Dream meaning about Castration

Dream Meaning of Castration

In a man’s dream, castration suggests loss of masculinity and sexual power, or anxiety about satisfying a partner sexually. In a woman’s dream, castration may also express fears that someone wants to disempower you in some way; but it could also reveal hidden aggression against a man in your waking life. Bear in mind that there are many possible symbols for castration such as cutting off a necktie or destroying a tall building.

Can there be a more horrific dream for a man than the dream of being castrated? A woman dreaming of castrating a man is also expressing powerful emotions, perhaps a harsh desire to subdue a man in waking life or the masculine aspect of her personality. Bear in mind that in dreams there are many possible symbols for the penis; for example, dreams of cutting a necktie off, or losing an arm- wrestling competition or demolishing a tall building all suggest the loss of the penis. When interpreting such dreams, your own feelings are important. For example, were you scared, confident, or unconcerned? You also need to find out who the person or thing attacking you was. Sometimes the dream may indicate a fear of impotence, or the fear that someone wants to emasculate you in some way. The attack may also not be on your physical manhood but on other areas of your life, such as your ability to do a job, provide for your family or pay the bills.

In a man, it denotes fear of losing virility or of feeling sexually forced.

The myth in which Saturn castrated his father represents the fear of maturity and the desire to supplant the father’s figure.

1. Fear of impotence.

2. Overall fear of sexual inade­quacy.

3. Fear that someone—usually a female love interest— seeks to emasculate one.

4. Fear of failing at work.

5. Fear of failing in sports.

6. Fear that another male will show that he’s more potent sexually.

7. One feels that one has lost a sense of self.

8. One feels one is in a relationship that results in the loss of sense of self.

Loss of masculinity and vitality. As a dream image, it is almost always a sign of repressed physical urges. Castration dreams refer mostly to inferiority complexes and feelings of guilt. In rare cases, castration points to a deep-seated denial of masculine sexuality. At the time of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, castration dreams were relatively frequent. Now, they happen relatively seldom, since our attitudes to sexuality have changed.

A woman is not likely see herself as a castrated man, and aggressive masculinity is today accepted by man and woman as an important part of themselves and does not need to be punished with castration. Castration dreams today are mostly seen as referring to work and vitality. Also, castration dreams dreamed by women and men are often a reference to their relationship.

If a relationship is problematic and a partner feels restricted, fantasies and images about castration are normal. Castration dreams, in rare cases, may also have a positive side: one is liberating oneself from burdensome tasks. See Donkey, Genital Organ, Sexuality.

Ifone intends to bank something with someone as a trust or to confide a secret with someone, then ifhe witnesses a case of castration in a dream, he should immediately halt that intention, or cancel such arrangement. Ifone sees himself castrated in his dream, it means that he declines to testifying to the truth. Ifone finds that he became castrated, or ifhe does so to himselfin a dream, it means that he will be inflicted with humiliation and submission to someone’s command.

If one meets a castrated person who is unknown to him and who has a dignified look and speaks words of wisdom in the dream, it means that he has met an angle who is conveying glad tidings or bringing a warning from his Lord. Ifhe recognizes the castrated person in his dream, it means that he has met with an acquaintance of his. Seeing oneselfcastrated in a dream also means increase in one’s devotion and guarding of his chastity. Castration in a dream also means negation of favors, loss of one’s family or children, or it may imply absence of mannerism, choosing to satisfy one’s personal comfort over the interests of others, and it represents evil intent or hypocrisy.

(Also see Impotence)

Depth Psychology: Castration in men’s dreams is a symbol of suppressed feelings and needs. You are plagued by feelings of guilt and inferiority; also you are afraid of not performing well enough sexually and being rejected.

If these dreams appear frequently, you might consider seeking professional help.

A woman dreaming about the castration of a man, a cat, or any other animal, usually indicates feelings of aversion toward male sex- uality. Be honest: do vou really want to castrate him?

Castration can symbolize repulsion to, or inadequacy of, sexual expression and fear of losing oneself in the sexual act. It sometimes indicates deep guilt, and sometimes fear of either growing up or growing old. Castration also symbolizes feelings of emasculation and impotence.

Dreaming of castration means we are prepared to make a life sacrifice, to give up or control the sexual act in favour of celibacy and perhaps a more ascetic lifestyle.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Conventionally, there may be some difficulty in coming to terms with the conflict between the masculine and feminine within ourselves.

Material aspects: In any dream that contains sexual trauma, we are being alerted to our inner fears, not necessarily associated with the sexual act.

The violent act of castration in a dream indicates the damage we are doing to ourselves in denying such fears, or in denying natural urges.

Gives gender - specific: Castration in a man’s dream suggests that his sense of self is being attacked. In a woman’s dream she should take care that she is not emasculating her partner or colleagues.

In a dream this suggests fear of loss of masculinity and sexual power.

(see also pages 25-27 on castration and the Oedipus complex)

(1) In a man’s dream castration may mean he has lost, or feels he has lost - or might lose - his sexual drive or his manliness. Sell-castration is not uncommon.

If is a result of fears arising from some traumatic experience of sex, or feelings of guilt or disgust bred by early indoctrination.

(2) Occasionally, in a man’s dream, castration may express homosexual inclinations, or some kinds of disenchantment with his masculinity (which includes other aspects than sexuality: ambition, drive, aggressiveness, competitiveness, relying on head rather than heart).

The castration dream is most often associated with some type of sexual trauma or with problems of a personal nature. The castration theme is much more common in men's dreams than in women's dreams. For men, castration is the same as losing masculinity, while in women's dreams it can reflect the fear of making new friends. undergoing castration - a sign that you feel threatened for some reason, alternatively a dream suggests that you feel guilty about being physically attracted to other people witnessing it - means that someone close to you has serious emotional problems that they want to blame on you witnessing your partner's castration - shows that you feel ignored or neglected by someone, both sexually and emotionally, think about it, maybe it's your partner castrated partner - may suggest that your partner is very selfish, completely disregarding your feelings castrated animal - means that you feel desperate or that you are suppressing your animal instincts.

To dream of castration represents feelings about having permanently lost courage or an ability to stand up for yourself. An inability to be assertive or mean. Accepting a passive role. Feeling that you have “lost your nerve.” Feelings about bullies in your life having effected you emotionally. A lost sense of virility. Embarrassment that you look like a wimp to other people.

To dream that you have castrated a person or animal may reflect feelings about having pacified a situation. Teaching a jerk a lesson. Preventing a jerk from causing more problems. Making sure someone never stands up for themselves in your presence again. Embarrassing your enemies by making them look like wimps.


Dreams about castration can be extremely frightening and can reveal our deepest fears and desires. Dreams about castration may be related to some sort of sexual trauma, but is more likely related to intimacy issues.

Castration dreams can be related to issues with sex and intimacy with another person, or they may be associated with love and emotional issues. Either way, it is important to look at the specifics of the dream in order to decide what yours is trying to tell you.

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