hospital - you will free yourself from disturbing burdens see a few nurses - you will get involved in a higher cause see her during the round - you will meet a man who will turn out to be very valuable giving the injection - you will slowly accept the changes taking place in your life be afraid of the injection performed by the nurse - even if you do it reluctantly and have many doubts, you should be grateful for any help in a bloody apron - despite your sincere intentions efforts will be insufficient for others.

Dream about nurse stands for your successes and accomplishments. Youn need to try and steer back in the right direction. You are looking at things from a new perspective. This points to your willingness to help others and lend a hand. You will overcome your present circumstance.

Nurse dream is a metaphor for your outlandish ideas and your wild imagination. A major transformation is taking place in your life. You are keeping your anger inside, instead of expressing it. It hints a romantic interest for a special person. You are doubting the power of your femininity.

This is a wonderful day to deepen the bond and strengthen your commitment to one particular very special person. If you and your love are planning to make your relationship long-term, then this would be a good time to arrange a party and inform everyone of your intentions. It certainly will be an amazing day to remember. Be sure to take some photos.

Dream about becoming a nurse suggests love and passion. You are pleased with your achievements and approve of the decisions you have made. It is time to move on. This dream suggests success in love. You are refusing to accept the consequences of your actions.

Dream about nurse sharks indicates the subconscious, your personal resources and hidden potential. You are feeling lonely. You are making changes in your lifestyle and the way you are living. Your dream signifies an important transitional phase in your life which will take you away from your intended path. You are second guessing your decisions.

Dream about nurse uniform is sometimes your emotional urges and physical desires. Now is a good time for you to experiment and try new things. You display much confidence in your abilities. Your dream is an indication for a need for love and acceptance. You want to be unique and different from everybody else.

Dream about nursing kittens expresses child-like innocence, frailty and mischievousness. You are undergoing an inner transformation. You are on the right track. It denotes seduction and titillation. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life.

Dream about nursing home is a hint for how you are receiving, integrating and expressing your ideas and thoughts. You need to speak up and address what is bothering you. You are showing confidence in your ability. This dream is a premonition for life, ideas and creativity. Someone is saying goodbye to you.

Dream about nursing school suggests relaxation, pleasure and ease. You are getting hooked on something or being hooked in. You have a handle on your emotions. This dream points at achievement and success. You need do something or say something unexpected.

Dream about nursing baby refers to a past secret that is still haunting you. It is time to take a stand and be more assertive. You have a phobia. It points at a lady who is bugging you in your life. You are ready for a fresh new start and rebuilding a new self-image.

Dream about baby nursing signifies a spiritual journey into the unknown and signals self-development and self-awareness. You have power issues. You need to achieve self-fulfillment through love. Your dream signals domestic bliss. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure.

Healing ability, need for care and nurturing; depending upon whether nurse is male or female, may suggest need to nurture own masculine or feminine qualities.

A dream featuring a professional nurse signifies marriage for the single and family unity for the married, unless you are a trained nurse or in daily contact with them, in which case the dream has no prophetic significance.

If a nurse appears in your dreams the interpretation can have two different directions. On one hand, this could indicate that soon you will receive help from a friend, especially if you are depressed. But it can also be considered an announcement: you will have to provide your services to someone.

To dream that a nurse is retained in your home, foretells distressing illness, or unlucky visiting among friends.

To see a nurse leaving your house, omens good health in the family.

For a young woman to dream that she is a nurse, denotes that she will gain the esteem of people, through her self-sacrifice.

If she parts from a patient, she will yield to the persuasion of deceit.

To dream of being a nurse reveals a compassionate nature, maternal instincts, sacrifice and generosity.

To see a nurse in a dream means you have a desire to be taken care of and possibly you have your health concerns dealt with. See Doctor and Angel.

To dream of a nurse occupied with her work is omen of good health.

To dream that You are a nurse indicates a desire to have many friends.

1. Compassion and healing, mental or spiritual.

2. Misery, in need of care (with doctor).

It is a good sign to dream of a Nurse, and your business affairs will prosper.

Dreams featuring nurses are positive and suggests the end of a difficult time or specific problem in real life.

Femininity and motherliness. You either need help or you don t want be helped.

A nurse treating one’s wounds in a dream represents healing of one’s sickness or sufferings.

If a nurse visits a healthy person in a dream, it means that he may be wounded, and in that case he will need such assistance.

You are tired of responsibilities; you need assistance in your business and / or pnvate life. See also Meeting.

Vision: In a man’s dream, the nurse represents the demand that a woman pay attention to him.

It is also means marital dissatisfaction.

Depth Psychology: The nurse is the anima of the man, who is still searching for his woman-ideal. Particularly in a man’s dream, it shows the longing for a woman’s love and caring.

Dreaming of a nurse suggests a need to be taken care of and to be healed. It also sometimes indicates a healing is in progress.

This dream also implies that strained or unpleasant conditions are being set aright.

To dream that you are a nurse symbolizes the need for your increased consideration and sympathy in a given situation. Seeing a nurse in your dream implies the need to be in the comfort of someone who will take care of you. It also represents a phase of healing in mental, physical, or spiritual aspects.

One who helps physically, mentally, or spiritually, not necessarily by profession

A nurse is the bringer of care when illness or injury is present. As a character aspect in a dream, it is the part of your personality that can be called upon when a great deal of nurturance is necessary.

If you dream of a nurse, you need to cultivate a stronger relationship with your inner caretaker.

A nurse symbolizes caring and helping, Lk.10:34. If you dream of being a nurse it can symbolize your expert role in being used by God to assist someone

A nurse may appear to give care and nurturing that are healing to the soul as well as to the body. As the feminine archetype of a caregiver, she may comment that compassion is the greatest healer.

Healing process; someone you know who is a nurse; job of work for many; sister.

Dream about Nurse Uniform is a harbinger for tranquility, high aspirations, fame, victory, hopes and longevity. It is time to be more assertive and take control of your life. You have successfully escaped or gotten out from a burdening situation or relationship. This dream indicates a decision or choice that you need to make in order to progress forward. You are in tune with your spiritual powers.

Nurse Uniform is a premonition for imperfections. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom and calm. You need to take a break from life and let your mind rest. This dream is a premonition for your need for a break. You need to move forward with some decision or action.

Nurse in your dream is about your state of mind and feelings. Feelings of inadequacy or weakness and issues of power/control come into play. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. The dream is an omen for a dark secret you are keeping. You need some coaxing in order to discuss some issue.

Nurse in this dream points to an aspect of your life or an opportunity that is closed off to you. You need to start taking charge of the situation. You are nervous about what you are saying. Your dream is an omen for richness and indulgence. Someone close to you is hiding something from you.

Uniform in dream is your main squeeze or your mate. You are being restrained or inhibited from expressing yourself. There may be an unresolved issue from your past. The dream is a clue for repulsion, decay, dirtiness and even death. You are being coerced into doing something.

Uniform dream denotes your fears of things that are different. You are feeling locked out or denied of something. You are not afraid to exert your dominance in a relationship. Your dream is about the womb and your desire to isolate yourself from others. There is a situation that you need to confront.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Uniform” indicates your lack of respect for someone or some matter in your life. You are not letting obstacles stop you from proceeding with your goals. You need to show better restraint in holding back your anger. This dream is a symbol for insults and criticism that is aimed toward you. You are desperate to keep things the exact same.

Dream about nurse uniform means eroticism, lust and emotions. There is something that needs to be discussed. You may be putting your work or ambition ahead of your loved ones. Your dream is a metaphor for your drive to move forward and succeed in life. You have reached an increased level of understanding, new awareness and a fresh point of view.

To dream of a nurse represents an aspect of your personality that carries you through a problem or tough situation. You or someone else that is doing everything needed to get though something. A nurse may also reflect your own plan of action to stay stable or get yourself through a difficult time. People, habits, or situations that are supportive of positive change.

There may be a problem in your life that was fixed, and  symbolizes keeping on track, supporting it, and seeing it through to the end in a positive way.

will usually appear in a dream when there is a need for you to stay away from something negative, and to maintain integrity until it’s finally resolved.


Dream about Nurse is a signal for fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Perhaps you have been hurt recently. You are at the brink of desperation and want to destroy something or some aspect of yourself. This dream expresses unresolved issues from the past. It is time to let the person know how you feel, especially if you are dreaming of her or him frequently.

Nurse is a clue for the processing, transfer and sharing of information. You may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death. You are feeling off balance and out of sync. This dream represents craziness or confusion. You are looking for guidance and direction in your life.

Dream about Nurse [one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)] means your fears of letting go. You need to take a risk and go for it. You are holding on to old memories for fear of forgetting about them. This dream expresses someone who is offering their guidance and support. You have a tendency to look down on others.

Dream about Nanny [a woman who is the custodian of children] draws attention to your desire to be more independent and self-sufficient. You need to learn to speak up for yourself and assert your opinions. You have difficulties expressing your feelings. Your dream is a signal for some difficulty or some sort of hardship headed your way. You may have set your goals too high.

Dream about Nurse [try to cure by special care of treatment, of an illness or injury] stands for those around you who don’t want you to move ahead and succeed in life. You are holding in a lot of anger. You have no one to talk to. The dream is a metaphor for difficulties and difficulties that you are carrying with you. You have problems holding on to things.

Dream about Harbor [maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)] refers to your fear of other people’s differences. You are holding back your feelings or words. You need to protect yourself against your adversaries or haters out there. The dream is a premonition for something awful. Perhaps you are lacking confidence and suffering from low self-esteem.

Dream about Nurse [serve as a nurse; care for sick or handicapped people] is about your desire to be cared for and nurtured. You need to accept that some things don’t work out for a reason. You are afraid to confront your repressed emotions and thoughts. Your dream is a hint for your need to be comforted and reassured. You need to trust your intuition and instincts.

Dream about Nurse [treat carefully] draws attention to your childhood where the times were more carefree and simpler. Perhaps you are doing too much thinking and not taking action. You are going around in circles over a problem or situation. Your dream is a portent for a hasty and unwise decision in some important matter. You are wasting your energy on fruitless endeavors.

Dream about Breastfeed [give suck to] is an evidence for fear of being singled out or picked to perform. You need to let yourself go. You are trying to escape from the demands of real life. Your dream denotes medical concerns. The information that you are receiving from others is being filtered.

Dream about Seeing Nurse points at your aspirations, goals and ambitions. You are seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. You are careful about the risks you take. Your dream is a clue for wholesomeness and homegrown goodness. You are carrying a lot of burden.

Seeing Nurse is a metaphor for honesty, dedication and wisdom. You need to start looking within yourself. You are in control of your own emotions and passions. The dream is an evidence for living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. You are experiencing a burst of energy in some aspect of your life.

See in your dream signifies repressed memories of child abuse. A woman figure in your life who may be untrustworthy or cutthroat. You are letting your adventurous side guide you and take control. The dream is about your need to take charge of your life and the responsibilities that come with it. You are directing your aggression toward one person.

See in this dream is about forgiveness. Others are depending on you. You are harboring some feelings of resentment. The dream is a message for prosperity and attainment of your desires. You need to show more restraint with regards to your urges and desires.

Nurse in dream stands for your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You are feeling restricted or confined in a current relationship. You are dealing with criticism about your self and your body. Your dream states the young, the helpless or the under-developed. You are on the right track and are soaring to success without limitations.

Nurse dream states your curiosity, your subconscious thoughts and your need to express them. You may be feeling disconnected or distant from others. An old lover may come back into the picture. Your dream means past mistakes and regrets in your life. You need to start taking things more seriously.

Dream about both “See” and “Nurse” points to a bad habit which you have unsuccessfully tried to break. Some connections may be giving you a false sense of community or feeding into your feelings of inadequacies. You are not letting your vulnerabilities show through. This dream is a metaphor for your discarded attitudes, old habits and former beliefs. You need to let go of your outdated ideas and beliefs.

Dream about seeing nurse is sometimes your ability to shape your own path in life. Something is eating away at your subconscious. You are seeking some personal advice or guidance. The dream is an evidence for tenderness, love, nurturance and motherly love. You are fair and show good judgment.

Dream about Nursing A Bird means mistrust and insecurities. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions. You need to stand tall and be proud. The dream refers to inspiration, spiritual thinking, meditation and growth. Something drastic needs to happen in order for you to react or respond.

Nursing A Bird is a symbol for danger and poison. You creativity is being contained. There is an imbalance between work and pleasure. Your dream is a message for mortality. You need to continue to absorb knowledge and insights from your surroundings and experiences.

Nurse in your dream expresses self guilt. You are in need of some relaxation. You are headed nowhere. Your dream is a premonition for a situation where you felt powerless. You are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character.

Nurse in this dream draws attention to your difficulty in communicating with a person. You feel your creativity is being destroyed. Perhaps there is a some emotion that you need to express slowly. Your dream represents psychological transitions or emotional progress. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are signified.

Bird in dream is an omen for a harmonious situation. You are putting too much demands of others. Your reputation is being called into question. The dream suggests some self-doubt or issues with your self-image. You have been wronged in some way.

Bird dream is a clue for difficulties in your life. Your good judgment is being clouded by all the emotional turmoil and chaos. You feel that others do not think you can do things for yourself. This dream represents temporary worries and disagreements. You are getting-hosed or blindsided in some situation.

Dream about both “Nurse” and “Bird” is a message for feelings of insecurities and concerns about your performance in an area of your life. You may be too clingy. You lack creativity, individuality and initiative to venture out on your own. Your dream is an omen for low energy, disinterest, or disheartenment. You need to rid yourself of the negativity and things that are weighing you down.

Dream about nursing a bird denotes a life of luxury and ease. You need to take a break and lighten up. You are keeping your anger inside, instead of expressing it. This dream denotes your connection to your spirituality. You are about to make an important announcement or reveal something new about yourself.

When one has nurse dreams there is a level of healing or nurturing that is needed in order to feel comfortable.

This is usually will come about in a dream as a result of going through something extremely challenging and needing to have some compassion or help.

Men often dream of nurses because they tend to spend a significant amount of time in their lives without being nurtured in one way or another.

When one is not relaxed before sleep, the Kabbalah believes, their dreams will inevitably include Nurse.

Many times, overuse of amphetamines depletes one’s ability for mental rest and brings about Nurse in dreams.

Dream about Being A Nurse is a hint for a time for reflection. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. You need to be more open and honest about your feelings. Your dream is about good luck and happiness. A person can help you in your current situation.

Being A Nurse is a portent for human kindness, wholesomeness and compassion. You are utilizing your fullest potential. You have a sense of entitlement to certain things. The dream signifies a return to your true Self and acceptance of who you are. Sometimes you have to go along with the masses in order to maintain the peace.

Be in your dream is a message for your desire for routine and normalcy. You are being too vain. You need to learn moderation. This dream expresses a negative turn in events. Perhaps you are looking for an answer to a problem or decision.

Be in this dream points to feelings of inadequacy or being overwhelmed. You need to rid yourself of your old habits. You need to get to the heart of some matter or situation. This dream means how you or someone has acted foolishly and stupidly in a situation. You are hiding behind some persona.

Nurse in dream is a portent for a threat to your reputation. You need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. You need to make your opinions and views known. This dream indicates a situation in your life that you are ignoring. Perhaps you hope that you are not like a specific person and are making attempts to get rid of those traits within your own self.

Nurse dream is anxieties that you are not measuring when it comes to achieving your goals. Perhaps you are at risk of losing your job or being let go fo some commitment. You are consumed by some sort of passion even at the risk of offending or hurting other’s feelings. This dream is an indication for defensiveness or your close minded attitude. You are in a current state of chaos and despair.

Dream about both “Be” and “Nurse” hints hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. You need to voice your opinions more strongly and make your views known. You need to stop dwelling on your past emotions and clear them away. The dream indicates something that is missing or lacking in your life. You replaced someone else’s position.

Dream about being a nurse is an omen for your satisfaction and happiness with a current relationship. You are reclaiming your independence and power. You are seeking companionship. This dream is a clue for potential, heartiness and longevity. You need to seek help from others.

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