Yard Stick Dreams Interpretations and Meanings


Yard Stick Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

To dream of a yard stick means a decision or an important confirmation to something that worries or questions to the personal matters or of business. A yardstick symbolizes confirmation, adjustment and rectification of something or somebody that should be improved or excluded. If you dream of a yardstick of metal with scale graduated in inches and yard you will check all document that signs with a company insurance or bank.

Dreaming of a yard stick of wooden with scale graduated in centimeters and meter is expressed the solution of a doubt of a client after being confirmed the approach for you.Exactly, the dream about a yardstick advises confirmation and justice before doubtful or not clear future actions. It is essential that everything is orderly and transparent after being confirmed the certainty of this premonition.

The yard stick is commonly a symbol of repression and discipline, usually wielded from the hand of a sour old woman. 

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