Zipper Dreams Interpretations and Meanings


Zipper Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

An zipper expressed security, to maintain important secrets or to avoid inconvenient or frustrating problems. An zipper symbolizes something in fashion, a painful matter or to be discreet with private and publics matters. If you dream of an zipper golden you will be able to maintain in secret your utilities obtained for long, long time. Dreaming of an zipper silver is omened a good investment yours in the sphere of the services this year.Occasionally, to dream of a zipper is sign of high efficiency, something convenient or to maintain a personal appearance. However, if the zipper is blocked or broken it can alert a damage or a frustration difficult to solve.

Dreams of a zipper represent that you are opening and closing yourself to intimacy. Perhaps you are feeling tentative about revealing your secrets and/or exposing your true feelings. Consider if the zipper is opened or closed.

If you dream about unzipping a zipper, it could very easily mean that you are getting undressed or that you are helping someone else get undressed. If someone is unzipping your crotch zipper then you are most certainly about to make love to them either orally or otherwise. Sometimes dreams like this can spark the sexual portion of the brain even if you do not actually dream about having sex.

In this case, you should think of it like you would foreplay. If you imagine zipping up a child’s jacket, it has no sexual connotations whatsoever. In most cases non-sexual zippers have to do with protection or warmth. In the case of the child it was probably a parental thought of care and protection for their son or daughter. 

Dreaming of zippers is represented something that will be able to impede or to facilitate the solution or the life in matters of maximum necessity. It is something that means to be able to give access in any moment to a very novel practice. To dream of zippers of metal open is expressed the communication or solution of something requested to be very necessary. If you dream of zippers plastics closed you will be able to choose or to select something that has wanted for years.In any event, this dream identifies things or people that develop or impede the good course of the daily life. Also, it could reflect something on your person that prevent to decide something unavoidable.

A zipper that is broken may point to an inability to control whether you let something be revealed or not. Being unable to open a zipper may point to some level of frustration around feeling confined or controlled.

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