Dream Meaning of Zebra


Dream Meaning of Zebra

To see a zebra in a dream may mean that you will give priority, an invaluable thing will have worth, you will be at the forefront. Alternatively, it also tells that you will be the person who undertakes the dangerous jobs in your environment but in return for this, you will gain a good status and prestige.

To see a zebra which is running in your dream indicates that your status and prestige will come as soon as possible. If you see that you run after the zebra and try to catch it in your dream, it means that you will take risk with your own decision and after a long waiting, you will reach your targets.

To ride a zebra in your dream may suggest that at the end of risks you will take, you will rule over many people. You will be a leader for a community and persuade a community to follow you.

To see a baby zebra in your dream may indicate that while everyone criticise your jobs and they underestimate them, there will be a person who gives value to you and your doings. You will achieve big jobs with this person.

To see a zebra which eats something and crops in your dream may represent that you will strengthen your financial condition, make your status powerful, and take responsibility within your family.

To see of eating zebra meat in your dream may represent that you will evaluate an old thing or get profit by selling it.

To see that an animal runs after the zebra and it catches the zebra and eats it in your dream symbolizes an opportunity which your rival gets because you are afraid of taking risk.

To dream that you feed a zebra indicates that you will take a great and speacial care to a person, spend your times with this person and s/he will support you and pay attention to you.

To speak with a zebra or see a zebra which is speaking in your dream may symbolize that you will do a job which your family doesn't approve or get an education which your family doesn't want, establish a close intimacy with a person whose appearance is different.

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