Dream meaning about Galaxy

Dream Meaning of Galaxy

Dream about Being In The Galaxy is a harbinger for the important role you play in the overall big picture. You are experiencing balance and harmony. You feel that you are going above and beyond your expectations. The dream is an omen for your commitment and dedication. You have attained a high level of authority and power.

Being In The Galaxy is a sign for the unknown and the subconscious. You have overcome some strong feminine temptation. You are feeling rejuvenated and reenergized. Your dream is about mobility, independence and freedom. You have built a solid foundation for success.

Be in your dream is a hint for your mobility and adaptability to some situation. Perhaps you have changed for the benefit of others that you don’t know who you are anymore. You may be overextending yourself. The dream refers to a situation or relationship that ended prematurely. You are involved with some questionable people who may be harmful to your well-being.

Be in this dream is a harbinger for someone who is consumed by their passion. You are being more suggestive instead of being more direct or bold. You are trying to catch or look for something in your life. Your dream is a message for your need to release some emotional desires. You are experiencing self-doubt and feelings of insecurity.

Galaxy in dream is a portent for jealousy, lust or temptation. You are being restrained in some way, either by your own belief system or by someone. You are repressing your emotions and not allowing them to be fully expressed. The dream hints resurrection, reincarnation and fertility. You are looking down on yourself.

Galaxy dream is a signal for some emotional outburst or suffering. You are trying to solve a problem. You need to come down from you lofty ambitions or idealistic notions. This dream is sometimes some rugged or tough force. You are afraid of being caught in some illicit activity.

Dream about both “Be” and “Galaxy” refers to a lack of objectivity in your decision-making and thinking process. A situation may be unclear or hazy. You have been avoiding the problem for too long. Your dream symbolises someone in your life who is lazy, slow or gentle. Something in your life has been ignored or is no longer of any use.

Dream about being in the galaxy is a signal for the image that you want to present and project to the outside world. You are a person that can get things done. You highly value yourself. Your dream points at rumours. You need to continue to absorb knowledge and insights from your surroundings and experiences.

(see Space)

View of expansive self; interdimensional experience q to awaken you to heightened awareness of self as creative energy.

See Outer Space.

1. Creativity.

2. Concern about eternal questions.

3. Symbol of beauty.

To see the galaxy in your dream represents your creativity. It also means that you are looking at the broader picture and are becoming more aware of your surroundings.

(See Celestial spheres)

To dream about the galaxy signifies your imagination. It also indicates that you are taking in the big picture and are more in touch with the world and events around you.

The term ‘a galaxy of stars’ originally applied to what we now call the milky way. In that sense, it symbolizes a potent part of our own universe, and a concept the magnitude of which is not easily grasped.

Psychological / emotional perspective: A galaxy is a huge collection and thus symbolizes vastness and depth in dreams, and not only one emotional response but many. Since we in dreams are usually observing the phenomena, there is an element of objectivity in being able to view our emotions in this way.

Material aspects: A galaxy of celebrities, in the sense of a group of people, most of whom have some importance in their own field, are perceived as powerful. In dreams, if this image is present we perhaps need to decide what the common factor is between them and how this might relate to our lives. You might like to consult the entries for celebrity, crowd, group, planets and shapes / patterns.

A galaxy is a bit like a unit of measurement that helps describe the known universe.

It is easy for a modern human being to consider that our solar system is part of a larger complex known as a galaxy and that there are billions of these enormous systems that populate our universe. To be dreaming of a galaxy is to be contemplating life on this humongous scale. This could be a literal consideration of existential reality or a symbol for the bigger picture of your unfolding life.

To dream of the entire galaxy represents feelings of being unable to do anything about something you don’t fully understand. A situation or problem may be too big to understand. Being exposed to sophistication or intelligence that astounds you.

To dream of a dark or strong blue colored represents may represent feelings about how unfair it is to be experiencing something too big to understand or control.

To dream of a light blue represents a very positive situation that you can’t understand or control at all. Experiencing a highly positive or abundant situation that astounds you. You can’t figure out how it’s possible that something is as good or incredible as it is.


Dream about galaxy is an omen for you self-image and the way you feel about your body. You need help in some situation or matter. You may be letting your anger and temper get the best of you. This dream points at new beginnings and growth. New changes in your life will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition.

Galaxy dream is a clue for a new surge of energy, growth, ambition and renewed confidence. You are expressing some anxiety about leaving behind what is familiar to you. Your future and goals are more clearer to you. This dream is a signal for an emotional or creative blockage. You have something important on your mind, but you may be holding back.

You can let go and take a loved one out somewhere amazing, perhaps to a dance where you can whirl the night away, or out for an intimate meal. You cannot, though, assume a certain request may be granted, as you may be sending out and receiving the wrong kind of signals. Avoid all kind of scheming and just be your natural self.

Dream about stars and galaxies signals winter time and the memories that that time of the year brings. You are never happy with what you have and are always trying to acquiring more material things. There is something that you are refusing to hear. It is an omen for contentment, warmth and comfort. You are refusing to take responsibility for your actions.

Dream about seeing galaxy suggests healing and magic. You may be putting up a front instead of addressing the core matter at hand. Your outlook is looking good. This dream indicates some complicated love triangle. You may be experiencing new walks of life.

Dream about being in the galaxy expresses intense passion and raw emotion. You and your friend share so much between each other and know so much about each other. You are content with who you are. Your dream is a sign for technology, information and modern life. You are ready to confront life’s challenges and life’s twists and turns.

To dream of a galaxy means something grandiose or enormous that will wake up your imagination and the creativity without limits. It could also indicate that you will be able to enjoy outstanding facts or professional contacts with the rest of the world by means of international events. If you dream of a galaxy similar to the Milky Way you will be able to feel sure of being invited to a technical exhibition in your city. Dreaming of a galaxy related with that of Andromeda is omened a great victory of a personal project of you in an European city.

In short, this type of dream denounces things difficult to conceive in the mind due to the magnitude of its manifestation. This doesn't exclude the possibility to point out errors or difficulties of big size.

The view of a galaxy in a dream refers to the creativity and creative nature of man. The dream calls the dreamer to better use the positive energy that lies in him. The galaxy in dreaming gives you a feeling of freedom and the possibility of having new and good ideas and thoughts, it can also illustrate an open mind in everyday approach to life. In general, sleep refers to the need to wake up or want recognition from family and friends. The galaxy is also a symbol of hope, wishes, aspirations and desires for the future. galaxy view - you will start to appreciate the people around you and the world in which you turn much more a distant galaxy - is an announcement that a very interesting goal will be unavailable to you people from another galaxy - a dream heralds a new friend or lover, it also means a general improvement in your current life opus calling your own galaxy - a sign that you are afraid of the upcoming events in your life or that you are not satisfied with the reality that surrounds you the birth of a galaxy - it is a harbinger of happy moments and calls for you to prepare for the coming new phase in life.

Dream about Seeing Galaxy stands for your tendency to keep and hold on to everything. You are experiencing extreme anxiety. You are celebrating your sensuality. Your dream hints you hyper-alertness and loyalty. You need to take a different approach.

Seeing Galaxy symbolises your anxiety about some real life competition that you are involved in. You are evaluating your goals and your means to achieve them. You feel you are above other people. The dream points to comfort. You are refusing to recognize your feminine power.

See in your dream draws attention to your ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance. You are succeeding despite those around you telling you that you will fail. You need to nurture the changes in your life. The dream is a harbinger for your fears about your relationship. Perhaps you need to cut-back on spending, smoking, eating, gambling or some other habit.

See in this dream is an omen for losing hope. You are struggling with keeping your animalistic desires in check. You are experiencing some sort of heartache or heartbreak. Your dream is a premonition for your anxieties and concerns about your own inhibitions. You are celebrating an end to your old ways and welcoming in a new beginning.

Galaxy in dream points to your cheerful attitude towards life. You need to bare your soul and let everything out into the open. Perhaps you are trying to rid yourself of certain aspects of your character. The dream symbolises fire, drive and passion. You need to approach some issue from a new direction.

Galaxy dream is a clue for how you are looking things from a different perspective. You are holding back your true feelings about something. You need to take things more slowly. Your dream is a clue for your childish or babyish attitudes/actions. You are feeling unfairly treated.

Dream about both “See” and “Galaxy” is a warning alert for your guilt about accepting something that you know was wrong. You need to focus and zero in on one issue at a time. Someone is taking advantage of your weaknesses. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for an outdated attitude. You are trying to connect with someone, but it is not going anywhere.

Dream about seeing galaxy indicates some burden in your life. You are feeling unappreciated. An unexpected incident will either provide you with joy or distress, depending on her attitude. The dream denotes your goals and future plans. You are under tremendous stress.

Seeing a galaxy in your dream is a reference to your creativity, and that you are examining a broader perspective about life, and acknowledging the surrounding people and events much more. The dream about a far away galaxy in space could be the omen that something interesting you is out of reach at the moment.

Leaving the Milky Way galaxy and traveling into space in a dream means fear and insecurity. Seeing beings from other galaxies suggests that you have discovered your hidden potential, and you are awakening to its possibilities.

Dream about Stars And Galaxies states physical health, vigor and energy. You have a creative mindset. You are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The dream is an omen for happiness, celebration and joviality. You are reevaluating your goals.

Stars And Galaxies denotes the beauty you find in others. You want to be part of the action or excitement. You are playing with fire. Your dream is a clue for unity, completeness, acceptance or agreement. You are living in the old ages.

Star in your dream refers to an aspect of your own self that you have ignored or abandoned. Perhaps you feel that you are stuck or that you are in a hopeless situation. You have been able to keep your feelings under control. This dream points at your forgiving or yielding support system. You are feeling overburdened and do not know whether you are coming or going.

Star in this dream means your feelings/anxieties about your a death. No matter how bleak circumstances may currently be, you know deep inside that things will work itself out. You are shutting out those who are trying to help you. Your dream is about a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. Perhaps you are abusing your position in some situation in your life.

Galaxy in dream signifies self denial or self deception. You need to act with deliberate action and precision. You are wasting your time and energy on unproductive pursuits. This dream signals your primal instinct or dark side. You have to be in charge.

Galaxy dream is a premonition for the ticking of the human heart and thus is indicative of the emotional side of your life. You have processed some ideas and gained knowledge from it. You are feeling restrained or censored in your work environment, relationship or situation in your life. Your dream is some burden that a person is creating for you or others. You are acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was unexpressed.

Dream about both “Star” and “Galaxy” is an omen for a lack of integrity on your part. You are having difficulties getting started on a project. Your subconscious is trying to attract your attention to some aspect of yourself or to some situation. This dream is a superficial facade. Some people are standing or blocking your way.

Dream about stars and galaxies means high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. You are feeling frisky or playful. You are unleashing your potential. This dream is an omen for an awakening and expanded consciousness. You are putting the squeeze on somebody.

Dream about Galaxy means your feelings of superiority. You need to draw-out or recognize some aspect of yourself. You are literally wasting away. Your dream is a signal for a problem or unresolved issue in your marriage. You are trying to recapture a certain time in your life.

Galaxy draws attention to a reward or an acknowledgement of your hard work. You want what other families have. You are feeling out of control. The dream expresses lingering danger. Aspects of yourself are in harmony.

Dream about Galaxy [a splendid assemblage (especially of famous people)] hints something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. You are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you. Perhaps you have been hiding the pain for so long that you forgot what pain feels like. The dream is a clue for a devouring mother or the feminine power to possess and entrap. Perhaps, you are being overly cautious in your pursuits.

Dream about Galax [tufted evergreen perennial herb having spikes of tiny white flowers and glossy green round to heart-shaped leaves that become coppery to maroon or purplish in fall] is an evidence for your belief that everything revolves around you. You are trying to downplay or suppress certain issues. You are too scattered. This dream draws attention to your fear of not being able to complete or succeeding in a task. You feel that you are not yourself anymore.

Dream about Galaxy [(astronomy) a collection of star systems; any of the billions of systems each having many stars and nebulae and dust] is a portent for your main squeeze or your mate. You are feeling unsure of yourself and where you are headed. You may be trying to rebel against something. This dream is sometimes your non-conformist attitude. You need to prioritize and organize your ideas and aspects of your life.

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