Yearbook Dream - Interpretation and Meaning


Yearbook Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about a yearbook is similar to dreaming about a video tape. The main difference between them is that the yearbook specifically calls you back to a time when you were in school and specifically it calls you back to your friends.

If you are able to remember the specific people in the yearbook that you saw in your dream then you should contact them. This is true even if you hated each other when you were children. People change over time and you might find that they are capable of being a true and valuable friend to you. 

To dream of a yearbook indicates that the achievements reached in your life can have an indispensable resonance in the life of your children. Evidently to dream about a yearbook made of Chinese paper points out new aspirations to keep in mind in your near future that you have not still carried out. Dreaming of an old and careless yearbook you will solve a tense situation with other people of easy solution. If you dream of a yearbook of golden letters you will give you the possibility to remember very positive passages of the record of your family that you will bring you happiness and pleasing memories.

In fact this dream announces the success in the taking of decisions to solve a matter or current conflict. If what remembers is a yearbook of great extension you seek advice to put passion and disciplines to continue ahead in your professional life.

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